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Ty Blue- 18 (12th grade)

CeCe Jones-15 (10th grade) (I'm making her 1 year younger)

Rocky Blue- 16(10th grade

Deuce Martinez- 16(10th grade)

Gunther Hessenheffer-16(10th grade)

Tinka Hessenheffer-16(10th grade)

Flynn Jones- 11(5th grade)

Dina Garcia- 16(10th grade)

My Own OC

Frederick Klein-18 (12th grade) (looks like Lucas Till)

Felicia Klein - 18 (12 grade (looks like AnnaSophia Robb)

Louise Richardson- 16 (looks like Ariana Grande)

Halley Brown - 16 (looks like Miranda Cosgrove)


"Pick Eve, pick Eve!"I was frantically jumping up and down and digging my fingers into the chair. I was watching The Bachelor Finale while my brother, Flynn was sitting next to me with headphones and his PSP.

"It was a hard decision, but I decided I'm giving this final rose to-" Before I could find out if Jason, the bachelor gave the final rose to Claire or Eve, the TV went black before my very eyes. I just stared at it, my eyes twitching. Two months of watching this every Monday night for two hours, gone down the drain. After several minutes of trying to grasp the concept that someone just shut the TV of, I turned my head around to see my mom smirking at me with the TV cables in her hand.

"Chop, chop. CeCe , Flynn off to bed. Its nine." she removed Flynn's earphones from his ears and grabbed his PSP from his hands and put it in her pockets. "You can have it tomorrow."

Nine. Nine. Does my mom not get that I am on summer break? Yeah sure school's starting tomorrow, but summers not over till I hear the annoying sound of my alarm clock waking me up at eight am to get ready for school..I don't know what's wrong with my mother but every last week of summer for the past four years, shes been waking me and Flynn at eight am for the past three days just so we could 'get used to the daily routine'. Does she think that because of this unnecessary routine of waking me up early,I'm going to magically start waking up early and going to bed at nine for the rest of the school year? Pfft. Yea right, shes going to have to do more than that.

"Couldn't you have waited four more seconds?" That's all I needed. Four flipping more seconds to find out who's getting married to Jason.

"At least you can get your lazy butt of the chair. Ittl probably be the most exercise you'll get this year." She chuckled and grinned to herself. There she goes again with the jokes about me getting an F in gym."I mean, who gets an F in gym?" She laughed even more. Hmm lets see..girls who hate smelly locker rooms, getting sweaty, and dong push ups everyday. I mean lets not even get started about the smelly socks. That's an entirely different story. She finally stopped laughing " Okay, go to bed. You have a big day ahead of you. You and Flynn."

I cant believe I'm saying this but I guess shes right in some weird way. I Cecelia Jones will be starting tenth grade tomorrow. Its kind of a miracle that I'm even going to tenth grade

considering all the bad grades I got. Flynn sighed and headed for his room."You'll pay for this mom!"

I might as well go to my room too and pick out my outfit for tomorrow. Gotta look cute for the first day of school!" I skipped to my room and shut the door. One thing ill be looking forward to is the first day and picking out cute outfits. On the other hand, I'm going to hate the hard work and homework. School sucks.


Rocky POV

"Okay, math in the blue folder, Science in the purple-" I was quietly organizing my school stuff for tomorrow when I heard my brother smacking lips with Tinka Hessenheffer. "Could you two keep it down..I'm trying to organize here!" You have no idea how how hard it is to deal with your brother's weird as hell girlfriend and them making out with them twenty four seven right in front of you.

"You know, school's starting tomorrow.. you could try to have some fun before that.." Ty said while his hands were entwined with Tinka.

"Oh come on Ty, Rocky wouldn't even know the meaning of fun if it hit her in the head.

" She laughed so hard she fell on the floor. Wow Tinka, such a comedian the only person you managed to make laugh was herself. Even Ty was staring at her with no expressions on his face.

After she got the memo that she was the only one laughing, she stopped. " No?,You didn't get it?" Me and Ty shook are heads slowly as I packed up my stuff to go to my room.

Ty kissed Tinka on her cheek as she pouted. "Maybe next time Tink."

I rolled my eyes. What does this boy even see in her? I mean shes a controlling, manipulating, to much glitter girly girl freak. Its true what they is blind. One good thing that came out of their relationship was the fact their personality's altered a bit. I guess in some weird way they brought out the best in each other.

"Anyways I have to go." Tinka kissed Ty and headed for the door. Oh thank god. She's finally going to leave and take that annoying accent with her.

''Yes, leave! go, go, go." I pushed her out of the door leaving a confused look on her face. When she was outside of my apartment door I kicked the door with my feet so it would shut.

"Thank god she's gone." I could finally organize my stuff without hearing them talk lovey- dovey to each other.

Ty frowned at me " You could be nicer to her you know. She's not that bad." He took a seat next to me. Oh god. She has him under her spell.

"Okay Ty, first of all, there's so much wrong things you just said. I'm sorry to tell you this but your girlfriends a witch and nothing's gonna change that, even you.." I patted his back , stood up and gave him a I- feel-sorry-for-you look. I do feel sorry for him, how can anyone stand Tinka?

"Just try and be friends. For me?" Ty stared at me waiting to response.

I bit my lip and rolled my eyes."Fine. But if she gets annoying, she's done." I left as I knew my brother was grinning from ear to ear. The things I do for him.


Riiiiiiing, Riiiiiiiiiiing, my alarm clock rang in my ear. It was that time again. The morning of the first day of school. The day I'v been dreading since two weeks ago. I guess summer was over.

I slowly got up as a big yawn escaped my mouth. I walked to my bathroom and inhaled the smell of dirty clothes in the laundry bag and took a long look at myself. My hair was like a lions mane, all tangled up with knots and parts of it sticking out everywhere. You see, why cant I have Rocky's hair? When we have sleepovers she wakes up with her hear all in place all perfect but me? No no no, my hair has a mind of its own.

After doing the usual boring routine of brushing my teeth, getting dressed blah blah blah, I suddenly remembered that I had too take Flynn to school since Mum went to work early this morning.

"Oh drits. FLYNN! WAKE UP AND GET DRESSED!" I forgot to wake him up which meant the I was going to be late for the first day of school. Normally I wouldn't care less but I promised my Mum that I wouldn't get a tardy on the first day of school. I ran to Flynn's room and was surprised not to see a brunette haired boy snoring loudly. "Flynn?"

I went in the kitchen and saw a note stuck to the refrigerator:

Dear CeCe

I forgot to tell you that Deuce would be taking Flynn to school from now on. Don't worry and have a fun first day!

Love Mum ox

Phew. at least I don't have to take him to school anymore. Although..When did Deuce come in? He doesn't even have a key to my apartment..

"Hey, hey, hey!" I heard Rocky's voice as she came into my apartment from the window. Why cant she come through the front door like everybody else? "You ready for the first day of tenth grade?" she jumped up and down excitedly and sat on my couch.

"Oh yeah, I cant wait." I said in a sarcastic tone and gave her a fake smile.

She saw through it and frowned at me. " Oh come on Cece, we can help the gardening team, raise money for charity and help the community!" I just blinked at her. If this was my best friend's idea of having fun, I'm not sure if I want to be friends with her again.

"Okay...lets go, don't want to be late do we?." I gave another attempt at trying to be "ecstatic' and pulled Rocky out of the door to the dreaded place I hated with a passion. School.

We walked in school to see exited freshman and other students looking around the school and acting all 'happy'. Whats there to be happy about?

"Breath in Cece and smell the wonderful smell of a new year." Rocky held on to me tightly and and breathed in.

After 'breathing' in I shrieked at the 'wonderful smell' " I don't know what your breathing in but the only smell I'm smelling is the smell of gym socks and bad school lunches." I held my nose tightly and walked to the office to get our new schedule.

"I hope I don't have math." I said to Rocky as she gave me a strange look.

She patted me on my back. " Yeah, keep on hoping CeCe."

"Next." The woman at the office gave us a bland look and stared at us. I couldn't blame her. I mean who wants to sit in an office giving student's their schedule's all day long.

"CeCe Jones." I gave a cheery smile to the women. Maybe I can turn her day around.

"I'm sorry. There's no CeCe Jones here." Oh. I have to say my full name. Way to make my day worse.

I gritted my teeth and slowly said my name."Cecelia Jones." Rocky burst out laughing and I frowned at her while the woman handed me my schedule and I walked out of the office." You know that's my name so why do you make fun of it every time you hear it?"

"I'm sorry, its just so girly." She was about to continue laughing when the woman shouted for the next person to get their schedule.

"The names Raquel Blue." Rock said proudly as she took her schedule and walked to me. "See CeCe, unlike you, I like my name." I rolled my eyes and looked at the envelope in front of me ad ripped it open to reveal my schedule for the next year.

Name :Cecelia Jones Grade: 10th Homeroom: Mr Dews





Language Arts


Social Studies

NO MATH. I HAVE NO MATH. WHOO! I started jumping up and down and did my 'happy dance'.

"Why are you so happy?" Rocky raised her eyebrows and gave me a strange look.

I smirked "I have no math."

"Wait that's impossible, its required every student takes-" Rocky grabbed my schedule and carefully read it. She rolled her eyes "CeCe, you have Algebra."

"Yeah, so?" I'm clearly not understanding where she's going with this...

"Algebra is math." My face turned pale. My three seconds of happiness gone. "I of course probably have all honor academic classes." She flicked her brunette hair and showed a dazzling smile. I rolled my eyes. Show off.


Rocky opened her schedule and read it out loud." Just what I thought, honors in every subject- WHAT THE? HOW CAN I HAVE REGULAR SCIENCE? SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT CECE, I HAD AN A AVERAGE FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!

"Wow, who knew you could be average at something?" CeCe laughed for a moment.


CeCe frowned. "Maybe its because of that egg project we did last year. Mr Polk did say it was a major grade assignment. You failed didn't you?"

Rocky thought for a moment before answering."Well that sucks." She sat down on the floor next to her new locker and sulked.

"Its not that bad. At least we'll have one class together." CeCe put her arms around Rocky, trying to cheer her up.

Rocky rolled her eyes. "Your only saying that so you can copy of me." She stood up opened her locker and stuffed her stuff into it.

"Wow. You know me too well." CeCe grinned.

"This year's going to be off the hook. Wild senior party's, hot girls, I get to graduate and leave this dump. Couldn't imagine senior year any other way." Ty grinned at the thought of all this.

Deuce shook his head."You have Tinka...remember?"

"Yeah, but it doesn't hurt to flirt a little bit, you know? Ty said trying to explain to his friend.

"Well it'll hurt when she breaks up with you" Deuce muttered under his breath.

Ty was about to ask Deuce what he was talking about when Tinka came up to them.

"Hello boys, what were you talking about? She put her arms around Ty and kissed him on the cheeck.

Ty gave a nervous laugh."About how gorgeous you look today..yeah." He prompted Deuce to agree with him.

After several minutes of silence, Deuce finally spoke. "So..were just going to go..that way..ok?" he pulled Ty's arm as the walked extremely fast down the hallway.

Tinka was left standing on her own when her twin brother Gunther came up to her."You ready for another year of annoying CeCe and Rocky again?

Tinka grinned at him." Its true what they say. Great minds think alike." They ran up to Rocky and CeCe who were standing by a locker.

"I am Gunther.." Gunther started of.

"And I am Tinka..." Tinka said finishing of their catchphrase.

"And we are the Hessenheffers." They said in unison as they but their hands up in the air. (AN: You all know what I'm talking about XD)

"And I don't care." Rocky said giving them a fake smile clearly showing she was still pissed at the fact that she had the same science class as CeCe.

"Oh don't get your knickers in a twist." Gunther said annoying Rocky more by imitating her facial expressions.

"Look Gunther. Stinka. Were not in the mood so could you just leave and never come back. Ever." Rocky put her palms on Gunther's face and pushed him backwards.

"We should go Tinkerbell. Were clearly wasting our time on these two clown heads." Tinka nodded as they made a dramatic exit out of the hallway.

"LIL RED!" CeCe turned her head around revealing a brunette haired girl and a petite read head running toward them.

"Get it? Cause your a read head. And your short?" The read headed girl twirled her hair around her fingers and giggled.

CeCe growled. "So are you Louise." That kept Louise's mouth shut. She took out a packet of gummy bears from her bag and stuffed it in her mouth.

Rocky raised her eyebrows."Okay...So how was your summer guys?"

The brunette haired girl growled at Louise." Well it would have been better if I wasn't stuck with ms. gummy bears over here." She gestured to Louise who was to busy talking to her gummy bears to notice anything.

"I personally think that without me Halley, your summer would have been boring." Louise said finally finishing her packet of gummy bears. "Hey, how about we have a sleepover at Rocky's tonight? Like to celebrate the new year?"

CeCe frowned."What's there to celebrate?"

Rocky raised her eyebrow."Why my place?"

Halley gave Rocky a shrug before answering." Because my room's messy, knowing CeCe, her room's probably the same and Louise's room is just creepy and weird. Im still having nightmares about it." She gave a small shiver thinking about Louise's room.

"Yeah your right." They all said in unison as they gave Louise a weird look.

"We should create a bucket list. Like things we should do before the end of the year." Rocky pulled out paper and a pen and started writing. They were all in Rocky's room having their sleepover.

"But don't people usually do that in senior year?" Louise questioned as she too a bite out of another packet of gummy bears.

"Yes bu-" Rocky was about to continue when Tinka barged in.

"What are you kiddo's doing?" She took a seat on Rocky's floor.

"First of all Tinka, what are you doing here? And second of all, were all the same age." Rocky rolled her eyes. She was getting tired of seeing Tinka every time.

Tinka smirked."Oh, I forgot CeCe's the only young one here. And if you must know, I was with Ty and heard you were having a little sleepover and decided to pop-in ." She flicked her long blonde hair which hit Halley's face.

CeCe frowned. "My birthday's in two months! I'm not that young!" She folded her arm and pouted.

Rocky POV

"Well now you can-" I was about to tell her to leave when I remembers what Ty told me yesterday.

Just try and be friends. For me?

Ill just have to deal with her until tomorrow. Cant be that hard right?

I bit my lip. "You can stay. The more the merrier right?" They all slowly nodded their heads.

"Okay back to our bucket list. Dos anyone have any ideas?"

The room went silent until CeCe decided to talk. "Ooh, ooh, I know!" She moved closer to us ,"Become more popular!"

I rolled my eyes. Trust CeCe to think of something like that." Okay, but everything's not about popularity CeCe." I wrote that down as number one and looked around the room." How about we write our ideas down?" They nodded as I gave them each a piece of paper and a pen to write with.

After ten minutes of reading all our ideas, I wrote down the top ten:

Bucketlist for 2012 -Rocky, CeCe, Tinka, Halley, Louise

1. become more popular (CeCe)

2. get cute boyfriends (CeCe)

3. exchange personality's for a week (Rocky)

4. makeover all our room's (Tinka)

5. join a club (Rocky)

6. eat gummy bears till we get sick (Louise)

7. get into a senior party(Halley)

8. stay up for two day's straight(Halley)

9. learn how to milk goats (Tinka)

10. go bungee jumping (Louise)

''There." I said as I finshed writing everything. "That seems pretty decent. We could shake up our year with these ideas." I grinned at my worn out group of friends who were ignoring me completely. Is it that tiring towrite a bucket list?

"Now we have to promise that we actually do these things." I breathed in and started the promise."I promise on my math books."

"My glitter." Tinka continued.

"My flat iron" CeCe carried on.

"My worm collection" Halley said which received strange looks from the rest of us.

"And my gummy bears" Louise finished. She looked in her purse trying to find something. "SPEAKING OF GUMMY BEARS, I NEED MORE GUMMY BEARS!" She got up started panicking and threw a tantrum.

I'm never letting CeCe pick our friends again.


Louise ran around the apartment until she stopped and knocked on Ty's door. After minutes of knocking loudly, Ty opened the door and saw a petite red head fuming.

"Um..Louise can I help you? He scratched the back of his head confused why Louise knocked on his door.

"DO YOU HAVE ANY GUMMY BEARS?" She screamed at Ty as he shook his head.

Her eye was twitching as she stopped and slapped Ty across his face.

"WHAT'S A GIRL GOTTA DO TO GET SOME GUMMY BEARS AROUND HERE!" She ran to the kitchen and brought down the food from the cupboards, looking for gummy bears.

Rocky sighed at the sight of this and rubbed her temples. This was going to be a long night.

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