"Oh Percy. What are you doing here?" I found myself asking as he appeared in my cabin door. It was the middle of the school year. Well actually it was near Christmas. I was the only one in my cabin this year. And Percy had appeared at my door in the middle of the day. "Come to see you." He gave me a smirk before moving past me. Rolling my eyes I followed him. He sat on my bed, moving my computer out of his way and putting it on my bedside. I raised an eyebrow at him. "You're sitting on my bed?" "You have a problem?" He asked. "Not really." I shrugged. "As long as there's still room for me." Grinning I slumped down on top of him spreading out wide. "Uggh Annabeth you're so heavy." He groaned pushing me off him jokingly. "Well you were asking for it." I shot him a look. He shrugged awkwardly, and leant back against the head of my bed. I sat on top of him, pulling my jumper sleeves down over to the top of my fingers. "You cold?" He asked curiously. "Uhh, yeah. It gets pretty drafty in here." I uncharacteristically stuttered. "Okay." He left it. We were good friends. Well in reality we were best friends. I should be able to tell him everything. But my mind was working against me and I didn't, couldn't tell him. It was completely illogical, especially for a daughter of Athena but I was allowed to act like and Aphrodite girl once in my life. But if I told him what was going on, everything would undoubtedly change.