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Summary: Transformers become a little too real for several fangirls, as fiction becomes an all too real reality.

Optimus Prime/Megatron

Title: The Incident

Chapter 1

(?'s POV)

With a heavy sigh, I walked back to my room. My mind was whirling over the events that just happened. A large part of me was denying what I was hearing, but there was a smaller part of me that... Well, I wanted to believe it. I wanted to believe what I'd just been told.

But I couldn't.

Hence my mind running in circles and working me into a headache.

With a groan, I wandered into the bathroom, flicking on the light. My own face was admittedly pale, but it was nothing in comparison to the pure snow white hers was. Then again, if what she'd just told me was true, she had every reason to look freaked.

I leaned on the counter, frowning, and staring back at my reflection.

It's not possible. It's just...not possible. I mean sure, there's always been speculation about these sort of things, but no one's ever really proved it. And this? This is just insane! My eyes widened, and almost absently, I rubbed at my arm. But there was no mistaking those marks. Her shattered cell phone... She was too freaked to be joking...wasn't she?


I was having one of the best dreams ever, when the pounding started. At first, I didn't think much of it. I was pressed to the large, metallic chest of one Optimus Prime, handsome, regal leader of the Autobots. I'd just thought it was his heart beating, at first.

Then it hit me, Cybertronians didn't have 'hearts'. They had 'sparks'. And sparks didn't beat, per say.

I remember looking up at his dazzling ocean blue optics, staring down at me with such fondness, when the pounding started up again.

My eyes shot open, and I nearly launched myself off the bed. The pounding made me jump, and I hesitated a moment, before slipping into my slippers and quickly climbing out of bed. I made my way to the door in a hurry, trying to think of who'd be bothering me at... A single glance had my eyes widening.

"One o'clock in the morning?" I hissed lowly, rubbing at my eyes as I stumbled to the door. A quick glance revealed my best friend of over ten years, Vicky Masen, on the other side, and I paused a moment, taking in her white as snow face. "Vicky?" I unlocked and opened the door, yawning as I did so. "What's wrong?" Then I noticed she had her puppy with her. "What's Chow-Chow doing here?" I reached out and scratched at his chin a little, causing him to squirm.

"I have to tell you something!" Her voice was urgent, her eyes wide. "It's really important!"

Which would be why she's waking me up now, instead of in the morning. Oh, wait, it is morning. I could have rolled my eyes, but the look on her face made me sober and nod. "Uh, okay?" I moved to the side, letting her in, and closing the door behind her. "Want something to drink? Oh, and go ahead and let Chowie off his leash, he can play with Tiger."

She nodded, unhooking the leash, before slipping her shoes off, and I didn't miss the way she glanced almost nervously out the door, before moving into the living room. "Sure..." Her tone was absent as she started moving towards the big, red, fluffy chairs. "Soda's good!"

I grabbed a couple cans of soda before returning to the living room and handing her one. It was quiet for a very long, very tense moment, as we sipped our sodas. I was just waking up, and Vicky looked like she was deep in thought. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. "Okay..." I made a 'continue' gesture with my hand, nodding a little. "So spill. What's up?"

She took a deep breath, looking like she was debating with herself, before nodding. "Well, you know how I'm usually up late?" I nodded, raising an eyebrow. Vicky was more of a night owl, really, and usually didn't crash until, well, about now. "I was just finishing sweeping the floor, and was about to go to bed when this loud pounding sounded at the door." She winced and grimaced, wrapping her free arm around her other arm. "So I answer it, not really sure what to expect, and there's this huge cop at the door! I mean, he looked like he was on steroids or something!"

I couldn't help but laugh a little, but it cut off when her eyes flashed sharply to me. Okay, not a laughing matter. Got it. Instead, I frowned.

"He demanded to know if I was 'Sideswipe's Sunshine'."

My frown deepened. Since when do cops greet people by pen names? "Isn't that your name on a fanfiction site?" We were both avid fans of fanfiction, especially since Transformers came out. I'd been a fan of the cartoon, and I loved how real the bots looked in the movies. I got hooked on fanfiction quickly, reading some of the stories online.

And we both had Transformers-related pen names, proving our favorite fandom (at least, for the moment). Mine was Autobotclownbot. Don't ask me why I chose that name, it just suited at the time. Her's was Sideswipe's Sunshine, mainly because most of the names she thought up with 'Bumblebee' or 'Bee' were already taken.

She nodded. "Yeah, it is."

"Sooo... What's this lunatic look like?" I raised an eyebrow, grinning a little. Admittedly, men in uniform automatically caught my interest. "Was he cute?"

Her lips trembled a little and she sighed. "Well, he had jet black, wavy hair, and dark, dark eyes. I couldn't make out his name, or the color of his eyes, 'cause it's so dark out. He wore a black uniform, and I mean, he was huge! Muscles on top of muscles! Not to mention he had this 'I'm better than you' attitude." She frowned, hesitating. "But... That's not what got me. His car... It was an exact replica of Barricade!" She began to describe the coloring, make and model, and even told me about the motto written on the side. "And I could have sworn there was something moving around in the backseat!"

I couldn't help but laugh again, despite the dark look she shot me. It almost sounded like a Decepticon fangirl's dream come true. And judging by her tone, she didn't seem to know whether or not to be excited or afraid. "Maybe it was the K-9 unit?" After all, what else could it be? Cops didn't usually arrest children in the middle of the night, and if it had been a man, I'm sure she would have said it was a man.

"No." Now she shook her head, an odd conviction in her voice. "They use bigger vehicles for the K-9 units. This was the Barricade cruiser! It had the motto! You know, 'To punish and enslave'? I'm not making this up!" Her tone spoke volumes, but so did her look. "He saw all my Transformers stuff through the door, and he's all 'You're an Autobot supporter?', and I'm like 'Yeah'. He could see I'm nuts over Bumblebee! I called him a fanboy because of his Barricade car, but when I tried to take pictures, he freaked out and grabbed my arm! Look!"

I felt myself stiffen as she pulled up the sleeve of her shirt, and a portion of her arm was red. Undoubtedly, already bruising. I could even make out... Were those finger marks?

"He even left bruises! But he grabbed and completely destroyed my phone! And the damn thing cost a fortune, too! It's the new Druid!" She opened her purse, digging through it nearly frantically.

I leaned forward, my soda all but forgotten as she pulled a plastic baggie out. I didn't think much of it. Maybe it was a treat or Chow-Chow, but when I saw the little metallic fragments, I felt my eyes widen. No way! Seeing this, I wanted to believe her. I mean, she looked too afraid and excited to be making it up, and she sure as hell wouldn't just smash her phone out of nowhere!

"Are you saying...that was...?" I trailed off, worried, as she shook her head.

"There are so many weird things going on! Think about all this stuff on the news, and in the paper about all these weird, unexplainable accidents and things! The flaming meteor sightings? I mean, wouldn't it be cool if they were real?" Her excitement was clearly winning out over her fear now.

"Autobots? Yeah." After all, about ninety-five percent of them wouldn't step on you (on purpose) on sight. Personally, I could think of one bot I'd love to meet. "Decepticons? Not so much." Sighing, I shook my head. "Okay, so... IF this is really Barricade, and that's a big IF..." I just couldn't believe it. It just didn't make sense. "What's he looking for? Why would he target you, out of millions of people? What else did he say?" Why was I humoring her? This had to be a joke. That's all there was to it.

"'No pictures, period!'." I could have snorted at 'Barricade's choice of orders, but the look on her face as she shuddered, shut me up. "His tone really got to me. He sort of stressed that, you know?" She shook the baggie holding the cell phone bits, almost pointedly. Then she bit her lip, finally smirking. "I kinda...called him 'monkeyboy' for destroying my phone, but think about it. No one could do that to a phone!" There was again a hesitation as she eyed the pieces.

"You called a cop 'monkeyboy? A cop crazy enough to pretend to be a Decepticon?" I shook my head. A very bad joke.

"Yeah! He didn't do anything. I think he wanted to, but I kinda kicked him and ran into the house."

"But what's he after? I mean, if he was real, I doubt he's after you for no reason at all. What did you do, join a Decepticon-roasting site and call him a femme in disguise or something?" I blinked as she shook her head. "Why you of all people?" I didn't mean it rudely, but out of billions of people, why my best friend? Why Vicky?

"I don't know!"

I paused a moment, startled by the immediate and harsh response. Shaking my head, I picked up my soda, playing with the can. "I don't know, it just sounds too..." Crazy? Insane? Completely and utterly impossible? "It seems like something out of a fangirl's dream. Well, if you're a Decepticon fangirl, that is." Glancing up, I caught her eyes with my own, and saw the pleading in her gaze.

Watching me carefully, she lifted a hand to her chest. "I swear to God, I'm not lying. This happened!"

Okay, so sure, it happened, but... What happened? Was it a hallucination? A joke on me? A joke on her? Sighing heavily, I shook my head again, trying to clear my thoughts. "Okay, we'll look into it, I guess, but you have to level with me about everything that happens, okay?"

She tried to hide it, but I noticed the hesitation. I passed it off as just my imagination, though. To be honest, as much as I didn't believe her story, some small part of me, my heart, began to race. I mean...really? Could it be possible? Were they Bay's Transformers, or different from how he portrayed?

"Okay. You have my word." There was something in her voice, but I yawned, the lateness getting to me.

With a nod, I drained the last of my soda and stood. "Go ahead and take the spare room for the night, but please try not to get all spastic about this around my mom. You know her, she'll immediately think you're on something, and nothing you can say or do will convince her otherwise."

"I don't do drugs, or even drink. You know that." She shot me a look that was only a fraction dirty. It was almost shocking just how relieved she looked.

I nodded, trying to ignore the odd look in her eyes as she stood, taking her coat off. "Yeah, I know." I got up and gave her a quick hug, before turning and heading for the stairs.

End Flashback

When I really thought about it, I had this odd feeling she was hiding something from me, and the more I thought about it, the more I believed it had to be a joke on me. I missed something. It couldn't be true. It just didn't make sense and about ninety-nine percent of the Transformers fandom would probably agree with me.

Shaking my head, I straightened, rubbing at my wrists where they ached from bracing me so long. I must have zoned out. Quickly, I brushed my teeth again, and washed my hands, before flicking off the light.

Whatever was going on, we'd figure it out in the morning.