Tiffany, and the twins hurriedly got into the car and headed down the road.

"Glen I need to ask you something important," 'Jennifer' said. "What is it?"

"If Esther ever wanted to be alone, where would she go?" Glen thought for a few moments and then finally responded. "I think I may know." He told her where it is and she headed that direction. "Glen," Glenda fidgeted nervously in her seat and Glen looked over

at her. "There's something I need to tell you, something I should have told you sooner,"

Glenda was looking down, very out of character, even when she's getting in trouble

for something she did at school, or picking on Glen, she would always pretend like she was sorry but still had a mischevious glint. But now she looked really genuinely upset."

"What is it?" Glen asked concerned. "Well you know how I was set on learning the truth about Esther?" Glenda asked, Glen nodded. "Well I finally learned it, a few days ago," Glenda hesitated to go on, "Esther is not who you think she is." 'Well that's obvious,' Glen thought sarcastically but seeing his sister in this state, didn't say it out loud.

"A few years ago, Esther's first foster family's house burned down, Esther survived but the others did not, the next her foster dad went crazy and killed everyone, and then himself,

and miraculously Esther was not harmed, The next a car accident, coincidentally Esther had decided not to go that day. Then at the group home she was just at a girl named Yolanda was found hanging in her room. I had to dig really deep, but I found something even more disturbing." Glenda handed him the folder she held. Glen opened it slowly, scared

what he would find.

Inside were files from some sort of institute:

There was a picture of Esther, looking way different, older, and very violent, not a way he has ever seen her.

Name: Leena Klammer

D.O.B.: 9-17-76

Sex: Female

Notes: Leena is known to be very violent, has to be kept in isolation.

Leena was born with a rare genetic disorder and does not appear to

age physically.

"What the hell?" Glen looked over at Glenda, she nodded slowly and looked back down.

"Sorry," She whispered.

'This is just sick, now I know how Ron must've felt.'

"Our destination is just up ahead," Tiffany said.

Glen and Glenda both hesitated. They knew what was going to happen and they were not ready for it. Then they saw the sign: Hunter Park. And sure enough, just as Glen had said, Esther, 'Leanna' was there, tearing up property. They quickly parked and got out.

"Esther!" Glen yelled. "What the hell are you doing?" What was he saying? After what he learned today, nothing could surprise him about her anymore.

Esther looked up at Glen, shocked that they had found her. Her expresion quickly turned to

anger. "Just stay away from me, stay the hell away!" She yelled back, in her hand she held a

small silver pistol, and aimed it right at him. "You think that will really scare me?" Glen challenged her as he stepped closer. "Like I didn't see that one coming."

He was scared out of his mind, he had no idea how it was happening, but the words just poured right through him. "And don't think you can hide anymore, I know aall your dirty little secrets Leena Klammer!"

Esther's eyes widened, how the hell did he find out? "Now your little game is up." Panicked Esther fired and Glen dodged it, and came closer, Esther continued continued firing and somehow he managed to dodge every one of them, almost as if he had some other worldly help. "You've played that card already, Leena, now it's over, done, and I will do the honors of finishing what should have been done a long time ago." He took the gun from her and without much effort, he guessed it was due to the state she was in. He took out the knife he hidden, he had never used it, but now seemed like the right time. He stabbed her in the arm, exactly where she stabbed him. "You've fooled many people before with your innocent acts, but it looks like those days are over Leena."

Tiffany and Glenda hadn't said a word the entire time, too shocked to move. Was this the same sweet, and innocent Glen?

Glen had stabbed her in various other places, he wanted to make sure she really felt it.

"G-glen," Esther said weakly, "I'm truly sorry things had to end like this, for the first time

I really do love you." She sounded sincere which made Glen feel even more disgusted, how could this thirty some year old woman love someone his age? "That. Is. Sick. Goodbye Leena" Glen said and finished her off.

When Leena was truly gone, Tiffany and Glenda had come out of their 'trance' and rushed over to his side. "Glen, are you alright?" Tiffany asked as she hugged him. Glen nodded.

"Glen that was awesome," Glenda said, Glen gave a slightly hurt look and looked down.

"I'm sorry," Glenda said. "I didn't mean to be insensitive, but I had never seen you look so.. so... badass." Glen gave her a small smile, "Thanks, now just one other thing?"

"What's that sweetface?" Tiffany asked. "How are we going to explain this to the police?"

As the majority of them being serial killers for as long as they have they were experts at cleaning up and getting rid of evidence. Quickly they had cleaned up and hid Esther's body where it wouldn't be found.

The investigation had gone on for over a year, the body had never been found and no one had any suspicion on who the culprit really was.

A year had passed since the incident, a new school year had begun.

Glen had not forgotten all that took place, infact (though he would never admit it)

he still missed her sometimes, even if she was a psychotic woman in her 30s.

He hated himself for what he had done, but did not regret it.

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