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"He's out."

As the words pierced the air the world seemed to close in on the young redhead, her emerald eyes were wide with shock. She could not believe what was happening.

The archer's heart seemed to leap in her throat as the horrible truth left her lips. Her worst fears had come to life again. Quickly she snapped out of, she knew she could not waste time with staring at the wall in disbelief. No, she was not going to sit around and cry all day; she was going to find that bastard and make sure he didn't hurt another person. She was going to make sure he feels the pain she felt all these years.

Wally's blood boiled when he heard his name. He saw the heartbreaking look on Abby and Artemis's faces. Artemis's complection soon hardened and he knew what she was planning to do. Abby stood there frozen, he saw fear glimmer in her eyes that were so much like his own. He remembered seeing what that monster did to his daughter. He saw the way she flinched when Artemis said his name. The poor girl had been through so much the past few months. He was not going to let anything like that happen again.

Abby's brain was literally going a million miles a minute as she was trying to process the awful news. She had so many questions about why and how he got out and why did it seem no one had done anything about it yet. She had no idea what to do. Yesterday her life had been almost perfect, hell; everything had been perfect the last few months. She was living in her own utopia. But that was over now, her wonderful reality melted into a dystopia. Some things are too good to be true to last forever.

She felt numb as her parents ushered her to the mountain. It wasn't until she materialized in the base she snapped out of it and faced the cold hard reality. Anger flashed through her eyes and she stood tall. She was not going to be afraid of him. She was not going to hide under a rock and cower in fear. He was not going to control her.

She sat alone in the kitchen while her parents talked to the other leaguers. Aside from the worried heroes in the mission room, the mountain was empty. S'mantha and J'onn Jr. were on Mars visiting family. Lian and Amistad were still in school. Chris was working on the Kent farm and she really didn't give a shit where Damian was. Down the hall she could hear the adults arguing about something. Tuning them out she returned to deep thought.

She was trying to figure out what she was going to do. If it were up to her parents she would hide until they found that homicidal jackass that had the audacity to call himself a father and a grandfather. But she was not about to cower in fear. Sure she was afraid of sportsmaster, but her hate overpowered her fear and she hated that man with a passion of a thousand burning suns. She hated him for what he did to her and especially what he did to her mother. She hated him for all the people he wronged. There was not one ounce of goodness and love in that murderous bastard.

The teen knew what he was going to do now he had his self appointed freedom. He was after her and her mother. She was sure of that. Lian and her grandmother might also be in his sights, but she knew he placed a huge bulls-eye on her back. Her life was in danger. Lawrence wanted her to be a shadow or dead, there was no other option in his mind. She was his target, and she was not going to let him get to her or her family ever again.

Abby heard the hushed of her parents whispering down the hall. She looked up to see them arrive in the room donning their uniforms.

"So what are we going to do now?" the teen asked.

"We're going to find him and make sure that he never hurts anyone again." Artemis said coldly and grasped her bow tightly. The pink scar in her side tingled a little bit as the memory of the last encounter with Sportsmaster came back to the blonde.

"We are going to black gate prison and investigate." Wally informed the girl. Both parents wished her goodbye and told her to stay put.

There would be it least four hours until Lian got to the mountain so the young speedster put on her costume and headed off the training room. She started off with running and conditioning for a little bit but switched to beating the shit out of any training dummy that crossed her path. She screamed and cursed at the universe. Why did this have to happen to her. Why was she forced to go through so much for only it to happen to her again. After her rage filled fury calmed she melted into a puddle of tears in the only corner of the room that wasn't covered in the remains of training droids.

She soon dried her tears, collected herself and returned to training. This time she was taking out all of her pent up resentment and anger on one of the remaining punching bags. Her fists were starting to get sore when she heard an explosion down the hall.

Immediately she ran out of the training room towards the sound, dreading what it could be. As she raced near the source of the noise she saw Green Lantern lying on the floor unmoving.

Quickly she stopped to check his pulse and made sure he was alive before continuing on. The lights flickered off as she got closer, but she could see by the light of the flaming boulders in the middle of the main entrance.

The young girl looked up at the rafters and saw the face of a person she despised greatly. An evil feminine cackle pierced the air burning the teen's ears as if it was acid. The cat-masked villain gracefully flipped to the ground and threw her sai at the costumed girl.

Abby dodged the weapon and got into battle stance ready to fight off her aunt. Her day was already bad as it is but it seemed to get worse by the minute.

"Hello Abigail." A cruel voice purred. "It's good to see you."

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