That night glen couldn't stop thinking of her, she was the most beautiful girl glen had ever met, and he loved everything about her, her old-fashioned style and her cute little Russian accent. The next day glen was released from the hospital but he couldn't go to school, his mom wouldn't let him, so he laid and watched Spongebob until Glenda came home, and have him his work for the day, when he was done, he headed downstairs for dinner, that night 'Jennifer' had made spaghetti and meatballs. "so how was school today Glenda?" she asked. "it was great thank you." Glenda replied. "that's wonderful and how was your day from school sweetface," jennifer asked turning towards glen. "it was okay I guess but I still wish I could have gone" glen replied with a sigh. "you just wanted to see esther didn't you?" Glenda teased. "No I like school it gets boring being here by myself and kinda scary," glen admitted. "wimp," Glenda said. "Glenda leave your brother alone lots of people get worried when there home alone," Tiffany replied. "yes mom" Glenda replied with a sigh, she looked up at glen who stuck his tounge out at her, she simply kicked him under the table. "oww mom she kicked me" glen said. "ok that's it both of clear your plates and go to your room" Tiffany said with a small hint of anger, so the twins cleared there plates and left. In there bedroom Glenda turned on Friday the 13th, glen had begged her not to because he hated killing, but she ignored him just to upset him, so he simply pulled out his manga novel and read it for a little bit, he tried his best to block out the sound of the movie but had no luck and he decided watch it with her, but he looked away when Jason was getting ready to kill someone. At school the next day Glen managed to have a normal converstation with her, he got over most of his nervousness, but still felt a little shaky. "are you okay?" she asked. "yes I am fine thank you" he replied with a sweet smile, "hey would you like to come over to my house today?" he asked. "sure" she replied. "great" showing his excitement. The rest of the day went on and glen couldn't concentrate all he could think about was Esther. After school was over, the twins waited for their mom to come pick them up, she was running late but when she got there, they didnt complain. "how was school today?" she asked them. "good" they replied in unison. "uh I invited Esther over today I hope that's alright." glen said. "that's great sweetface I would love to meet her" Tiffany replied with a smile, glen smiled back. At the house the twins started on there homework, at around 4 there was a knock on the door and tiffany answered, "oh you must be Esther" she said, a bit surprised by her old fashioned style, most kids were pretty up to date with fashion, but she thought it was neat for somebody to still be into those kind of clothes, "uh glens upstairs let me get him, GLEN!" she called. "coming" he replied as he ran down the stairs. "hey slow down a little bit" Tiffany scolded him. "sorry mom, hi Esther" he said. "hello glen" she replied. Glen liked the way she said her name with her Russian accent. "let's go to my room." "okay" the went up the stairs into the twin's bedroom. They sat on the bottom bunk, Esther looked around and saw the Friday the 13th movies "ooh I love that movie can we watch it?" she asked. "well there Glenda's and I'm sure she wouldn't mind but I don't like death it scares me." glen admitted."that's okay" Esther replied, "how about 500 days of summer?" "sure," glen said.