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He wasn't really the type to think of love – far from dreaming about it. Of course, he had crushes back in his elementary days – who didn't? – but he never told them nor did he ever consider making them his. His attention back then had only been on one thing: being the best in soccer in order to get his sister back. Now with that achieved (though not literally, considering the fact that she was still in another family) one could say he found it rather surprising to finally notice his growing feelings for a particular manager slash school librarian. Though she lacks attendance for practice and matches, she still tries her hardest as a part-time manager. And that was the charm that Ootani Tsukushi had unintentionally laid upon the greatest strategist Japan has ever seen, Kidou Yuuto.

"Oh, you're here again Kidou-san?" the girl with caramel coloured hair greeted him with a smile. She stops her current work of shelving the books as he took his steps towards her. He nodded, returning the smile, feeling very comfortable in her presence. Her giggle was music to his ears. "When are you not here anyway," she remarked and resumed her never-ending work. Being a librarian was one thing, being the soccer club's part-time manager was another. Ootani found it hard to juggle both of her positions if she had been a full-time manager and thus she became the first ever part-time manager. She had wanted to become one ever since Raimon's debut and her love for soccer grew more and more intense after every single soccer practice or match she managed to attend. But during the soccer tournament for female soccer players, she had been supporting the Inazuma Girls in the sidelines as a full-time manager, excusing herself from her library duties – a few of the other librarians were kind enough to take her duty for her – and help with the strategies, formations and hissatsu techniques. The boys helped the girls too, and with Coach Hitomiko's guidance, it was no wonder the Inazuma Girls came out on top despite all the struggles and hardships – apparently there had been a female version of the Zeus team, so one could guess the beating the girls took just to win.

Kidou pulled a chair and sat on his usual spot every single day. It was almost as if this seat was reserved for him and him only. Though instead of flipping his book open like he always did, he turned his head around to face the girl. "What about you? You're not going to get some lunch?" he asked. He only dared to do so because he was fairly close with her – they were like close friends. Ootani shoved another book into the shelf as she shook her head, her side bang swaying along. "Nah, I'm used to it," she held the trolley's bar and gave it a push. It jolted forward with a shock and she found it easier to push it now. "I'll see you again, Kidou-san," she waved with a smile before turning around the corner. Kidou waved back with a smile just as bright. His attention was then averted when he heard a chair scraping against the floor just in front of him. He looked and was all surprised upon finding Fudou with a book. Though before any questions were asked or any greetings were exchanged, the brunet dropped his head onto the table and covered it with the randomly thick book he had pulled out of a shelf. The strategist chuckled at his friend and started on his own book, trying to focus on the words printed instead of listening to Ootani's voice talking silently with a friend in the next aisle.

Satisfied with the hint he had left for his friend, the teen walked out of library, eager to reach his locker and keep his precious book. As he found the textbook needed for his next lesson, he noticed his notebook that had been used for nothing. A pencil was beside it and from the corner of his eye; Kidou analyzed the advertising poster for prom taped on the locker right next to his own. Seeing as Fudou himself was getting a date, why not him? It was about time anyway. And he wasn't really a fan the flashy type of invites like the others had done – especially Gouenji. Honestly, he would never have believed it if somebody told him the story, if he himself hadn't seen it with his own eyes. With one swift move, he reached out for the pencil and quickly scribbled a note on an empty page of his notebook.

"AH!" two voices shouted upon impact. Kidou stumbled backwards as Ootani herself managed to retain balance. Though she lost her hold on her books and so did Kidou. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" she apologized as she bent down to collect the books. Kidou shook his head when he himself dropped to one knee to recollect his books. "No, no it's okay. It was my fault for walking without looking," he reassured her. They were a little late for class but Kidou, for the first time ever, didn't mind the fact at all. He knew Fudou was going to skip the rest of the day without the need to be told, what was wrong with being a little late? He picked up a notebook and handed it to her when she stood up. His hands had moved faster than her and collected almost half of her books, seeing as Kidou had only been carrying one. She blushed from embarrassment, finally realizing she had crashed into Kidou, and gratefully took her books. "T-Thanks! And sorry!" she apologized again as she quickly jogged away, the bell ringing for the second time. Kidou, however, didn't move. He lingered in the hallways for a while, watching her silhouette disappear into a room before he too started to jog.

He opened the door to his classroom, and found that his teacher was late as well seeing as the older man stepped in a few seconds after Kidou did. As the class started, the man teaching noticed Fudou's absence and started to question his students about it – since the brunet's bag was still in class. Kidou stood up and told him, "Fudou didn't feel too well just now during lunch, so I escorted him to the infirmary. He'll probably be okay by the time school ends," he lied for his friend. Genda in the background was heard grunting and mumbling things like, 'I knew it, he was sick,'

The teacher nodded his head. "Very well then," and class continued with Kidou repeating the same lie each time a different teacher came in.

Ootani took a seat, relieved that her teacher was not mad at her for being late. She flipped open her textbook and found it strange for the book to have a piece of paper inside of it. She didn't remember leaving one in the first place and with carefulness she plucked it off. It was folded and through the light Ootani could see words written inside it. Her eyebrows rose up in confusion and she unfolded the piece of stationery, silently reading the words written in a style of handwriting she knew.

Wanna be my date for prom? :) –Kidou Yuuto

Her face heated up. Ootani swore she was now the colour of the inviter's cape. She pondered on the thought of having someone as wonderful as Kidou as a date – something that she thought she could only dream of – and right now, he was the one asking her. Flutters burst inside of her as she slowly tore a small a piece of paper to write her reply and she had to grip her pencil tightly to stop her hand from shaking so that she could write properly. Butterflies started to dance in her stomach and she tried hard not to squeal.

He wasn't even half surprised to see a note floating towards the ground when he opened his locker. Kidou pressed his lips together, somehow fearing a rejection. He had never been sure of her feelings for him and his invite had been done without much thought. Now that school had ended, he had lost more than half of his confidence. Praying for a yes, he bent down and picked the note up.

He almost didn't notice his hands had been shaking. And with one last inhale of breath, he finally unfolded the note.

Yes! ^^! –Ootani Tsukushi

His face broke into a smile – a soft and relieved smile.

"Not until you get a date, Romeo," Fudou had remarked later that evening. Kidou couldn't help but smirk victoriously. He crossed his arm and his eyes unconsciously landed on Ootani. "While you were too busy vandalizing school property, I scored myself one, you airhead," he chuckled at Fudou's shocked expression – it was probably worth the Eiffel Tower – and when he noticed Ootani had turned her head towards him, he smiled softly at her with admiration. Her face turned pink and she returned the smile with another just as soft but sweeter. When practice ended, they ended up walking home together hand in hand, talking and laughing the evening away.