A/N: Salutations! This is a revision of Series 5 to include my OC/Time Lady, Evelyn 'Evy' Daniels (AKA Luna). She is an important character to the Doctor in this series and, as this is the fourth story in the Lunar Cycle, I would recommend reading the first three stories (The Hidden Lady of Time, Alone No Longer, and Together At Last) in order to understand exactly how important she is and how she fits into the Doctor's life. This story will be updated daily with each episode being broken up into two chapters, except for 2-parter episodes which will have one chapter per episode.

Evy is, now, a slightly short woman with just about shoulder length curly-blonde hair (with a piece of hair that keeps falling just to the side of her right eye). She has hazel eyes and a button nose. Since she was caught in the crashing TARDIS, having just regenerated into her 11th self, her clothes/outfit of choice will be described in the next chapter :)

~8~ is a scene break

'italics' is telepathic communication

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The Eleventh Hour (Part 1)

The Doctor and Evy grabbed onto the console for dear life, trying to pilot the TARDIS into a semi-safe landing on Earth…but it didn't look like it was going to work. The console exploded, sparks flew everywhere, half the room was on fire…and not to mention the Doctor had been thrown out the doors twice already. He'd managed to haul himself up and climb back in. He'd learned fairly quickly not to sonic the console as his beloved box nearly jerked him out again before he ran to help Evy try and land.

Somehow they'd made it into the Vortex, hoping it would stabilize the TARDIS, only to be thrown out of it. They finally managed to get more control, getting the box to half materialize, half crash into the ground just outside a small house…unfortunately they destroyed the shed when they landed on it.

As soon as the box touched down, they were sent flying backwards. Evy managed to grab onto the console, pulling herself up to sit against it as the entire TARDIS was now on its side…the Doctor hadn't been so lucky…

She glanced over to see he seemed to have fallen through the door above the gantry, through the corridors...and into the swimming pool, if the sound of splashing was anything to go by…but she could have sworn that was where the library was.

"I'm alright!" he shouted up to her.

The doors popped open above her, releasing the smoke and steam out into the sky. Evy reached over to a small panel and opened it gently…only for the entire door to fall off. She sighed, reaching in and pulling out a grappling hook. She swung it round and tossed it out the doors, tugging it as it caught on something. She threw the rest of the rope down to where the Doctor was and began climbing up.


A hand appeared on the ledge of the box, followed by another hand, and soon the head of a blonde woman was smiling down at a small red-haired girl, "Hello there," Evy greeted the young ginger.

"Um…hello?" the girl replied.

"One moment," she pulled herself up to sit on the ledge, her legs still in the box, her back to the girl, "There we go."

"Are you alright?" the girl asked, seeing the woman's disheveled hair and torn clothes, her face besmirched with smudges.

"Oh yes, I'm fine, thanks," Evy waved her off, "We sort of had a fall, he's in the library right now, it's quite the climb."


"Oh, sorry. I'm Evy and…"

Just then a leather-bound book was stuck into the air with an arm attached. Another person pulled themselves out of the box, a man this time, with longish hair, soaking wet. He handed the book to Evy and pulled himself up so he was resting his chin on the edge of the box with his arms crossed beneath him, just dangling there.

"Oi!" Evy said, gingerly looking at the book, "You got it wet!" she lightly smacked him upside the head with it.

"Ow!" the man grumbled, "What was that for?"

"That was an original completed manuscript for the Canterbury Tales!" she exclaimed, flipping through it to see a few stories were damaged with water, others completely destroyed, "I promised Geoff I'd bring it back when I finished reading it…do you know how much I had to beg him before he even let me touch it...he's going to have a heart attack when he sees this…do you have any idea how long he's worked on this?"

The man didn't answer, just rubbed the back of his head, "I see this one's still just as violent."

"Because you're still just as much of an idiot."

"I got all the other manuscripts out in time," he grumbled, reaching out to squeeze some water out of his hair.

"You're soaking wet!" the girl jumped back to avoid the water.

"I was in the swimming pool."

The girl frowned, "But she said you were in the library…"

"So is the swimming pool apparently," Evy replied.

The Doctor looked over as though just noticing the girl standing there, "Oh, hello! I'm the Doctor," he reached out an arm for her to shake.

"Amelia Pond," she replied, shaking it.

"Amelia Pond," he repeated, "Can I have an apple? All I can think about. Apples. I love apples. Maybe I'm having a craving!" he looked up at Evy, "That's new, never had cravings before."

"Are you police?" Amelia eyed them suspiciously.

"Why?" Evy asked as she reached out to help the Doctor sit on the ledge as well, "Were you waiting for the police?"

"Did you come about the crack in my wall?"

"What cra-ah-ah-argh-ha!" the Doctor exclaimed, falling off the side of the TARDIS and onto the ground.

Amelia looked concerned, "You alright mister?"

Evy hopped off the TARDIS to crouch at his side, trying to help him up, "Oh, he's fine…it's a perfectly norm…" she fell down with a huff on top of him, her own body spasming. She opened her mouth and a golden energy floated out of her, just as the same thing happened with the Doctor. They looked at each other for a moment before laughing at their position.

"Who are you?" Amelia asked, shaking her head.

The Doctor held out his hand, examining it as it glowed with golden light. He looked up at Evy, excited, "Don't know yet!"

Evy looked up at her, neither of them making a move to get up, "We're in the middle of settling."

The Doctor leaned his head back to look at the ginger girl, upside down, from his position on his back, "Does it scare you?"

"No…" she stared at them, "You just look a bit weird."

"No, no, no," Evy cut in, "He was asking if the crack in your wall scares you."


The Doctor suddenly leapt to his feet, somehow able to pull Evy up with him, making Amelia step back with a start, "Well then," he grinned, "No time to lose! I'm the Doctor and this is…"

"Evy," Amelia replied, "I know."

The Doctor frowned, "How?"

Amelia looked at him strangely, "You just told me a minute ago."

"Did I?" he asked, looking at Evy who nodded, he shrugged, "Oh well, do everything we tell you, don't ask stupid questions, and don't wander off," he turned around and stalked off…running right into a tree.

Evy winced, as she felt a sting in her forehead, and he fell backwards, surprised. She walked over to him, reaching out to help him up, her hand on his forehead as she examined him.

"You alright?" Amelia asked, her eyebrows raised.

"Still in the early stages of regeneration," Evy answered, "Coordination will be a bit off," she smiled at the Doctor, giving him a peck, "But you should be fine."

"Actually..." he smiled and pulled her in again, stealing another kiss off her, "All better now."


Eventually they made it into Amelia's house, Evy almost walking into the side of the doorframe on the way, but the Doctor pulled her to the side in time.

They stood there, looking around as Amelia walked up to them, holding the Doctor's apple, her eyes on him, suspicion in them, "If you're a Doctor, why does your box say 'police?'"

He reached out and took the apple from her, sniffing it cautiously before taking a bite out of it. He chewed it only twice before spitting it out, his eyes still on Amelia who now looked put off as the apple piece flew past her. He coughed, holding up the apple, "That's disgusting. What is that?"

Evy reached out and took the apple, sniffing it like the Doctor had.

"An apple," Amelia replied.

"Apple's rubbish," he said as Evy took a bite, "I hate apples."

"You said you loved them."

"I think I do," Evy smiled, taking another bite, the apple tasted very good.

"No, no, no, I'll have yogurt!" he said suddenly, "Yogurt's my favorite. Gimme yogurt."

Evy just laughed as the girl rolled her eyes and went to get the Doctor yogurt. She laughed harder when he took it from the girl, ripped the lid off, and practically drank the little cup only to spit it out and across the room. Amelia looked quite disgusted as she stared at him, standing there, with yogurt on his face.

Evy sighed and took a napkin from the table and began wiping his mouth.

"I hate yogurt, it's just stuff!" he grumbled through the napkin Evy was cleaning him with. He reached out and took her hand, pulling it and the napkin away to give her a peck quickly, "With bits in."

"You said it was your favorite!" Amelia defended.

"New mouth, new rules," Evy replied, going to toss the napkin in a bin only for her arm to spasm…the yogurt soaked napkin landed on Amelia's head, "Sorry…" Evy held up her hand to hide her grin as Amelia tried to look at the napkin on top of her, going a bit cross-eyed, only to shake her head and let it fall to the ground.

"It's like eating after cleaning your teeth," the Doctor agreed as Amelia threw away the napkin, "Everything tastes wrooooo…" he jerked again, flinging his hand up, slapping his forehead before straightening, trying to act as though it never happened, despite the two women staring at him. He glanced at them before slowly moving to sit down at the table as though that would help erase the situation.

"What is it?" Amelia looked between the two of them, "What's wrong with you two?"

"Wrong with us?" the Doctor asked, offended, "What's wrong with you? Why can't you give me any decent food? You're Scottish, fry something."

Immediately he felt a pain in the back of his head as Evy smacked him.

"I see you're still just as rude," Evy remarked.

"Probably," he agreed, looking up at her, "But…" he reached out and tugged her arm, gently pulling her into his lap. He smiled at her, just looking at her for a moment or two, brushing that strand of her hair that fell by her eye behind her ear.

Evy smiled gently at him, "What?"

He just hummed and leaned forward, kissing her softly. He pulled back a minute later, a wide smile on his face as he looked at her once more, the softest expression on his face, "This one is more affectionate I think."

Evy let out a little laugh, giving him another peck, "He just might be."

Amelia just stood there, watching their interaction for only a moment before she looked away, feeling as though she were intruding on an intimate, private moment between the two. She walked over to the refrigerator, pulling out some bacon and getting to work frying it.

While the stove was heating up, she ran to a cupboard in the hall to get a towel for the Doctor, who smiled gratefully at her before rubbing his hair with it, managing not to hit Evy as she remained on his lap.

"Oh bacon!" he shouted when he smelled it cooking. Moments later Amelia placed a plate in front of him. He looked down at it, grinning, before holding a piece up to Evy to try, she just shook her head politely, already knowing from the smell that she wouldn't enjoy it, besides she still had her apple to finish. He shrugged and took a mouthful, chewing as Amelia giggled…until he made a disgusted face and spat the chewed bits into his hand, "Bacon? That's bacon?" he leaned forward, very serious, "Are you trying to poison me?"

"She hasn't tried to feed you pears yet has she?" Evy reasoned, taking another napkin and wiping off his hand.

The Doctor nodded in thought.

Amelia sighed, before getting off her chair and moving to make something else…she decided to try beans this time.

"Ah," the Doctor grinned at Evy, "You see? Beans," Amelia slid the plate over to the Doctor who spooned a large helping into his mouth…Evy jumped off the seat moments before he sprang up and ran to the sink to spit them out, "Beans are evil. Bad, bad beans."

Evy patted him on the back before looking over her shoulder at Amelia. She rolled her eyes and nodded back towards the Doctor, earning a small smile from the girl.

"What about something simple?" Amelia asked, glancing at the Doctor, "Bread and butter?"

"That sounds nice actually…" he agreed. So Amelia got to work, smearing some butter on a slice of bread and sliding it to the Doctor just as he sat back down, Evy beside him with her hand on his shoulder, "Bread and butter. Now you're talking..."

The next thing they knew the Doctor had thrown the plate of bread and butter out the backdoor like a frisbee…possibly hitting a cat.

"And stay out!" he shouted, brushing his hands and returning to the kitchen.

He ended up pacing around the length of the small eating area as Evy sat on a counter, watching him. Amelia had gone through the contents of her pantry and gone back to the refrigerator.

"We've got some carrots," Amelia commented.

"Carrots?" he stopped pacing and turned to face her, "Are you insane?"

Evy just shook her head and hopped off the counter, walking over to Amelia's side, "I know what you need," she said before opening the freezer and looking in, "Fish fingers…" she pulled a box out and then knelt to look into the refrigerator, "…and custard."

She turned around to see both Amelia and the Doctor staring at her with disgusted looks.


The Doctor had eaten almost all the fish fingers, dipping them in the custard, while Evy finished off her apple and Amelia ate some ice cream, watching them. Amelia grimaced as the Doctor lifted the entire bowl of custard and drank it as though it were milk. But both girls giggled when he lowered it to reveal a custard mustache.

"Quite fetching," Evy commented, reaching over with yet another napkin to wipe his mouth, "This one's a bit of a mess though, isn't he?"

"I'd be a mess without you," he smiled at her, leaning in to give her a quick kiss of thanks when she pulled the napkin away, "You are quite the caretaker eh?" he nodded at the custard and fish fingers, "How'd you know?"

She grinned, "I've been in your head quite a long time Doctor…I know you."

His smile widened as he brushed that darned lock of hair from her face.

"You're both really strange," Amelia commented, eyeing them, "But funny."

"Are we?" the Doctor looked over at the young ginger, "Good. Strange is good, funny's great…what's your name?"

Amelia gave him another odd look, "…Amelia Pond…I told you this already."

"Did you?"

"What's wrong with him?" Amelia glanced at Evy. Of the two of them, it was more noticeable with the Doctor that there was something going on. Evy would do little things, like stumble or trip or jerk, but the Doctor was just everywhere.

"Bit of a memory loss," Evy explained, "He'll be forgetting a few things on and off for a few hours…nothing serious."

"That's a brilliant name," the Doctor commented, "Amelia Pond."

"Sounds like a fairytale princess," Evy grinned, making the girl blush.

"Are we in Scotland, Amelia?"

Amelia sighed, "No. Had to move to England. It's rubbish."

"So what about your mum and dad then? Are they upstairs? Thought we'd've woken them by now."

"Don't have a mum and dad. Just an aunt."

"I don't even have an aunt."

"I had fifteen," Evy groaned. Her family on Galifrey had been one of the larger ones. Her father had five sisters and three brothers while her mother had four brothers and three sisters…each of them married giving her fifteen aunts in total.

"Ouch," Amelia grimaced before looking at the Doctor, "You're lucky."

"I know," the Doctor said, though he was looking at Evy when he said it, completely not in the context the little girl was speaking in.

Evy blushed at the Doctor's stare before turning to Amelia, "Where's your aunt Amelia?"

"She's out," Amelia shrugged.

"And she left you all alone?" the Doctor gaped at her.

"I'm not scared!"

"Course you're not! You're not scared of anything. Box falls out of the sky, man falls out of box, man eats fish custard. And look at you! Just sitting there. So you know what I think?"

"What?" she frowned.

"That crack in your wall must be more scary than us then," Evy answered.


As soon as the crack was in sight, both the Doctor and Evy could tell there was something wrong. They rushed into Amelia's room, towards it, and immediately began investigating, Evy scanning it with her screwdriver while the Doctor just poked it and felt it with his fingers.

"You've had some cowboys in here," he commented, glancing back at Amelia who was leaning on her doorway, "Not actual cowboys."

"But that can happen," Evy added.

"I used to hate apples," Amelia commented, looking down at an apple in her hand, "Then my mum put faces on them."

They turned to look at her as she walked over and handed the apple to the Doctor, a smiley face carved into it.

Evy smiled softly, "Your mum sounds fantastic."

The Doctor nodded, slipping it into his pocket, "I'll keep it for later."

They turned back to the wall, both mumbling to themselves as they looked at it.

"The wall's solid…" Evy mumbled, "And the crack doesn't go all the way through it."

The Doctor nodded, "So here's a thing, where's the draft coming from?" he held up his sonic screwdriver, running it along the wall for a moment, "Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey…"

"Please don't make me hit you," Evy moaned, actually grabbing her arm which had jerked as though it desperately wanted to smack him.

"Do you know what the crack is?" he ignored her plea and turned to face Amelia.

"What?" the girl asked.

"…it's a crack," he answered before pressing his face up against it.

Evy just rubbed her head in exasperation, it seemed this version of him was much more enthusiastic and up close about figuring things out.

"But I'll tell you something funny," he continued, "If you knock this wall down, the crack would stay put," he turned to face Evy, "'Cos the crack isn't in the wall."

"Where is it then?" Amelia asked.

Evy let out a breath, that was not good, "Everywhere," she explained, "In everything. A crack like this is the result of a split in the skin of the world. It's two parts of space and time that were never meant to touch...and now they're being pressed together on the wall of your bedroom. Sometimes…"

"Can you hear…" the Doctor interrupted lightly, moving to press his ear against the wall.

"A voice?" Amelia guessed, "Yes."

The Doctor darted over to Amelia's bedside table and picked up a glass of water, his arm spasming and flinging all the water out. He looked down, a bit surprised that there was no water in it and wondering why Amelia had an empty cup beside her bed, before rushing back to the wall and pressing it against it, his ear on the other end, "Evy listen," he whispered, closing his eyes.

Amelia watched, confused, as Evy closed her eyes as well, not sure what the woman was doing.

Evy frowned as she heard a whisper in her mind, flowing from the Doctor's, hearing what he was hearing, 'Prisoner Zero has escaped.'

"Prisoner Zero?" Evy whispered, her eyes opening.

"Prisoner Zero has escaped," Amelia stated, "That's what I heard. What does it mean?"

The Doctor didn't answer, still listening to the voice on the other side of the wall, 'Prisoner Zero has escaped.'

"It means there's a prison on the other side of the crack," Evy answered as the Doctor stepped back, "It seems they've lost a prisoner, which means..."

"What?" Amelia frowned.

"You need a better wall," the Doctor said. He leaned down, stepping on one side of Amelia's desk as Evy got the other, both lifting it and moving it away so they had a clear space before the wall.

"The only way to close the breach…" the Doctor began, just thinking out loud.

"…is to open it all the way," Evy finished, thinking the same thing.

"Forces will invert. And it will snap itself shut or…"

"What?" Amelia repeated herself, sensing the hesitancy in the man's voice.

The Doctor paused a moment, thinking about what he wanted to say, "You know when grownups tell you everything's gonna be fine, and you think they're probably lying to make you feel better?"

Amelia sighed, "Yes…"

"Everything's gonna be fine," he told her with a little smile. He looked over at Evy a moment before she nodded, pulling out her sonic screwdriver again. He took Amelia's hand and turned back to the wall, keeping the child safely behind him as Evy flicked on the sonic. The crack glowed with a brilliant white light before prying itself open. Through the crack they could see a faint outline of bars.

"Prisoner Zero has escaped," a voice boomed. The Doctor stared, taking a step forward along with Evy, "Prisoner Zero has escaped."

"Hello?" Evy asked.

"Helloooo!" the Doctor called through.

Suddenly a large eyeball filled the space. The Doctor took a step or two back, startled as Evy just stood there, staring at the eye that was watching them. A small ball of light flew out of the wall and hit the Doctor's pocket, forcing him backwards against the bed. Evy flicked the sonic off and the crack slammed shut.

"There, see!" the Doctor got up, grinning madly at Evy, "Told you it would close! Good as new."

"Yeah, yeah," Evy rolled her eyes, grinning as well, happy it had worked after all.

"What's that thing?" Amelia stared, wide eyed, at the wall, "Was that Prisoner Zero?"

"No," Evy shook her head, "That was probably just the guard."

"Whatever it was, it sent me a message," the Doctor said, holding up the psychic paper for her to see, Evy frowned and moved to sit next to him on the bed.

"What's that?" Amelia stared at it.

"Psychic paper," Evy answered.

"Takes a lovely little message," the Doctor added, before reading it, "'Prisoner Zero has escaped.'"

"But we already know that so why repea..." Evy began before she realized something, "Oh no..." she looked at the Doctor, silently telling him her suspicions so as not to alarm Amelia.

"'Oh no' what?" Amelia asked.

The Doctor sighed, "...oh no as in Prisoner Zero must have escaped through here."

He and Evy looked around the room, "How could he have though?" Evy argued, "We'd have noticed."

The Doctor suddenly ran out of the bedroom, her words sparking a thought, Evy and Amelia following until he stopped abruptly on the landing, looking around at the doors on that floor.

"It's difficult," he mumbled, "Brand new me, nothing works yet, but there's something I'm missing..." he very slowly turned his head to face a door he'd only glanced at as he stopped, "In the corner...of my eye..."

Evy, seeing what he was doing, trying to bypass a Perception Filter, copied him. They had just managed to sense there was something not right about the door at the end of the hall, when suddenly the cloister bell of the TARDIS began to sound. The Doctor jumped, grabbing Evy's hand and racing down the stairs.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!" he called as they ran to the back garden, Amelia chasing after them.

"We need to get back in!" Evy told him, "The engines are phasing! She'll burn!"

"But," Amelia called, "It's just a box, how can a box have engines?"

The Doctor ran around the TARDIS, trying to figure out a way to get it upright but, finding none, just jumped up on its ledge, holding out a hand to help Evy up as well, "It's not a box!" he defended, "It's a time machine."

"What?" Amelia asked, clearly not believing him, "A real one? You've got a real time machine?"

"We won't anymore if we can't stabilize her!" Evy called, staring down into the TARDIS, she looked up at the Doctor, "A five minute hop into the future should set her right!"

"...can I come?"

"Not safe in here, not yet," the Doctor replied, "Five minutes. Give us five minutes! We'll be right back."

"...people always say that."

The Doctor stopped suddenly before turning to jump off the TARDIS to crouch down before her, "Am I people?" he asked her, staring intently into her eyes, "Do I even look like people? Trust me. I'm the Doctor."

Amelia smiled, now reassured.

He turned back to see Evy smiling softly down at him, he smiled up at her, "What?"

"Nothing, just…" she shook her head, "That right there…" she nodded at the small interaction that had just transpired, "One of the many reasons why I love you."

His grin exploded at her words before he practically leapt onto the ledge. He took Evy's hand in his before they jumped in, the Doctor's cry of "Geronimo!" echoing back up to Amelia followed by a splashing noise.

The TARDIS doors swung closed and they were off.


It had been a close call, but they'd gotten to the TARDIS just in time. The Doctor had put the instructions in for a five minute jump and they were off. Once the TARDIS rematerialized outside Amelia's house, the Doctor was out the door pulling Evy with him, the TARDIS would still need a few hours to cool off and stabilize.

The Doctor barely paused to look around before taking off towards the house, "Amelia!" he had to use the sonic a few times to get in.

Evy hesitated, not following as she looked around. Something was very wrong.

Firstly, it was daylight, so five minutes definitely hadn't passed.

"Amelia!" she could hear the Doctor call from inside the house, "I worked out what it was! I know what I was missing! You've gotta get out of there!"

Then she noticed, the flowers were blooming, and she was pretty sure it had been too cool for flowers before, it probably wasn't even the same season!

She could sense the Doctor in her mind, he had found the door, "Amelia! Amelia! Are you alright? Are you there?"

And then she noticed one more thing out of place…the shed, the one that the TARDIS had destroyed that night, it was rebuilt.


The Doctor tried to sonic the door, shouting, "Prisoner Zero's here. Prisoner Zero is here!"


Evy walked cautiously towards the shed, reaching out to lay a hand against the slightly dirty wall…it was old, far older than if it had recently been rebuilt…it felt like…


"Prisoner Zero is here! Prisoner Zero's here, do you understand me?"


It felt like 12 years!

"Doctor!" she turned, shouting at the house.


"Prisoner Zero is…" the Doctor spun around at the sound of a floorboard creaking, only to be smacked in the head with a cricket bat.


Evy felt herself spinning as though something had slammed into her and fell to the ground. She moaned, her head was pounding! She rolled onto her back only to see that her vision had gone white with little stars and everything was echoing and ringing…but, faintly, she could hear the sound of someone on a radio calling for help…

"…male, mid-twenties, breaking and entering," Evy frowned…the voice was echoing, "Send me some backup, I've got him restrained. Oi!" and then it shouted, making her wince, ouch, "You, sit still."

"Cricket bat," the Doctor cleared his throat and she knew she was hearing him in her mind, "I'm getting...cricket…bat."

And then she realized…the Doctor had just been bludgeoned with a cricket bat.

Well, that explained her massive headache.

She was going to kill him.

"You were breaking and entering," the voice, a woman, was saying again.

Evy groaned, sitting up, but grabbed her head in a vain attempt to keep the Earth from spinning. If she was this disoriented, the Doctor must be really bad…served him right.

She could feel him getting exasperated as well and trying to stand up, only to be forced back down…she almost laughed when she realized he'd been handcuffed to a radiator.

Actually, she did laugh, the Doctor being taken down by a human with a cricket bat and then held at bay by a pair of simple handcuffs? Good, her sense of humor was back. The ringing in her ears was even beginning to dissipate.

"Oh that's much better," the Doctor grumbled, "Brand new me. Whack on the head, just what I needed."

"Do you want to shut up now?" the woman asked, "I've got backup on the way."

Evy winced, pulling herself up, if backup was coming then she'd have to get the Doctor out of there.

"Hang on, no, wait," the Doctor began, "You're a policewoman."

"And you're breaking and entering. You see how this works?"

"No, what are you doing here? Where's Amelia?"

And then he seemed to realize, Evy wasn't there either, 'Evy?' his voice filtered across her mind.

'Outside,' she answered.

'A little help?'

'On my way.'

"...Amelia Pond?" the woman asked, drawing the Doctor's attention back to her.

Evy walked over to the door, the last of her headache disappearing, and tried the knob…but it was locked. She frowned, she could have sworn the Doctor soniced it open. And if he did…she needed to get in the house, something knew he was there, and, knowing the Doctor, it was bound to lead to trouble.

"Yeah," the Doctor said, "Amelia. Little Scottish girl. Where is she? I promised her five minutes, but the engines were phasing, I suppose we must have gone a bit far. Has something happened to her?"

Evy froze, hoping that nothing had happened to the little girl. Normally when the Doctor was having conversations with others she didn't usually eavesdrop, but so far he was helpless and something might have happened to Amelia, so she continued.

"Amelia Pond hasn't lived here in a long time," the woman responded, warily.

"How long?"

"...six months."

The Doctor seemed to be in shock, Evy rolled her eyes, wait till he found out it had really been 12 years…but then she realized…why would the woman say six months then?

"No," the Doctor gasped, "No! No. No. I can't be six months late, I said five minutes. I promised," the woman turned away to speak on the radio, but the Doctor would have none of that, "What happened to her? What happened to Amelia Pond?"

"Sarge, it's me again, hurry it up. This guy knows something about Amelia Pond."

That was it. She had to get in there. She reached into her pocket for her sonic screwdriver, only to come up empty handed. Her eyes widened…she'd had her screwdriver with her when they'd left Amelia…and she'd…

She mentally smacked herself, she'd used it on the console to help override a piece of circuitry that had been fried…she must have left it in the TARDIS. She glanced back at the box, still steaming and glowing…no going back now.

"I need to speak to whoever lives in this house right now," the Doctor demanded.

"I live here," the woman replied.

"But you're the police!"

"Yes, and this is where I live! You got a problem with that?"

"How many rooms?"

'Doctor!' Evy half shouted in his mind, but he ignored her.

What was he trying to do? Humans and their curiosity, they're worse than any cat on any planet…half the time they could be worse than the Doctor and that was saying something.

"...I'm sorry, what?"

"On this floor," the Doctor continued, "How many rooms on this floor? Count them for me now."


"Because it will change your life."

"...five," she answered, pointing them out, "One, two, three, four, five."

"Six," he corrected.

'Don't,' Evy warned.

"Six?" the woman laughed.

"Look," he nodded towards the 'hidden' door.

'Don't!' she warned again.

"Exactly where you don't wanna look," the Doctor said.

She really had to have a serious talk with him about listening to her.

"Where you never wanna look. The corner of your eye. Look behind you."

She could see the woman through the Doctor's eyes, turning slowly, actually seeing the door. Evy quickly tried the knob again, but it didn't work. She turned to her side and braced herself before elbowing the window…only to hurt her elbow and nothing more. There was some sort of field around the house, keeping it from being broken into.

Just wonderful.

"That's...that is not possible," the woman stuttered, "How is that possible?"

"There's a Perception Filter all round the door," the Doctor replied, his mind drifting off for just a moment to when someone he knew had worn a Perception Filter around him, "Sensed it last time I was here," and he had, that little odd niggling in the back of his mind that he'd associated with Evy when she'd had that Filter on, "Should've seen it."

"But that's a whole room. That's a whole room I've never even noticed."

"The Filter stops you noticing," the Doctor replied almost bitterly. He'd wasted so much time with Evy because of that stupid Filter, "Something came here, a while ago, to hide, and it's still hiding, and you need to uncuff me now!"

"Don't have the key, I lost it," she mumbled distractedly as she began moving towards the door.

"How can you have lost it?!" the Doctor shouted before realizing what she was doing, "...stay away from that door!" she ignored him, "Do not touch that door!" she still ignored him, "Listen to me, do not open that…" she opened the door and stepped inside, "Why does no one ever listen to me? Do I just have a face that nobody listens to?" he paused in thought, "...again."

'I happen to find your new face very charming,' Evy said in his mind, rubbing her bruised elbow, 'Just like your old face was.'

'Then why doesn't anyone listen to the charming face?' he retorted.

'Maybe because you don't listen to anyone else's face,' she suggested, nudging him in his mind to make a point, 'I TOLD you not to say anything but did you listen to me? No…'

'Ok, ok, ok. I get it.'

'Good,' she smirked.

'Can you come upstairs? I could use a bit of help.'

'Working on it,' she mumbled, getting back to looking at the lock, silently cursing the Doctor for getting her dependent on the sonic as well. She reached up and rubbed the side of her head, a phantom pain from the bat, before she began tangling her hand in her hair and managed to pull the pin that had once helped hide her part out of it.

"Yes!" she shouted, kneeling down and beginning to pick the lock, the human way.


Sensing Evy would be there soon the Doctor began to look around for a way to get out…the last thing he needed was for her to actually see him handcuffed to the radiator. He was sure she'd never let him live it down just knowing it in his mind, "My screwdriver!" he called to the woman, "Where is it? Silver thing, blue at the end, where did it go?"

"There's nothing here," the woman commented from inside the room.

"Whatever's in there stopped you seeing the whole room. What makes you think you could see it? Now please, just get out!"

"Silver, blue at the end?"

"My screwdriver, yeah," he nodded, even though she couldn't see him.

"It's here."

He breathed a sigh of relief, "Must've rolled under the door."

"Yeah…" she said, tense, "Must've...and then it must've...jumped up on the table."


Evy just managed to get the lock undone when a shot of fear raced through her for the woman in the room. Something was wrong.

"Get out of there!" she could actually hear the Doctor shouting upstairs, "Get out of there! Get out! Get out of there!"

She raced up the stairs and saw the door to the room open and the Doctor chained to the radiator. Knowing the best chance of helping the woman would be to get the Doctor out, two Time Lords vs. one alien being much better odds, she raced to the Doctor's side, kneeling down and began to try and pick the handcuffs with her pin.

"Just sonic it!" he hissed, staring at the door.

"It's in the TARDIS," she replied, struggling.

"What is it?" he called to the woman as Evy continued to work on the cuffs, "What are you doing?"

"There's nothing here, but..." the woman trailed.

"Corner of your eye…" Evy mumbled to herself.

"What is it?"

They could both tell she was trying to look for it.

"Don't try to see it, if it knows you've seen it, it will kill you!" the Doctor warned, "Don't look at it! Do not look."

It was silent for a moment or two before the woman in the room screamed.

"Get out!" the Doctor shouted.

The woman ran out of the room, stopping short when she saw Evy kneeling next to the Doctor, "Two of you?"

Evy reached out and snatched the sonic out of the woman's hands. Instead of using it on the cuffs, she aimed it at the door, locking it, getting them more time, before turning to the Doctor.

"Oh, what's the bad alien done to you?" the Doctor looked, alarmed, at the state of his screwdriver when Evy gave it back to him.

"Will that door hold it?" the woman asked.

"Oh, of course," Evy rolled her eyes, still a bit put off from the woman smacking her Link with a cricket bat, "Because all inter-dimensional multi-forms from outer space are terrified of wood."

She gave them a scathing look, seeming about to retort when the door behind them began flashing yellow from within, "What's that? What's it doing?"

"I don't know," the Doctor glanced up from trying to clean the screwdriver, "Getting dressed? Run. Just go, your backup's coming, we'll be fine."

"There is no backup."

"...I heard you on the radio calling for backup," Evy turned to her.

"You weren't even here."

"I heard it through him," she nodded back at the Doctor.

The woman shook her head, not even about to question how she'd heard anything through someone else, "I was pretending, it's a pretend radio."

"But you're a policewoman!" the Doctor shouted.

"I'm a kissogram!" the woman pulled off her hat, allowing her ginger hair to fall out around her. Just then the door crashed down at the end of the hall, a man and his very large dog stepped out, staring at them, "...but it's just..."

"No it isn't," the Doctor cut in, staring at the man.

"The faces," Evy added, "Look at them."

The dog started to growl and bark but the dog's face wasn't moving, the man's was.

"What?" the woman gasped, "I'm sorry, but…what?"

"It's one creature disguised as two," Evy informed her.

"Clever, old, multi-form," the Doctor grinned, "A bit of a rushed job, though, got the voices a bit muddled, did you?" the creature just stared at him, "Mind you, where did you get the pattern from? You'd need a psychic link, life feed, how'd you fix that?"

The man growled again, taking a step towards them, opening his mouth to reveal large, pointy teeth.

"Stay away!" the Doctor shouted, pulling Evy back, "Apparently we're safe, wanna know why?" he nodded at the woman, "She sent for backup."

"I didn't send for backup!" the woman repeated.

Evy face palmed, humans…so slow on the uptake.

"...I know, that was a clever lie to save our lives," the Doctor grumbled, "Ok, yeah, no backup!"

The man closed his mouth and stopped growling.

"Which is why we're safe," Evy nodded, taking the Doctor's hand, "We're no threat to you on our own. Had we called for backup then we would be and..."

"Attention Prisoner Zero," a voice boomed from outside, "The human residence is surrounded. Attention Prisoner Zero. The human residence is surrounded."

"What's that?" the woman whispered.

"Well," Evy began, "That would be backup."

"Ok, one more time," the Doctor said, "We do have backup, and that's definitely why we're safe."

"Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated."

"...safe apart from incineration," Evy smirked at the Doctor, she could already see a challenge coming. She felt a small thrill go through her, it seemed this version of her liked challenges, creating challenges, facing them...

He grinned as well, especially when the multi-form entered another room.

"Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated."

The Doctor bashed the sonic against the floor a few more times and it finally started working. He flashed the handcuffs and leapt to his feet, "Run!" he shouted, rushing down the stairs, Evy's hands in his, the woman following after them, "Run!"

They slammed the door shut behind them as the Doctor soniced it locked. They ran towards the TARDIS, the Doctor frantically trying to unlock it, "It won't work," Evy called. The Doctor spun to face her, "She's still rebuilding, won't let us in."

The Doctor ran a hand through his hair before spinning to face the woman, "A kissogram?"

"Yes, a kissogram!" the woman defended, "What's going on?"

"Why'd you pretend to be a policewoman?"

"You broke into my house! It was this or a French maid! What's going on, tell me! Tell me!"

"An alien convict is hiding in your spare room, disguised as a man and a dog, and some other aliens are about to incinerate your house. Any questions?"


"Me too," Evy stepped up, "A better one…why did you say six months?"

"What?" the Doctor and the woman asked at once.

"It hasn't been six months Doctor. It's been twelve years."

"What?" he repeated.

"The shed," she nodded to the rebuilt one, "It's too old to be new."

"What?" he ran over to it. He reached out, wiping a finger along it before rubbing it and moved to lick the dirt off when Evy reached out and grabbed him.

"It's twelve years," she stated, leaving no room for argument. He pouted, but she just gave him a quick peck, and he wiped the dirt on his pants, "We're not six months late, we're twelve years late."

"Uh…he's coming," the woman said when they turned to look at her.

"You said six months!" the Doctor accused her, "Why did you say six months?"

"We've gotta go," she fidgeted.

"This matters. This is important! Why did you say six months?"

"Well why did you say five minutes?" she shouted.

The duo looked at her in astonishment…this was Amelia Pond.

"What?" he whispered.

"Come on," she told them, looking away.


"Come on!" she reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling him away.


Evy laughed to herself as she ran along with them, she loved it when the Doctor did his triple 'whats.' They raced passed the front door just as the man and his dog opened it.

"Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated..."


Amelia led them down a number of roads to a little village square, but that was as far as the Doctor let her get.

"You're Amelia," he stated, stopping to look at her.

She ignored him and continued walking, "You're late."

Evy sighed, taking the Doctor's hand and pulling him to catch up to the angry ginger.

"Amelia Pond!" he shouted, "You're the little girl!"

"I think we established that Doctor," Evy remarked.

"I'm Amelia," she agreed, "And you're late!"

"What happened?" the Doctor asked.

"Twelve years."

"You hit me with a cricket bat!"

"Twelve years!"

"A cricket bat!"

"Twelve years. And four psychiatrists."

"Four?" Evy asked this time, trying to end their roundabout conversation.

"...I kept biting them."

"Why?" the Doctor looked quite amused by that.

Amelia glanced back at the two of them, her expression softening, "They said you weren't real."

"Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated," the voice blared out of the speakers of an ice cream van.

"No, no, no, come on," Amelia turned to face them, "What? We're being staked out...by an ice cream van?"

Evy and the Doctor just looked at each other before rushing past her and up to the van.

"What's that?" the Doctor asked, "Why are you playing that?"

"It's supposed to be Clair de Lune," the driver said.

The Doctor picked up the radio and held it to his ear, "Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated. Repeat. Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated."

"Doctor," Evy called as he poked the radio. He looked up and walked around to the side of the van to see her looking around at everything with speakers, all playing the same message.

"Doctor, what's happening?" Amelia asked.

Evy and the Doctor looked around for a few more seconds before taking off down the road, Amelia following after them.

They ran into a lovely house with an old woman living in it. The Doctor hurried through the unlocked door, skidding on the carpet and heading into the living room where the old woman was trying to press her remote to get rid of the giant eyeball on her TV screen.

"Hello!" the Doctor called as Evy ran over to the TV, poking around behind it, "Sorry to burst in, we're doing a special on television faults in this area…" Amelia burst into the room, "...also, crimes. Let's have a look."

He walked over to take the remote from her, seeing if he could help Evy from his end as the woman looked up, smiling.

"I was just about to phone…" the woman said, "It's on every channel!" she turned and noticed Amelia standing there, "Oh, hello Amy dear! Are you a policewoman now?"

"Well…sometimes..." she said, embarrassed.

"I thought you were a nurse."

The Doctor and Evy stopped what they were doing to look up at Amelia curiously.

"I can. Be a nurse."

"Or, actually a nun?"

"I dabble!" she tried to laugh it off.

"Amy, who're your friends?" the old woman let it go.

"Who's Amy?" the Doctor frowned, "You're Amelia."

"Yeah, now I'm Amy!" Amy replied.

"Amelia Pond," Evy called as she removed the back of the TV, "Is a beautiful name."

"...bit fairytale," Amy flushed as the duo just stared at her.

"I know you two, don't I?" the old woman asked, staring at them, "I mean, I've seen you somewhere before!"

"Not me," the Doctor said, stepping before her, "Brand new face," he stretched out his mouth as wide as he could, trying, to Evy's amusement, to show the woman his face, "First time on…" and then he turned back to Amy, "And what sort of job's a kissogram?"

"I go to parties, and...I kiss people," she cleared her throat, "With outfits. It's a laugh!"

"You were a little girl five minutes ago!" he chastised, feeling protective of the little girl they'd seen.

"You're worse than my aunt!"

"He's the Doctor," Evy said, holding a bunch of wires in her hand, "He's worse than everybody's aunt."

"Glad to know what you think of me Eves," he grinned at her. She just smirked and blew him a kiss, which he caught and put in his pocket before turning back to the old woman, "And, that is not how I'm introducing myself," he turned around and began to sonic a radio, switching to different channels, but it was the same message, in different languages, "Ok. So it's everywhere. In every language."

"They're broadcasting to the whole world then?" Evy frowned, just a bit nervous, that was never a good thing.

The Doctor seemed to agree as he ran to the window and opened it, looking up at the sky.

"What's up there?" Amy asked, "What are you looking at?"

The Doctor ignored her as he pulled himself back and looked solemnly at Evy before nodding.

She sighed, "Alright...a planet this size, with two poles, a basic molten core...that would take at least a forty percent fission blast," the Doctor nodded, thinking the same thing, "But they need to power up first which, if it's a typical medium sized star ship, would give us twenty minutes at most. What do you think, twenty minutes?" she looked up to see another man had entered the room and was looking between her and the Doctor.

"Yeah...twenty minutes," the Doctor agreed, distracted as he was watching the man closely…his gaze always seemed to stay on Evy longer than the Doctor felt was necessary, "We've got twenty minutes."

"Twenty minutes to what?" Amy asked.

"Are you the Doctor?" the man asked, before glancing at Evy, "And…Evy?"

"They are, aren't they?" the old woman cried, "He's the Doctor! The Raggedy Doctor! And she's Evy! All those cartoons you did when you were little? The Raggedy Doctor! It's them!"

Amy cleared her throat, "Shut up."

"…cartoons?" Evy asked, amused, an eyebrow raised at Amy.

"Gran?" the man turned to the old woman, "It's them, isn't it? It's really them!"

"Jeff, shut up!" Amy cried, "Twenty minutes to what?"

"The human residence isn't just your house," Evy said, twisting a few wires together, "It's the entire planet."

"Somewhere up there, there's a spaceship," the Doctor slumped down onto the sofa, "And it's going to incinerate the planet," he took a breath, "Twenty minutes to the end of the world."

"Well," Evy replied from behind the TV, "That's twice as long as we usually have…" she shut the back of the TV and stood up to walk around it, smiling at the Doctor. She picked up the remote and turned the TV on to show some soap opera or another playing.

"How did you do that?" Amy asked, staring in shock at the TV, now playing normal shows.

"She's just brilliant," the Doctor replied, getting up to hug Evy, spinning her around.

"And if I can do that without a sonic," she continued, "Then I'm guessing you can save the world again with…oh…two minutes to spare? That would be a record."

He grinned, "Well then, no time to spare!"

And he was off, pulling Evy along with him, Amy following behind.


Not going to spoil it here though. But I will say this, in my outlines for Series 7 (for the Academic Series) I have a whole bunch of ideas/scenes that could take place in any episode relating to the goal that Professor and the Doctor made at the end of Remembrance, I just have to watch and fit what scene to what episode. BUT! After seeing AOTD, what I was hoping would happen did, which means the scene I was hoping to use for that episode will work out perfectly. And I have to say this, what I have planned will tug at your heartstrings...and you will CRY even more than you might have watching the episode...but whether it's a happy or sad cry, well, you'll have to wait to find out...mu-wah-ha-ha...mine is an evil laugh...

Just to answer some questions posed in reviews at the end of Together At Last, my main Academic Series will be continued after Series 7 finishes in 2013. I've decided to do this as I don't want to put anything in the first few chapters that would go against something that happened later in the show. For example, after seeing the first episode, I already have two new things I'd like to work into the Academic Series, but I don't want to contradict later episodes or make something that might be happening later on impossible because of what I wrote too early, so I'm waiting. I promise you, the very next day, the day after the last episode of Series 7 airs, I will be back with the Academic Series, followed by the Lunar Cycle. As for my story Recollections, I've hit a bit of writer's block trying to think of the 'four things' involved with the Lizard. As soon as I figure that out, I will be posting that story.

Next chapter...this new Evy can be quite intimidating. It appears she's also quite mature...and quite the tease. New outfits abound, but will Evy like the bow-tie?