It was an unusually cold day in Los Angeles for which there was some snow falling, which never happens in that part of the state, and twins glen and Glenda were busy getting ready for school, which they didn't seem too happy about, due to the fact that it was 28 degrees out and the twins would have to stand outside at their bus stop for atleast 10 minutes out in the cold, wet weather. When their bus finally came they were shivering, luckily the bus had a heater so they quickly warmed up, while on the bus a few girls were teasing glen for being so weird, both glen and Glenda had become furious with the girl, Glenda had come so close to punching the girls face when glen had stopped her from doing so, "no," he said, "remember what happened last time? Just let it go okay she'll get bored soon enough." and Glenda's fist lowered, her face showing a twinge of angst as she remembered the incident from last week. Finally when they got to school thetwins headed for the cafeteria until the school bell rang. In the classroom as everyone was settling in for the hour the teacher, introduced a new student. "attention class," she started as everyone turned to face her "we have a new student here, her name is Esther a few years ago she came here from russia now I would like for everyone for here to feel welcome." Glen eyes went wide, he had never seen a girl who was so beautiful, and he admired her style, old fashioned, it isn't something people wear everyday which made him adore her even more, could he be falling in love with her? He wasn't sure, he was glad when the teacher made her sit next to him. "H-h-I" he said nervously, "I'm glen." "I'm Esther," the young girl replied as she put out her hand, expecting glen to take it, he did and shook it slowly up and down, controlling his body movements as to not to pull her into a hug. "oh god glen, don't have an episode here" he thought to himself. "I like your style" he said. He managed to keep his nervousness hidden but deep inside he felt like he was about to throw up, or pee himself, he clutched his stomach. "Are you alright?" Esther asked, her voice growing with concern, she raised her hand up. "Yes esther?" the teacher asked. "it's glen i think he might be sick," Esther replied, "may I walk him down to the nurse?" "how bout we let Glenda take him to the nurses office I think it would be better since she is his sister " the teacher said "and plus your brand new and I don't think he would feel comfortable with a new student he doesn't know taking him to the nurses office." "oh alright" Esther said not even trying to hide her dissapointment. On the way to the nurses office glen passed out, and Glenda had to get a teacher to help her bring glen into the room. A few hours later glen woke up in a hospital room with Tiffany and Glenda watching him closely. "yay your awake" tiffany said as she walked over to give glen a hug. Wh-what happened." glen asked a lttle confused. "I don't know you introduced yourself to that new girl and then she said you were sick so I took you to the nurses office but you passed out on the way..." a grin spread across Glenda's face, "your in love with her aren't you?" shut up Glenda I don't know yet." glen replied, but Glenda ignored him and continued chanting: "Glen's in love..." glen felt his face grow red from embarrassment as he wished to god thatd she stop soon, but he also wondered, "is Glenda right? Am I in love with Esther?"