Transformers Prime

Chapter one

AN: Thanks to the great fic Pixel wrote for me, it has given me the inspiration I needed for a TFP fic. Now I will warn you, Jane is a bit of a self insert and a bit of what I think my self would be in this dimension - kinda like the me in another universe. Some of her experience will draw from mine but not everything depicted here will be from my life. Got a problem with that, I will burn flamers. But real critics I will take in stride.


6 months. It had been 6 months since Jane Dalton started her new job. She was so psyched to begin work. Her last job wasn't as fulfilling and when they let her go she didn't have many options. Partly in desperation for work and a keen curiosity, she decided to join try her hand at a government job.

After clear a police check, lie test and other such she started working in office operations at the FBI, becoming an agent in the Bureau. She was stationed in everyday office operations but her superiors had been impressed with her work ethic and gave her more and more responsibilities. Now, 6 months later, she was in-charge of most of the admin operations for the Bureau.

Today was no different as she walked through those same glass doors and took a seat at her desk. Arranging everything to be within arms length and got started on some work that was left from yesterday.

The day went by quickly as she focused on setting up and dispersing case files, chasing up reports, passing out messages and phone calls, stocking all office and kitchen supplies before doing the lunch run for most of the agents in the building.

Walking around the different desks and work stations, leaving take away coffee and food for their occupants, she looked up to see her boss - Special Agent Michael Reese - was talking to another man in his office, it seemed heated by the way Agent Reese was chewing out the other agent. The african-american man was calm as can be while Reese snapped and yelled at him, his voice and words muffled by the dense glass forming his office. Jane knew better than to hang around observing and moved passed the growing crowd spectating the argument to get back to her desk.

Setting down her own cup of coffee, she tied her short red hair back in a small ponytail and got back to work. But she had only gotten into her work when her phone rang. The caller id read Agent Reese's extension, feeling dread bubble in her gut,
"Yes Agent Reese?" she answered, trying to keep her tone calm and level,

"Agent Dalton, please come to my office immediately," thats all Agent Reese had said before he slammed his phone down, ending the call. Groaning, Jane picked herself up and dusted herself off to make herself more presentable. Walking back through the booths had all eyes on her, not a situation she liked being in. But the thought of why Agent Reese wanted to see her was a little unnerving; had she done something wrong? She had alerted one of the other Desk agents she was running out for the lunch trip, or was it one of the files she put together, had she done something wrong? Did she mess up cases? A thousand scenarios jumped about chaotically as she knocked on the office door.

She was going to die.

Agent Fowler had had about enough of this stubborn office head. He had come to the FBI on important business concern a 'special mission' he had undertaken and had received permission from his superiors to take on an assistant, whether through an internship or as a partner. He had searched through countless files for someone with the best skill set for this mission and someone he'd be able to work with but no one had shown such skills; those who had refused the mission after meeting their objective, fearing either their own lives or the lives of their families, others were off on missions or tours in war torn countries while the last could not be trusted.

It wasn't until he had resorted to seeking help through the US intelligence agencies that he found someone suitable for the task at hand, but Special Agent Michael Reese was making the transition more difficult,

"Agent Reese, I have permission AND authorization to recruit an agent for this detail," Fowler groaned, exhausted from the entire exchange,

"But she's a rookie at best!" the aged man snapped, his silver hair disheveled from its sleeked back style from the man's aggravated ranting, "No real experience in the field, never been in a war zone nor on a case, so why on god's green earth would you want her?"

"Because of those exact traits; she's not hardened from fighting, she's one of the agencies best shots with a gun and her attention to detail, computer skills and communication in social relations makes her perfect. Training and experience I can bring but she is my choice, regardless of what you say," Fowler replied, numbering out traits with his fingers, annoyed that Reese was so against his choice,

"Why not Wilcons? Or Murphy? Hell, even Jackson would be a better choice. Seasoned agents," Reese stressed, pointing to each personnel file on his desk,

"Wilcons is being investigated for leaking classified information to one of your targets. Murphy was retired to desk duty because of a heart condition and Jackson has a record of disobeying orders. She has a clean slate, no demerits, no complaints, she gets along with everyone in this building as, so I've heard, has been the best thing to happen to this office in regards to organization and general office duties," Fowler now had an idea why Reese wasn't forthcoming with allowing Fowler to take on this rookie agent; she had increased success rates with completed missions significantly and kept everything in working order as far as office jobs were concerned. He had even discovered from other agents that she would review reports and scribble down notes to help her fellow agents. He couldn't ask for a better agent.

He watched as Reese was finally backing down, begrudgingly and stepping back. He made a call before slamming the receiver. It wasn't long later that the agent walked in and Fowler took in what he saw; she was about 5'7", maybe 5'8", fiery red hair now doubt giving away her irish heritage, bright teal eyes and an average build, not too thin but she wasn't over-weight, meaning she was of some level of fitness. She was dressed in black dress pants, a white blouse under a matching black blazer; a typical dress for Agents.

"You wished to speak with me sir," she saluted hesitantly, before trying to relax,

"Agent Dalton, this is Special Agent William Fowler...your new superior," now that was a shock, Fowler watched as she looked between them surprised and confused,

"Permission to speak sir?" she asked, hearing a groan when Reese waved her permission,

"Why have I been chosen? I've only been with the service for 6 months and all I've done is general office duties,"

"You see Agent Fowler, even she thinks she is not qualified," Reese smirked, only to look back to Jane's confused look,

"I'm not saying that Agent Reese, I'll do anything for my country if they ask it of me, I'm just curious as to why," she clarified, looking to Fowler for answers,

"I can't give you full details on the mission here, top secret need to know information, but from your record and discussions with those you work with, your attention to detail, foreign relations, communications and tech knowledge would be invaluable," Fowler replied, keeping Reese in his periphery in case he decided to snap again. Jane was indeed considering his offer and he hoped she agreed, she would certainly be able to handle the work load he had to contend with on this mission and she seemed to be a person most could get along with,

"Well...what the heck, Agent Fowler, I would be honored to work with you," she smiled, offering her hand in agreement. Fowler felt a little smug pulling one over Agent Reese, smiling as he shook the young woman's hand.

"You're doing your country a service Agent Dalton, it would be better to leave now rather than later, so bring only what you need and meet me on the roof, our ride it there," he smiled again as the excited woman saluted to him and ran off back to her desk, telling office friends about her new assignment, seeing all of them smile and congratulate her.
Fowler said nothing else to Reese except a thank you and goodbye before making his way back to the helipad. It didn't take long for Jane to meet up with her new superior as they both entered the helicopter. He noticed she had a small backpack with her but he could see just through an open portion of the back, he saw a sketch book opened to a page depicting what looked like a robot, an iPad and drawing supplies,

"You're an artist?" Fowler asked, catching Jane's attention, looking down to see why he would assume that,

"Oh yeah, writer too," she smiled, a feint blush crossing her cheeks, "I dabble a bit on my breaks...never during work hours I swear," she panicked, hope she didn't just leave a bad impression, only to see the older agent chuckle,

"No, that's alright. Just nice to see someone in the agency has a life outside of work," he chuckled, putting her at ease but the dread that came with landing at the DC airport was creeping up on Fowler, "You may want to contact any family before we leave...consider it a relocation for our mission," the look on her face did deter him a moment before she pulled out her phone and made the call. Watching her closely, it seemed her conversation was going on better than he had thought,

"Um, where exactly are we going sir?" she asked, holding her hand over the phone as she waited for an answer,

"Jasper, Nevada."

The trip was better than Jane had thought. She hadn't really been in a plane before, not commercially at least. Looking out of her window, she awed at the majesty that was the open sky. She never seen anything so serene, so calm. But something in the distance caught her eye; a big black shadow just a little ways away from their jet, in comparison it was huge and looked nothing like any plane or jet she had ever seen. She would've alerted Agent Fowler to her discovery but the shadow had already disappeared.

Leaving it to a figment of her imagination, she returned to writing as they came closer to their destination. Agent Fowler had apologized for the constant fly as they were taken to another location from the Las Vegas Airport by helicopter. Jane didn't mind, she had ways to preoccupy herself.

Finally touching down for the last time, Jane almost stumbled out of the helicopter, her legs feeling like jelly after traveling so far for so long. Shaking it off, Fowler stopped her before they entered the hidden base,

"Now Agent Dalton," he began but she stopped him,

"Please sir, if we're going to be working together, you can call me Jane," she smiled, feeling a bit more relaxed about this secret mission,

"Alright, Jane, before we go down here, I gotta ask you to open mind about this. And you are forbidden to tell ANY one about what you find in her. Not only is this a government secret, I'd rather not have countless people knowing about this, for safety reasons," Fowler explained, now Jane was feeling a little nervous, what could he possibly be hiding in this bunker?

"I promise sir, I won't tell. You have my word, and a Dalton never breaks their word," she preened in her family pride as Agent Fowler took her at her word and allowed her into the elevator first. She could tell he was nervous, and it was rubbing off on her. Whatever was here, must be bad.

The sudden stop of the elevator caused her to take a big gasp of air before holding it in for no reason. Slowly the doors open and a large lit room came into view; it was as if it was carved out of the very rock, but huge computer terminals were open with no means of standing before them or using them, even the catwalk they emerged on didn't seem to house much. Looking around the room, she wondered where this supposed secret could be,

"Prime!" Fowler cried, releasing an annoyed sigh as he looked back to Jane, "Sorry, usually there is someone here," Jane was about to ask who he was talking about when the echoing blare of a car horn bouncing off the walls answered he question. Now this was weird, if this was a military base wouldn't any and all vehicles be in a separate hanger. "Again Age-I mean Jane, keep an open mind," the moment he said that, a large red-and-blue semi truck, an orange-an-white ambulance, a green muscle jeep, a yellow-and-black muscle car, a blue motorcycle and a red mustang rolled in. Confusion was quickly replaced by shock as she watched each vehicle collapse, metal shift before transforming into a more bipedal form, a more humanoid form.

The tallest being the truck towered over the others, the shortest being the motorcycle which only came to the truck bots hips. Jane had craned up to just keep the bots in her sights as her amazement painted her expression,

"Agent Fowler...we were unaware you were with company," the tall bot boomed, his voice was deep with a commanding feeling but at the same time had a soft and caring tone as well, "Why have you brought another human here?"

"Because, both I and my superiors believed having a extra pair of hands and an extra pair of eyes to keep an close watch on all of you would be in our best interests," he replied, turning back to see how shocked and if not amazed Jane was by all of this,

"Sir, don't you think I could've been briefed on this?" Jane asked, looking back to Fowler,

"I do apologize for that but it was imperative to get you out here and become familiar with the team as soon as possible," Fowler then turned back to the towering bots, "This is Agent Jane Dalton, newly recruited from the FBI, her skills will be a benefit to our operations so please try to get along with her, she will help you in any way she can,"
Jane watched as the bots remained where they were besides the tallest, he approached the shaken woman, leaning down slightly to make himself seem less imposing,

"Greetings Agent Dalton. I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobot Forces. I am sure you have many questions for us," the bot, Optimus Prime, stated; watching her closely in case she would turn out like the last agent Fowler brought, the poor man feinted at the very sight of them,

"I do yes, but I think it would be better if we get to know one another before we go into each others' history. It's a pleasure to meet you Optimus sir," she tried to calm her nerves as she offered her hand in greeting, her smile grew as she seemed to have taken this prime by surprise only to see his own smile grow and he offered his finger in place of his gigantic hand. Jane was amazed his metal finger was warm instead of cold like she had thought, as if something was living beneath the digit, "Autobots, introduce yourselves," Optimus didn't really order it but simply stated it.

The next bot to approach her was once the yellow/black muscle car; his big blue optics reminded her of a young child, but what she noticed was hat he didn't seem to have a mouth like the others had. What was really peculiar was that this bot seemed to only make sounds like beeps, squeaks and warbles. Strangely enough she could understand this garbled speech,

"Hello Bumblebee. That name suits you," she smiled, jumping slightly as said bot began cheering in his own way, punching his clenched servos up, chattering to the others, "Was it something I said?" she asked, a little unnerved by his sudden over-cheeriness,

"You are the first being other than ourselves to understand Bumblebee," Optimus explained, his own smile crossing his plating. Now understanding the bot's joy, it made Jane feel more welcomed. The next bot to approach was huge, though not height wise. He was once the heavy duty green jeep she saw before,

"Names Bulkhead," he seemed hesitant, shakily offering her his finger like Optimus and Bumblebee had. Cocking an eyebrow, she easily took his finger in a firm shake,

"No need to be so tense Bulkhead, I don't bite," she smiled, believing that was reason behind his tense greeting,

"Oh trust me, it's not you he's worried," the ambulence bot snipped, walking away from the group to one of the large terminals, "I'm Ratchet by the way," he simply stated and nothing else. Jane could tell he'd be harder to get along with but she could deal. There were only 2 bots left, the red bot and the small blue bot. Looking at the 2, she could tell the small bot seemed more feminine than the others,

"Hey there, name's Cliffjumper," the red bot smirked, holding his fist out to Jane. Finding the greeting familiar, she returned it by tapping her own fist to his, seeing how his smile brightened,

"I'm Arcee," the blue bot greeted lastly, again holding her hand out like the others did. Looking to each bot, Jane smiled. This may be something to get used to but she believed in one thing:

In 50 years time, she could honestly say she had the guts to accept a mission like this.