(Author's Note: Here's a break from my season six story! It's another BBRae, because I just can't get tired of them. The song is "I Want To Know What Love Is" by The Foreigners but it's Mariah Carey's cover that inspired me to write this. Shorter than my other oneshots/songfics, but I hope it's just as romantic!)

"Raven, I don't care who you are, or what you do, you don't treat Terra that way!" Beast Boy snapped at the empath.

"She does not remember you, Beast Boy," Raven retorted in her usual monotone. "You have to snap out of it. Face it, the Terra you love is gone, intentional or not."

"No, she's not!" Beast Boy shouted, raising his voice even higher. "You give up too easily, Raven! You remain cool and collected, but that leaves you with no belief in the unlikelihood of things!"

Raven could feel her fist tense up. Beast Boy's words were getting more hurtful by the minute, so she was trying every trick in the book to calm down.

"Don't make me mad, Beast Boy," Raven said through gritted teeth.

"Just like how you made me mad?" Beast Boy retorted. "Give me a break, Raven! I love Terra! I thought you like her too!"

"I do," Raven said, now face down, "but that's not the Terra that I like. She's not, Beast Boy, and you still love her?"

"I do, Raven! I do! I really do! She is the same Terra, Raven!"

Raven took a deep breath.

"But Beast Boy..."

Beast Boy folded his arms across his chest and continued to stare at Raven.


Beast Boy squinted his eyes. He wasn't sure what Raven was up to.

"I want you to want me!" Raven ended up bursting out. She then phased into her room.

Beast Boy stood there agape and arms now slumped on his sides.

"She's in love with me?"

Raven arrived at her room and dropped herself facedown on the bed.

She tried to calm down, but as she felt her magic going haywire and books and grooming items being flung around in her room, she knew she just couldn't do it.

It was a mistake, she thought. She shouldn't have confessed to Beast Boy, especially after an argument with his truly.

But it just got to the point of desperation, she thought to herself. She had always wondered how pure love felt. She always had to restrain it in her mind and her heart because it was so powerful.

What if Beast Boy and her did get on a relationship? What if, one day, she feels heartbroken, and does unfixable things to him? Her first and only heartbreak with Malchior was living proof.

That was why she always had, and maybe always should, take time.

I gotta take a little time

A little time to think things over

I better read between the lines

In case I need it when I'm colder

But then, experiencing the defeat of her father, the dreaded evil reincarnate of Trigon the Terrible, gave her the idea of being more open, a little less of an emo and a little more emotional.

She had a hard, painful life, save for the Teen Titans. As time goes by, she became gradually unsure if she wanted to keep it that way.


In my life, there's been heartache and pain

I don't know if I can face it again

Can't stop now, I've traveled so far

To change this lonely life

Most of all, she wanted to know what love is, and fro one particular person.

I wanna know what love is

I want you to show me

I wanna feel what love is

I know you can show me

Beast Boy paced back and forth in his room. He now knows that Raven likes him, and he does not know what to think.

He had been so focused on Terra, he had forgotten about Raven. They had a temporary fling before they met Terra and things changed. He had no idea Raven was still in love with him, he had thought she had accepted that they were just friends.

"What am I going to do?"

Hm, I'm gonna take a little time

A little time to look around me

I've got nowhere left to hide

It looks like love has finally found me

Beast Boy had been hurt by Terra at least twice. Could he stand more? With him and her separated for a couple of times already, wouldn't that already be a sign that the relationship would not last? Unless if it was against all odds, and he was the against-all-odds kind of guy.

But being with Raven, who he was like the polar opposite to, would also be an against-all-odds kind of thing.

As Beast Boy thought over everything, his liking for Raven had been reignited. His life had not been so happy-go-lucky. Come to think of it, he had not had much luck with the girls. He had not felt true love romantically, and he wanted to. So badly.

"I came too far. I don't want to grow too much to know what love is."

Mustering up the courage, he went to Raven's room.


In my life, there's been heartache and pain

I don't know if I can face it again

Can't stop now, I've traveled so far

To change this lonely life

Raven was still facedown. The carnage had ended, but she was still feeling... something. It might be love, but she wasn't one to tell if it was for she had not felt it before.

She was so into her mind that she did not notice Beast Boy entering her room. Since she had phased into her room, she forgot to lock the door. And even if it was locked, Beast Boy would go through it as a small animal.

He saw Raven slouched on her bed. It looked like as if she had been crying, but he knew her better than that.

He was breathing heavily, his heart was pumping rapidly. He quietly walked towards the bed.

And he lied down on Raven.

I wanna know what love is (know, whoa)

I want you to show me (me)

I wanna feel what love is (feel what love is)

And I know you can show me

Show me, I wanna know, whoa


Raven felt added weight on her back. She was about to counter whoever it was, but saw Beast Boy's gloved hands wrapping themselves around her.

She blushed as she then felt Beast Boy caress her hair intimately.

Thinking that Raven needed more space, Beast Boy moved both of them to their sides, his arms still taking care of Raven.

Raven turned until she was facing Beast Boy. He gave her his smile, his fang poking out. She cupped his left cheek with her right hand, and then slid it down to his chest.

When Beast Boy was with Raven, he felt that his pain in the past had been made up. The more he looked at Raven, the more he thought she was beautiful, inside and out. Raven's subtle and unconfident moves made her all the more adorable.

As for Raven, the longer she felt Beast Boy's hands and body, the more affirmed she was about her emotion. She looked straight into his eyes, and they shared their first kiss.

No words needed to be said to express their newfound feelings.

And I feel so much love

I wanna feel

And I know you can show me

Oh, oh, oh-oh

Let's talk about love

It was love.