Family Reunion

It didn't cry. Evy screamed, but it didn't cry. And then…Evy didn't scream anymore. They were both quiet, unmoving, covered in blood. They were gone. Both of them.

The Doctor looked down at the baby, lying unmoving in his arms and over to Evy slumped in the bed, her unseeing eyes open and staring at him blankly.

They were gone. They were dead. All over again…he was alone…

The Doctor jumped up in bed with a gasp, breathing heavily as the remnants of the nightmare he'd just experienced made their way through his system. He put a hand to his head, feeling the thin layer of sweat there even though he felt so cold. He shut his eyes tight, his hand now resting on his right heart, pounding away in time with his left. He took a breath, steeling himself and looked over to his right. The air left his lungs in a heave of relief at seeing Evy lying there on her side, breathing and fine, alive.

He squeezed his eyes tight again, feeling the tears building up there as he turned and laid down right behind her, pulling her to him. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, lightly resting a hand on her still-flat stomach where their child was growing, no larger than the size of a thumbnail at this point. He rested his head on her shoulder a moment before nuzzling his face into her neck, burying it in her hair as the tears finally began to fall.


Evy blinked as she woke up, false sunlight streaming in from a false window the TARDIS had put in the bedroom. She frowned, realizing something was off, and looked over her shoulder, knowing what it was. The Doctor wasn't there. She sat up more in bed, about to get out of it, to go look for him, when the door to the room opened and the Doctor stepped in, carrying a tray of breakfast.

"Breakfast!" he cheered, smiling at her as he moved to place the tray on her lap, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"What's this for?" she asked, laughing at the surprise.

"For you," he told her, placing a napkin on her lap, "I can't make my lovely Link breakfast?"

"You could…" she began, lifting up a lid from the plate to see he actually seemed to have made waffles that looked edible, "But you usually tend to set fire to the kitchen when you try…" she trailed, her eyes widening, "You didn't set fire to the kitchen did you?"

"No, no, no. I was very, very careful this time."

She eyed him a moment, "Why doesn't that make me feel any better?"

He just gave her a small kiss, "Eat your breakfast."

She gave him a smile and went to pick up a fork to dig in, when the Doctor reached out and snatched it from her. She frowned, watching as he cut her a piece and held it up for her to take. She leaned forward and ate it, eyeing him more, "You do know I can feed myself yeah?"

"It's fine," he said, cutting another piece, "You just rest. Just sit there, and rest. It'll be fine. Everything'll be fine. It'll be fine…"

She frowned, seeing him trailing off towards the end, he wasn't talking to her anymore, he was trying to convince himself.

He moved to feed her another piece but she reached out and lowered his arm, taking his hand in her own, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" he said quickly, "Why would you think something's wrong?"

She tilted her head, "What aren't you telling me?"

He looked away and she reached out, tilting his head back to face her. She nearly gasped, seeing the tears in his eyes. She quickly moved the tray to the other side of the bed and sat up more, pulling him towards her in a hug. He grabbed her tightly, burying his face in her hair, and then his shoulders began to shake with quiet sobs.

"Theta," she whispered, concern filling her voice as she tried to soothe him, something had to be very wrong for him to be crying, "What's wrong?"

He didn't answer, just rested his head against hers, allowing her to see the dream he'd been trying to hide from her, "You can't go," he whimpered brokenly, hugging her tightly as soon as the memory had played itself again, the fear seizing him once more, "Please, you can't leave me...I...I can't...please don't..."

"I won't," she promised, "Not ever."

"But…" he swallowed hard.

"That's just a dream," she pulled back, wiping his tears away with her thumbs as she looked him straight in the eye, "Everything will be fine."

"You can't know that."

"You're right. I can't see that far ahead but I know you and I know me, and we will make it. Everything will work out in the end."

"I couldn't save you," he breathed, "Either of you…"

"Now that will never happen," she smiled at him, "You always save me, you always find away."

"Not that time," he shook his head, "I failed you…"

"Hey, hey, hey. The only way you could ever fail me would be if you didn't try, and you never give up," she pulled him back to her arms, "Theta, things will be fine…"

"I can't lose anyone else," he murmured. He couldn't he just couldn't. He'd spent so much time thinking he was alone, that he was the last, to find out that another one of his people survived, that his Link survived, to have her with him...he couldn't go back to that. He couldn't be in that place again, alone, the last. He couldn't lose her.

"And you won't. I'm not Riku. And this child isn't Eta. It's not Jenny either. We're different. This will be different," she looked him straight in the eye, "I'm not going anywhere, remember?" he swallowed, nodding just a bit, "What else is bothering you?" she asked, sensing that, while this was a large part of the iceberg, the tip still had to be discovered.

"I…I've never been a proper father before," he admitted, "What…what if I'm not a good one?"

Evy blinked, torn between laughing at the absurd thought that he could ever be a horrible father and wanting to kiss him…needless to say the kiss won out in the end.

When she pulled away the Doctor was slightly breathless and had a small smile on his face, "You will be amazing," she reassured him, "Because the man you are in here," she placed her hand in the center of his chest where she could feel his dual heartbeats perfectly, "Could be nothing less than that when it comes to children," she gave him another kiss, "And you won't be alone you know. I've never been a proper mother either," she took his hand in hers, squeezing it lightly, "We'll figure it out. Together."

"You'll be perfect," he smiled at her, kissing her forehead. He moved to place the tray back on her lap but she reached out and pushed him back a bit. He gave her a confused look but she just scooted over and patted the bed where she'd been lying. He smiled and sat down next to her properly as she set the tray in between the two of them so they could share the meal.


"Amy!" Evy shouted, waving, as she and the Doctor stood outside the resort, ready to pick up the newlyweds after their two week (to them) honeymoon, "Rory! Over here!"

Amy and Rory looked over and waved, coming back to the TARDIS, "So what now Doctor?" Amy asked, ready and excited for another set of adventures that she could share with her husband. Rory groaned a bit but Amy just smacked him lightly on the chest to quiet him.

The Doctor laughed, "We were actually planning to visit some old friends of ours. Would you like to join? Or should we find you another planet?"

"These friends of yours…" Amy began, eyeing them, "Do you mean friends? Or…"

Evy shook her head, "All previous companions are our very best friends. But yes," she nodded, "That's who we were talking about."

"I'd, uh," Rory began, "I'd actually like to meet some of them," hearing that there had been previous companions who were alive and well for them to visit gave him a world of hope that Amy would be alright traveling with the Doctor and Evy. Not that he wouldn't do everything in his power to protect her himself, but know that others had survived the insanity and danger...that they all had was a comfort.

"Great!" the Doctor called, whirling around to head to the console to put in coordinates for their first stop.

"Why the sudden need to visit them?" Amy asked as she walked into the TARDIS with Evy, Rory following.

"We…have a bit of news we want to share with them," Evy began.

"Big news!" the Doctor called, practically flittering to the different controls, "Big, big news! The biggest!"

Evy laughed and walked over to him, taking his hands in her own to try and calm him down. After a rather long discussion that morning about parenthood and precautions, the Doctor seemed to calm down in terms of his fears regarding Evy and the baby dying and his possible failure as a father, and was now in the excited stage. Evy could only guess what months of that sort of Doctor would do to her nerves.

"What news?" Amy asked, laughing as the Doctor twisted out of Evy's hands, giving her a peck in the process, and raced around the controls again.

"Well…" Evy turned to face them, leaning on the console, "While you were at the resort, the Doctor and I discovered something pretty…huge."

"What?" Rory frowned.

"We're having a baby!"

"What?" Rory and Amy shouted, their eyes wide.

"Geronimo!" the Doctor yelled, pushing a lever that sent the TARDIS spinning off into the Vortex, leaving them all to hang on for dear life.


"A baby?" Amy asked as they stepped out of the TARDIS, "As in…a tiny person?"

Evy laughed, Amy was still in shock from the news, "Yes, a tiny Time Lord…"

"Or Lady," the Doctor chimed in, sweeping Evy into his arms and spinning her around.

After his brief stint of crippling fear and Evy's reassurances that everything would be fine…and it would be because Evy never lied to him…his hearts had swelled with joy at the thought that he was going to have a child, a real and true family of his own. His companions were great, fantastic truly, but...this was a child, a son or daughter that would be his and Evy's, their flesh and blood...after losing his planet...he'd thought the chance was gone. This was incredible!

"Or Lady," Evy agreed with another laugh.

"A baby Time Lord?" Amy blinked, trying to wrap her head around it.

"Congratulations!" Rory smiled, hugging Evy before shaking the Doctor's hand. He didn't want to say it out loud, but even after getting married to Amy, he was still a bit insecure when it came to the Doctor and Amy together, even though he knew the Doctor only had eyes for Evy…this sort of just cemented it in his mind that Amy was safe and his.

"Thank you!" Evy beamed.

"That's great!" Amy finally managed to shake herself out of her thoughts, "I'm so happy for you!" she ran forward giving Evy a bear hug as well as the Doctor. And truly she was. She had seen the loss and the pain in the Doctor's eyes whenever he or Evy talked about the war, about what happened, he deserved this happiness, he and Evy, more than anyone.

"So…where are we?" Rory looked around. It seemed to be a rather nice street.

"London," Evy replied as the Doctor took her hand and led her down the street.

They got about halfway down before they came to a nice two-story house. The Doctor rang the doorbell and moments later the door opened to reveal none other than…

"Martha!" Evy shouted, launching herself at the startled woman.

Martha's eyes widened as a strange blonde woman threw herself into her arms, pulling her into a hug. She slowly patted her back, absolutely flabbergasted as to what was going on, till she saw a man in a tweed coat and bow-tie smiling at her. She frowned, eyeing him a moment, he seemed to be waiting for her to realize something…

"Evy?" she asked after a moment. No one she knew hugged her like this, it was such an Evy thing to do, both incarnations she'd known of the woman hugged the same way, throwing herself at them and into a hug. one else would possibly wear as odd an outfit as that man if not the Doctor.

"Glad to see you figured it out," Evy smiled, pulling back.

"Doctor?" Martha gaped at him, he was much different than his previous self.

"Martha Jones!" he shouted, striding forward and giving her two gallic air kisses, to which she looked at him as though he were mad, before he scooped her up into a hug, lifting her off the ground and swinging her side-to-side a bit.

"Actually it's Smith now," Martha laughed, hugging him as well.

"Right, right," he nodded, putting her down and pulling back, "You and Mickey."

Martha smiled broadly at the mention of her husband. It had been a bit of an odd pairing at first, but she and Mickey had really bonded. They'd both had a bout of being second best, her to Rose and him to the Doctor, both had felt the same pain and discovered the same strength and had found each other because of it. Now though, they were happier than they'd ever imagined they could be.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, looking between the two of them, "The world's not ending again is it? I mean, Mickey and I still do some freelance work here and there but we're not about to go gallivanting across the Universe again and…"

"No, no," Evy laughed, stepping into the house and motioning Amy and Rory to come in, "We just wanted to drop by, say hello, introduce you to the latest companions..."

"Companions?" Martha raised an eyebrow, "Plural?"

"Meet the Ponds," the Doctor grinned, gesturing at Rory and Amy.

"Williams," Rory mumbled under his breath, though not at all put off. He'd long ago resigned himself to being Amy's 'whipping boy' as she called it once.

"This is Amy," Evy introduced, "And her husband Rory."

"A married couple?" Martha's eyes widened, before looking at the Doctor with a sly smirk, "Never thought I'd see you go that domestic."

Both Evy and Amy looked at each other before laughing, traveling with the Doctor was so far from domestic.

"It's great to meet you," Martha smiled at the humans, before stepping forward to hug Amy and then Rory, "I'm Martha Smith nee Jones…" she paused, thinking about how to explain who she was, "I suppose I was the companion before the last one."

Amy nodded, pleased to meet other people who had traveled with the Doctor and Evy.

"So…" Martha looked back at Evy slyly, "Why are you really here?"

"What do you mean?" Evy asked innocently.

"You tend to call…he…" she nodded at the Doctor, "Doesn't tend to do anything, and now you're both here…without the world being in danger…what's going on?"

The Doctor laughed, "You know us so well."

Martha beamed at the praise, she was starting to like this new Doctor a bit more than her Doctor.

"And you're right," Evy added, "There is something else, something we wanted to tell you…"

"And something each of us wanted to ask you," the Doctor cut in, now more serious.

"What?" Martha looked at them, concerned.

Evy bit her lip, before grinning, "We're having a baby!"

"Oh my God!" Martha shouted, before jumping up and launching herself at Evy, pulling her into a tight hug as she laughed with joy. She'd seen how the Doctor was with children, she'd heard the pain in his voice when he thought about his lost people, this was his second chance at a family. She was thrilled that they wanted to share the news with her.

"Yes, yes," the Doctor smiled as Martha pulled him into another celebratory hug as well, "We're very excited…nervous…happy too!" Martha laughed, this Doctor didn't quite seem to have his head on right, but that was ok, it suited him, "And, we wanted to ask something of you Martha…"

"Anything," Martha said quickly.

"I wanted to know if you'd like to be Aunt Martha again," Evy smiled.

"Of course!" Martha squeezed Evy's hand.

"Again?" Amy asked.

"Long story," the Doctor said, growing a bit melancholy as he recalled Jenny, his dream coming to the forefront of his thoughts again. Evy sensed this and stepped away from Martha to stand beside him, wrapping her arm around his waist. He smiled, putting an arm around her shoulder and laying a kiss on top of her head.

Martha couldn't help but smile softly at the action, this was something she knew Evy only dreamed of happening when they'd travelled together.

"And I wanted to know if you'd consider being our doctor," the Doctor finished, "There isn't another doctor on the planet I trust more than you."

"The Doctor needs a doctor," Evy murmured, recalling her first words to Martha and the Doctor.

"Yes!" Martha nearly shouted again, honored, "I mean, I'll need to take some time at the local hospital, refresh everything I learned about that, but I'll definitely be ready. Are you going to stay relative to my timeline? Will I see you in nine months or is the Doctor going to pilot and end up back here in a week with you ready to pop?" she joked.

"Time Lords can actually gestate about 18 months…" Evy began, "But as for the Doctor piloting...I have no idea when we'll show up."

Martha and Amy's eyes widened, more at the length of the pregnancy than anything, that was twice as long as an average pregnancy.

Martha shook her head, "I feel for you, I thought just the nine were bad…"

"What?" the Doctor asked.

But before Martha could answer, the back door opened. They looked over to see an older Mickey walk into the house, a small boy of about three hanging on his back with his little arms around Mickey's neck, another boy barely about two sitting on his foot with his arms and legs wrapped around his leg, "Martha, I seriously think we need to sign Ricky up for a team or something," Mickey was saying as he placed the football in his arms down so he could swing the son hanging from his neck around to tickle him, "Boy's got some mad skills."

Martha rolled her eyes, "I told you the recreational teams wait till you're six!"

The boy, Ricky, laughed in his father's arms while the younger boy got up and ran to Martha's side, hugging her legs, "Mummy who's this?"

Mickey looked up and over, confused, as he walked over with Ricky, "Hello…"

"Mickey Smith!" the Doctor shouted, nearly leaping at the man, hugging him, giving him two Gallic air kisses as Martha laughed at the sight, Evy and Amy just shook their heads, bemused.

"Um…hi?" Mickey said, leaning back from the strange man.

"How are you? Less of an idiot I hope."

"For the hundredth time Doctor I'm not an idiot!" he glared, before his eyes widened in realization, "Doctor?"

"Hello Mickey," Evy greeted, drawing the man's attention.

"Evy?" he asked as she nodded. He laughed, a smile blooming on his face as he realized who their guests were, "How have you both been? Who are your friends?"

"Excellent," the Doctor replied, "Amy and Rory Pond…"

"Williams…" Rory mumbled again, lighthearted.

"Our latest companions," Evy added.

"And who are these two dapper young fellows?" the Doctor asked as Evy knelt down to look at the youngest child who was half hiding behind Martha's legs, looking out shyly at the pretty blonde lady.

"This is John," Martha introduced, putting a hand on John's shoulder, tugging him out from behind her.

"And this handful is Richard," Mickey carried Ricky over.

Evy blinked, "John Smith?" she raised an eyebrow at Martha who blushed.

"Johnny," she corrected lightly.

"Ricky?" the Doctor asked, looking at Mickey, thinking on the 'Mickey' from the parallel world, "A fine name for a fine man," he nodded in approval.

Mickey grinned broadly at that.

"Dad," Ricky tugged on his father's shirt, "Who're they?"

Mickey set Ricky down and brought him over to his brother, kneeling beside them, "Boys…meet the Doctor…"

"And Evy," Martha added, happy that her children could finally meet the subject of a large part of their bedtime stories.

Ricky and Johnny's eyes widened as they looked up at the Doctor and Evy, "Really?" Ricky looked at them, confused, before turning to his mother, "They don't look like you said."

Martha laughed, "Remember they can change their faces?"

Ricky nodded, his eyes lighting up as he realized what had happened. He quickly turned to the Doctor and stepped forward, "Did you really fight the Slitheen from Raxacoricofallapatorius? That's my favorite story."

The Doctor's eyes widened at hearing the child flawlessly pronounce the planet, "Oh yeah," he nodded, kneeling down as well, "Can you even spell that?"

"Doctor," Evy admonished lightly, before ginning at the boys, "And what's your favorite story Johnny?"

Johnny bowed his head, speaking quietly, "When you and mummy fought the star Aunt Evy."

Evy's eyes filled with tears at the title the child had bestowed upon her, she looked up to see Martha smiling down at her. Apparently she and the Doctor were more than just fairytales, they were family, "Well Johnny do we have a surprise for you and Ricky."

"What?" Johnny asked, his eyes lighting up, now excited "What?"

"How would you feel about more stories of what we've been up to recently?"

Both boys quickly nodded their heads, "Well no time to waste then," the Doctor grinned, scooping up Ricky and carrying him to the sofa of the sitting room, Evy and Johnny following, where he began story time for the children.


Martha and Mickey stood in the kitchen with Amy and Rory, getting to know each other over a cup of tea, Amy was very curious to hear about all the adventures the Doctor and Evy had had before they showed up in her backyard, and with who, and how it ended, among other things. They looked on at Evy and the Doctor regaling the children with tales of their adventures whenever the conversation lagged, which wasn't often. Martha couldn't stop smiling as she watched the Doctor sit with Evy on his lap, his arms around her, both of them sharing little smiles and laughs and touches.

"What's got you all smiles?" Mickey asked, putting his arm around her shoulders, standing next to her as she held her cup of tea and looked on.

"It's just so nice to see them like that," Martha commented.

"Why?" Amy asked, frowning, as she too looked on. It was a common sight, the two Time Lords being cozy and cute.

Martha turned around to lean on the counter and face Amy, "I knew them when they weren't Linked."

"They weren't always Linked?" Rory asked. Evy had told him all about the Link she and the Doctor shared when he came to travel with them.

"God no," Martha laughed, "If they were like this…" she nodded back at them, "When I travelled with them, I might have kept the Doctor to his one trip only offer," she glanced back to see Evy resting her head against the Doctor's shoulder. She was joking of course, she wouldn't have given up her adventures for anything.

"Were they very different when you travelled with them?" Amy asked, always curious to know more about the mysterious Doctor and Evy.

"They're always different," Martha sighed, thinking about what changed them, their deaths and regenerations, "I knew two versions of Evy," she continued, "The two before this one, and one version of the Doctor, his previous one."

Mickey nodded, "I didn't really get to know Evy, but I travelled with her Doctor," he nodded at Martha, "But I met the one before that as well."

Rory shook his head, trying to wrap his mind around the fact that the two changed that much. He knew about regeneration from Evy, but hearing about how they had literally been different people was still off-putting.

"What were they like?" Amy tried again, "These different versions."

Mickey laughed, "Well, I think the first Doctor was a jerk. Literally, called us all apes, stupid apes, really thought humans wasted their potential," he frowned in thought, "He was real broody, but Rose told me he'd just come from the war and…"

"Right from the war?"

Mickey nodded solemnly, mistaking her words to mean that she didn't know about the war, "There was a war on his planet between Time Lords and Daleks," Amy looked down, recalling her Doctor's reaction to the Daleks with Churchill, "They were going to destroy everything, but he stopped them."

"He sealed the planet, the war, into a time-locked part of space," Martha added, "Nothing goes in, nothing comes out. I mean a few Daleks were too far away to be locked in, they still exist but the majority were gone. But so were his people."

Amy shook her head, remembering how she'd felt when they'd told her about the war, she'd wanted to strangle the Doctor, how could he just say that 'bad stuff' happened and leave it like that? But then she realized, it was so much worse than that, so much worse that they didn't want to relive it, or think about it. That talking about it just caused the hurt to feel that much fresher.

"He came to Earth and met my ex-girlfriend Rose," Mickey picked up, "She travelled with him a bit, I like to think she healed him. She almost died saving him from a huge new Dalek army, but he saved her…died instead."

"He died?" Amy looked, startled. She knew about regeneration, Liz 10 had told her, but still, to hear that they actually physically was a scary thought.

"Uh, regenerated. That was the Doctor I travelled with. He was much more easy going, always rambling about science, running everywhere, saw the best in humanity. It was really weird to go from being the stupid ape to indomitable human."

Martha nodded, "That was the Doctor I travelled with as well. But he travelled a bit with Rose first…they…they were close," she hesitated, glancing back at Evy. She knew the girl was thankful to Rose for helping the Doctor, but she also knew it still hurt for Evy to hear about Rose.

Mickey sighed, "She loved him," he put it out there, "There was this break in the wall to a parallel world and these Cybermen were coming through as well as Daleks…Rose and the Doctor managed to seal the break…but Rose got trapped on the other side."

"I met the Doctor after that," Martha smiled in memory, "He checked himself into my hospital which ended up on the moon…"

"That was him?" Rory's eyes widened, "One of my old mates was there."

"Oh? Who?"

"Oliver Morgenstern," Rory shook his head, unable to believe it.

Martha smiled, "That was us. Oh we went so many places, New York around the 1930s, saw scorpion men, fought killer stars, 1914, the 1960s with the Weeping Angels, end of the Universe…" she shook her head in thought, "He was sad though, at first. He'd lost his people, then he'd lost Rose…it was hard on him. He kept me at arm's length."

"But you knew Evy," Amy frowned in thought, "Didn't she travel with you too?"

Martha nodded, "She did, but the Doctor thought she was human, had no idea she was a Time Lady let alone his Link. She wore this necklace, a Perception Filter. Sort of made the Doctor not notice little things about her. Made him keep her at arm's length too."

"Why would she do that?" Amy asked in thought. They had mentioned the Perception Filter to her before, but she still didn't know exactly why Evy had done it. She recalled her own behavior with the Doctor when she'd first travelled with him and Evy…she'd wanted him badly and had been willing to do pretty much anything to get him. Why wouldn't Evy?

"He'd lost Rose. He was still grieving. Evy didn't want to create a Link before he was ready to let go."

"When did you meet Evy?" Rory tilted his head, eyeing the Time Lady as she said something that made the children laugh and the Doctor look a bit embarrassed.

"We'd just come from the future, the 51st century, New New York, because the Doctor got a mental call to head to this unit, Torchwood, well, he didn't know it was Torchwood at the time," Martha laughed, "Captain Jack…he's the head of the institute…he'd found Evy locked away in this um, mental hospital, and brought her back, found out she was a Time Lady, got in touch with the Doctor and off we went."

"What were they like, not Linked?" Amy asked. Rory had to smile, the way Amy had asked it, she wasn't curious to how she might have had a shot back then, but actually sounded concerned for her two friends.

"It was like they were just friends. Evy certainly gave him a run for his money, keeping up with his techno-babble, helping save us from some monsters, helping him pilot the TARDIS. I think, deep down, he liked her, but he was too hurt from Rose to really notice. He was impressed with her sure, but the Filter was also making it so he didn't really notice her."

"Must have been hard," Rory commented softly, recalling quite a few times in the past when he'd felt invisible to Amy, and not just where the Doctor was concerned. As though sensing his thoughts Amy grabbed his hand and squeezed it, smiling at him.

"She'd never say anything," Martha sighed, "But I think it was. There…there were times where she'd get this look like she just wanted him to realize he wasn't alone, like she wanted to comfort him but couldn't…even worse, she couldn't be comforted either."

"What do you mean?" Amy asked quietly.

"She couldn't let him know she was a Time Lady. When he talked about the war, she couldn't react. When we faced Daleks she couldn't show how terrified she really was. She had to hide everything, she couldn't even mourn her people openly."

"But they did Link. Right? They're Linked. When did that happen?"

"I couldn't tell you," Martha smiled softly, "That was after my time. Donna might know though."

"Donna?" Rory asked.

"Donna Noble. She…"

Suddenly there was a crash from the sitting room. Martha whirled around only to see Ricky holding the Doctor's new sonic, aimed at a vase of hers that was now lying in two pieces on the ground.

Ricky looked up to see his mother giving him a look that he knew meant trouble and quickly shoved the sonic back in the Doctor's hands, trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Don't worry about it Martha," Evy called, kneeling down beside the vase with Johnny, "We've got it covered," she pressed her own sonic into the boys hands, setting it, and allowing him to press the button while she held the two pieces together…they watched as the split in the vase repaired itself.

"Awesome!" Ricky shouted, rushing over to scoop up the vase and look over at the Doctor's sonic again, "Can I have one?"

"Absolutely not," Martha began, plucking the vase out of her son's hands.

The Doctor, who had been about to say yes, let his face fall into a pout.

Evy just rolled her eyes, "Boys and their toys."

Martha smiled a bit.

"Finished telling our companions about the old days?" the Doctor asked, "How you saved the world, battled pig men…"

"Had to watch this dunce when he made himself human," Evy cut in.

The Doctor stuck his tongue out at her.

"You saved the world?" Rory asked, looking at Martha who looked away sheepish, trying to wave off the question.

"Martha and the Year-That-Never-Was," Evy grinned, standing up to put an arm around her friend's shoulder, "My psychotic brother took over the world and Martha here had to travel around it on her own, rallying the people, to help the Doctor…who was trapped in a bird cage."

Amy and Rory looked at her, cross between being confused and thinking she was mad.

Martha had to laugh, "Well when you put it that way…" she grinned. It did sound rather crazy.

"That's my girl," Mickey laughed, stepping forward to scoop Martha into his arms, "Wonder woman."

Martha blushed fiercely.

"What do you think boys?" the Doctor quietly asked the children, "Mum's a hero."

"And dad's not too bad either," Evy called as the boys ran to their mother, hugging her along with their father.

Evy felt an arm drape over her shoulder and looked up to see the Doctor watching the scene, pride in his eyes, just as it was in hers.


"Alright!" a voice shouted through the constant knocking sound, "Alright! Hold your horses!" moments later the white door was thrown back to reveal a ginger woman standing there. She looked at the group of four, standing on the doorstep of her modest one-level house. A split second later her eyes widened, "Evy!" she shouted, launching herself at the woman before noticing the man beside her, "Doctor!"

"Donna!" Evy laughed, hugging the woman as she pulled the Doctor into the hug as well.

"Donna Temple-Noble," the Doctor grinned, stepping back as the ginger waved them all in.

"And this must be Rory," Donna hugged them as well, "And Amy! I see it didn't take you long to find another ginger."

"How did you know?" Amy laughed, loving the woman's excitement.

"I…don't know," she replied after a moment.

"My fault," Evy grinned sheepishly, "Got a bit too excited, things slipped through…"

Donna just waved her off, stepping further into her house, leading them to a sitting room, "I knew it, I just knew you'd be stopping by today. Just had a feeling and well, here you are!"

"It's great to see you Donna," Evy smiled as Donna patted the seat next to her on the sofa. Evy sat down beside her, the Doctor on the arm rest, while Amy and Rory took the love seat across from them.

"So…" Donna grinned slyly, "What is it?"

"What is what?" the Doctor frowned.

"What's the news dumbo," she rolled her eyes at them, "I know you're here to tell me something, and Evy's practically buzzing about it, so what is it?"

"It's not really a telling more so an asking," Evy began.

"Ask away," Donna said quickly, dying of anticipation.

"How would you feel about being Auntie Donna again?"

Donna's mouth dropped open, "No! You're not pregnant! Are you? You can't be! Can you?"

"Same old Donna," the Doctor laughed.

"Oi watch it spaceman!" Donna mock glared at him, earning a bigger laugh, before turning to Evy, "You're going to have a baby?"

Evy nodded, tears in her eyes at seeing Donna so happy for them. Donna pulled her into another hug, this time much tighter than the last, "Uh, Donna…" Evy nearly gasped, "Can't breathe…"

"Sorry!" Donna pulled away, before leaning down to talk to Evy's stomach, "Sorry love!"

Evy shook her head at Donna's antics.

"So how is everything Donna?" the Doctor asked, smiling at the two women, "How's everyone? Shaun, and Sylvia, and Wilf?"

Donna rolled her eyes, "Well if you'd pick up a phone every once in a while like Evy you'd know wouldn't you?"

The Doctor pouted.

Evy laughed, "I know, he's so horrible at that, and he lives in a phone box!"

"River even had to graffiti the cliff wall of the oldest planet in the Universe to get his attention 'cos he wouldn't answer the phone," Amy added.

"River Song?" Donna asked.

"You know her too?"

Donna nodded, "Met her in a library in the 51st century, ended up being chased by these cannibalistic shadows."

Amy nodded, sounded like something the Doctor would get them into, "We ended up in 102AD 'cos of that."

Donna laughed, "Sounds like him. This one time he wants to take me to Rome, right, we ended up in Pompeii…on Volcano day!"

Amy started laughing at that.

"Ha ha," the Doctor rolled his eyes at them, "Glad I could provide so much amusement."

"Well it's just," Amy took a breath from laughing so hard, "Can't you ever manage to go somewhere you want the first time and without danger lurking around the bend."

"Of course," he said indignantly, "I just choose not to."

'No,' Evy mouthed, which sent Donna and Amy into another round of laugher, even Rory chuckled a bit.

"Et tu?" the Doctor turned to his Link, pouting.

"Oh, pouty face!" Evy smiled, getting up and moving herself onto his lap, "Pouty face has had its say, what will make it go away?" she wondered before giving him a quick peck on the lips. He grinned widely, "There it is."

Donna smiled at them, joy in her eyes. She'd only been able to glimpse this before she'd had to remain behind.

"But really," the Doctor turned to Donna, now a bit more serious, "How are things?"

"Good," Donna smiled, "Really good actually. I've got a steady job…teaching temp skills, a husband, a beautiful house, a…"

"Kind of small isn't it?" the Doctor cut in, looking around, now distracted by the house, "Did I give you the wrong numbers for the rollover?"

"No, no!" Donna shook her head, "I was the only winner, got the lot of it. Shaun and I, we just…didn't want to spoil her."


Just then Shaun walked into the room from the kitchen a baby held in his arms, patting her back, clearly having just fed her, for the pink clothes could only mean it was a girl.

"Oh Donna," Evy breathed as Shaun stopped short, seeing them. They hadn't gotten to actually see Donna's daughter during their last regeneration. They'd popped in to say goodbye and discovered Donna was in the hospital. They'd rushed there, fearing the worst, only to see her and Shaun in a room holding a little bundle in a pink blanket, Donna clearly having just given birth and decided to leave for a less private moment, her wedding.

"Shaun," Donna nodded for him to come closer, "The Doctor and Evy…the new them."

Shaun looked at them a moment before smiling, "Oh hello."

"Who's this little girl?" the Doctor asked, getting up to go stand by Shaun and look at the baby.

"Jennifer," Donna answered. The Doctor and Evy looked over at her, startled, "Jen. In honor of your Jenny."

Evy felt tears collect in her eyes as she hugged her friend, the Doctor's own eyes misting though the smile remained on his face.

"Do you want to hold her?" Shaun asked the Doctor, who nodded quickly. Evy stepped over, more making sure the Doctor would be ok holding the child as well as for emotional support. She knew the last time he'd actually held a baby had been when Eta died.


Donna, Amy, and Rory stood off to the side, watching as the Doctor cradled little Jen in his arms, Shaun and Evy standing close, Evy cooing at the child.

"Who was Jenny?" Amy asked Donna, recalling her words from before, as well as Martha's. Perhaps Jenny had been a child of theirs, it would explain why they kept asking Martha and Donna to be aunts, again.

Donna sighed and turned to face them, "I was travelling with the Doctor, mine and Martha's, and a different Evy, one who was mostly just mine. We had come back to Earth after visiting a planet and helping to free the Ood, these aliens…we got a call from Martha that she needed help with something, that ATMOS system. The Doctor and Evy had a horrible fight and the TARDIS…"

"They fought?" Rory asked, actually shocked. From what he'd seen of Evy and the Doctor, they hardly ever seemed cross with one another.

Donna nodded, "They weren't Linked then," she said, seeming to sense Rory's thoughts, "The Doctor had discovered Evy was a Time Lady, but according to her, he wasn't ready to Link, so she wore this necklace a…"

"Perception Filter," Amy cut in.

"Yeah. I saw how close the two of them grew over our travels. The Doctor seemed less hurt about losing Rose and more, hopeful? Yes, hopeful, about a future with Evy during the time. But in the beginning it was hard for him to wrap his head around the fact that Evy wasn't just a Time Lady but his Link as well. He…he was going to blow up a Sontaran, another alien, ship with him in it…he knocked Evy out so she couldn't stop him…" she shook her head, "I've never seen Evy that angry as when she woke up and realized how close she'd come to losing him."

"Must have been bad," Amy replied, recalling the time with the Angels, how the Doctor had reacted.

"It was," Donna agreed, "But then the TARDIS went wonky and sent the four of us on a trip, ended up being where Jenny was born."

"So Jenny was their daughter?"

"It's complicated," Donna hesitated, glancing back to make sure the Doctor and Evy weren't listening to her share this painful tale, "There was this machine that would take a bit of DNA and make a person out of it, fully grown. These soldiers forced the Doctor through it and he had a bit of Evy's DNA on his hand 'cos he'd been holding hers, and Jenny was created."

"What happened to her?" Rory wondered, never having heard Evy or the Doctor mention her.

"She died," Donna replied simply, "Stepped in front of a bullet for the Doctor and died," she shook her head sadly, "They were crushed. But, they stuck together…I really think it made them closer."

"And then they Linked?" Amy tried, attempting to figure out how that had happened.

"Not quite yet," Donna smiled at the girl, "We ended up meeting Agatha Christie, and then faced those cannibalistic shadows, went to this beautiful leisure palace on this planet called Midnight, and then I had this parallel world created around me…I met Rose there."

"Rose? The one who was trapped in that parallel Universe?"

Donna nodded, "She gave me a warning for them," she nodded back at the Doctor and Evy, "We raced back to Earth and it disappeared from under us."

"I remember that," Rory nodded, "The planets in the sky right?"

"Yeah," Donna smiled, "We got lost a bit, but managed to find the Earth…we stepped out of the TARDIS and saw Rose. The Doctor went to greet her but Evy saw a Dalek appear and try to fire at the Doctor, she pushed him out of the way," Amy gasped, "She started to regenerate, but managed to push the energy into the Doctor's old hand…"

"His...hand?" Rory frowned.

"Apparently it got cut off and he grew another one," Donna grimaced, "I know, like worms right?" Amy and Rory laughed, "But she was fine, all healed…but the necklace she wore was destroyed, the Doctor Linked to her."

"Right after he found Rose again?" Amy breathed, feeling heartbroken for the Doctor and Evy as well.

"Secret," Donna leaned in, "The Doctor wanted to take the necklace off after we visited Midnight."

"Why?" Rory asked, "Something happen there?"

Donna nodded, "Evy almost died protecting the Doctor from this parasitic alien…he realized how much he didn't want to lose her. That he loved her."

Amy smiled softly, relating to how she'd realized she truly loved Rory…when she'd nearly lost him.

"What happened with the Earth?" Rory asked at the same time as Amy asked, "Was Rose ok?"

"Well, I sort of touched the hand and it created a half human, half Time Lord clone of the Doctor," Donna smiled at the memory, "He's living with Rose in the parallel world. And I got a bit of Time Lord as well, it's how I knew who you were, Evy can sort of...tell me. It's like we're connected, things just slip through from her to me. But it can be overwhelming having a bit of them in your head," she sighed, "I can't travel with them anymore or it could kill me."

"I'm so sorry," Amy frowned, not able to imagine what it must be like to not be able to travel in the TARDIS again.

Donna shrugged, "I'm actually happier here. I've got a life, a family, a job, a daughter…one who has lived up to her namesake and given me plenty of adventures already."

"I hope she continues to do so," Evy said, they turned to see her holding Jenny, who was falling asleep.

"And I don't think it's the namesake, I think it's the mum," the Doctor added, grinning.

"Oh definitely," Evy agreed, "The Amazing Super Temp, defeater of Daleks, the most important woman in the Universe."

Donna could only smile.


"Where are we now?" Amy asked as they stepped out of the TARDIS and into what appeared to be an attic of sorts. She and Rory looked around, walking over to a large computer sticking out of the wall with a light blinking on it.

"Wait for it," was all Evy said.

Before Amy or Rory could even turn around to ask her what she meant, the door to the attic burst open and three teenagers ran through.

"Doctor!" a black youth exclaimed as he and another boy ran over to the Doctor, high-fiving him.

"Evy!" a brunette girl grinned as she hugged Evy round the middle.

"I thought it was you," a voice said from the door. They looked over to see an older woman with shoulder length brown hair standing in the doorway, "Mr. Smith alerted us to a spike in Artron Energy in the attic, and I knew it was you," she smiled softly at them and walked over, "Doctor," she said gently hugging him and Evy, "Evy!"

"Hello Sarah Jane," the Doctor smiled at his old companion.

"Everyone, this is Amy Pond," Evy stepped away and over to Amy and Rory, putting an arm over each of their shoulders as she stood between them, "And her husband Rory, our newest companions."

"It's so nice to meet you," Sarah Jane grinned, stepping up to hug them as well, "I'm Sarah Jane Smith…I travelled with the Doctor in the early days."

"How early?" Amy asked, trying to get a feel for it.

"Very," Sarah Jane laughed, "His third and fourth incarnation."

"And this is your eleventh now right?" Rory asked the Doctor who could only nod.

"Wow," Amy breathed, her eyes wide as she stared at Sarah Jane in awe.

The Doctor couldn't help but smile as he saw Amy's reaction. He had to admit, while he did love all his companions, Sarah Jane just held a special spot in his hearts. He was so happy to see Amy accepting Sarah Jane. He had to admit, he'd been uncomfortable with the hostility that Rose had shown his former companion when they'd met again after so long. But perhaps it had something to do with the fact Amy was aware he'd had previous companions.

"And this is my son Luke," Sarah Jane introduced, stepping back to the children, "His friends Rani and Clyde."

"Do you really get to travel around in the TARDIS?" Clyde asked them, rushing over with the others.

"Have you been to any alien planets?" Rani asked as well.

"How about different times?" Luke joined in.

Amy and Rory smiled as they were bombarded with question upon question about their travels until Rani spun around, "When can we take a trip with you?" Rani asked, desperately hoping it would be now.

"How old are you?" the Doctor asked them.

"Haven't even started university," Evy smirked, "Most of them," she nodded at Luke, having spoken to Sarah Jane about this when they'd helped her and Jo out. She'd been wondering where Luke had got to, and, given the time that had passed since then, it seemed he was home visiting.

"Oh well," the Doctor nodded, "How about a graduation present after then?"

The kids' eyes lit up and they quickly ran over to the duo, hugging them tightly as Sarah Jane just shook her head at them, "So what gives me the pleasure of seeing you again?" Sarah Jane smiled, knowing every time they showed up something big would follow.

"You're an amazing mother Sarah Jane," the Doctor said out of nowhere, "Wouldn't you say Luke?"

Luke nodded, "The best."

Sarah Jane looked cross between beaming tearfully at her son's praise and staring at the Doctor in confusion.

"How would you like to try your hand at Godmother?" Evy asked, stepping forward and placing the woman's hand on her stomach.

Sarah Jane's eyes widened with realization as Rani gasped, "Oh my goodness," Sarah Jane breathed, "I would be honored!"

"Good," Evy smiled as Sarah Jane hugged her again.


Evy and the Doctor stood in the TARDIS showing a few of the controls to the kids, well…the Doctor was showing random controls to the kids while Evy stood by, switching off the ones that would eventually cause some sort of explosion or end up sending the TARDIS into the Vortex.

Sarah Jane stood, leaning against Mr. Smith, watching them through the doors while Amy and Rory stood beside her, "He'd never admit it," Sarah Jane said after a few more moments of silence, "But he always wanted children in the TARDIS."

Amy smiled softly, "Yeah, I know," she often found herself wondering what an adventure with the Doctor would have been like if she was still the little girl whose wall he'd fixed.

"So…what do you do Sarah Jane?" Rory asked, trying to slyly glance back at the massive computer behind him. He couldn't help it, it was very interesting.

Sarah Jane laughed and spun around to press a few buttons on the computer, bringing it to life, "Luke, Clyde, Rani, and I help protect the Earth."

"From your attic?" Amy frowned.

Sarah Jane nodded, "This computer monitors for alien activity and alerts us to it. Helps us plan and investigate it. See, I was an investigative journalist originally, then I met the Doctor, oh, the places we went," she sighed in remembrance, before shaking her head, "After seeing all that, how could I just go back to the life I had? So I found a happy medium."

"Investigating aliens?"

"Exactly. It's actually how I reunited with the Doctor. We were both investigating the same aliens, bumped into each other…"

"Which Doctor was it?" Amy asked.

"His last one, before this one, his 10th," Sarah Jane thought a moment, "Yes, about half a dozen regenerations after my last Doctor."

"You travelled with the…third and fourth Doctor?" Amy asked, recalling that facts.

Sarah Jane nodded, "That was before the war though, when the Time Lords still had a big say in his life," she sighed, "They were why he had to leave me back on Earth, they called him back home…didn't see him again till I investigated those aliens."

"He just disappeared?" Amy frowned, not liking the thought of the Doctor just dumping her somewhere when he grew tired of her. She doubted Evy would ever let him, from what she'd gleamed from Donna and Martha, Evy made a huge effort to keep in touch and up-to-date. And she didn't doubt Evy would drag him to visit every once in a while.

"Oh he never just disappears," Sarah Jane corrected, having gotten the closure she needed about what she saw as his abandonment of her, "He's always right here," she patted her heart, "As cliché as that might sound," Amy smiled at this, "And he gave me this when I found him again," she held up a lipstick, flicking it on.

"It's sonic!" Amy exclaimed.

"Yes," Sarah Jane smiled, "It's gotten me out of quite a few sticky situations."

"Did you ever meet the Doctor after that?" Rory asked, also a bit miffed at the thought that the Doctor could possibly abandon Amy.

"Oh yes. I was there when the Earth was stolen, the Doctor and Evy crashed my wedding of sorts, I suppose you could say, I saw him once more, the last him, just before he regenerated, he visited all his old companions. And a while ago...I think you two were on a planet on a honeymoon?" they nodded, "He came to save me and another former companion, Jo Jones, from falling into an alien trap."

"So…he still watches out for you?" Amy asked after a moment, "He still cares?"

Sarah Jane quickly pulled the girl into a hug, "He can't not care. Not ever. He loves us all. And yes, in his own way, he watches out for us. Makes sure we're happy."

Amy smiled, hugging back before pulling away.

"Everything ok?" Evy asked. They looked up to see her leaning out of the TARDIS as the kids walked out past her.

"Perfect," Amy smiled.

"Well we'd best be off then," the Doctor grinned, laying an arm over Evy's shoulder, "Lot's to do."

Sarah Jane nodded, "Thank you for stopping by."

"Of course!" Evy grinned, bounding down the steps, as Amy and Rory walked up them, to hug Sarah Jane, "Always," she added, pulling away to take the woman's hand. She squeezed her hand and turned to run up to the TARDIS, the door closing behind her moments before it dematerialized.

"What's that?" Rani asked, seeing a white paper clasped in Sarah Jane's hand.

Sarah Jane unfolded it, her eyes widening as she read the contents.

"Mum?" Luke asked.

She looked up, tears in her eyes, "It's a list…of names."

"For who?" Clyde asked.

Sarah Jane smiled, thinking back to a conversation she and Rani and Clyde had had after Jo left, how she'd seached on the internet for people who might be previous companions of the Doctor, only finding a few, "All the Doctor's companions."


The last stop they had to make was to a small, though very technologically advanced, area that they could see through a glass door. Amy and Rory looked confused till Evy stepped forward and punched in a small code on a door, stepping past it and into the main room. She took the Doctor's hand and pulled him in, ignoring his groan as she did so. Now Amy and Rory were very confused as to why the Doctor was so reluctant to visit this place. They stepped in after her, their eyes widening at the sheer amount of technology and weapons packed in it.

"Welcome to Torchwood," the Doctor sighed.

Evy just grinned and stepped forward, "Jack! Gwen!"

Moments later a man appeared up a set of stairs and looked down at them, stunned, "Evy?" it was the only explanation as to why there was a mysterious blonde stranger standing in the hub with a man who looked a bit like an idiot, "Doctor?"

"Jack!" Evy smiled.

Jack quickly made his way down the steps and over to her, pulling her into a hug, and spinning her around, "Look at you!" he commented, pulling back to take in her appearance, "With a button nose too..." he tapped her nose with a laugh.

Evy rolled her eyes and smirked, "Yeah well take a picture. This," she gestured at herself, "Won't last."

Jack's eyes widened in concern, his mind jumping to the worst conclusions, "Are you ok?"

"I think she meant that she won't be this size next time we see you," the Doctor said, stepping forward and putting a possessive arm around his Link, his hand coming to rest purposefully and protectively on her stomach.

Jack's eyes followed the movement before widening, "Not you too…"

"What?" the Doctor frowned.

"Gwen!" Jack turned to shout up the stairs, "It's Evy! And she's preggers too!"

"Evy?" a voice called, a few moments later a pregnant Gwen stepped out onto the top step, her bump showing she was only a few months along.

"Gwen!" Evy laughed as Gwen slowly made her way down the stairs. As soon as she was at the bottom, Evy stepped forward and hugged her, "Look at you," she said, echoing Jack's words.

"Year, I know," Gwen rolled her eyes, "I'll be as big as a house soon."

"No," Evy shook her head, "You're glowing."

Gwen smiled lightly at the woman, pleased that someone was complimenting her instead of commenting about her ever expanding size like a certain captain loved to do…

"And who is this lovely lady," Jack grinned at Amy.

"She is married," Evy rolled her eyes at him before stepping back over to the Doctor.

"Meet Mr. Pond," the Doctor laughed, clapping Rory on the back.

Rory just rolled his eyes, a small smile on his face, especially when Amy took his hand.

"You tease me," Jack deadpanned as he mock glared at Evy.

Evy laughed, "Deal with it."

"This is Amy," the Doctor cut in, introducing his companions, "And Rory."

"Nice to meet you," Gwen stepped forward, shaking their hands, "I'm Gwen, and this Casanova is Captain Jack."

"Oh no, no, no more mentions of Casanova," the Doctor shook his head, "Give him a new name."

"Don Juan?" Evy supplied jokingly.

The Doctor's jaw dropped ,"No, let's just forgo the nicknames. Captain Jack is a fine name."

Evy couldn't help but laugh, Casanova had really rattled the Doctor, even the slight mention of the man sent the Doctor into a mood.

"So what brings you here?" Jack smiled at them.

"Well, we've been visiting the old gang," Evy said.

"Donna, Martha, Sarah Jane," the Doctor listed.

"Well, technically now it's Auntie Donna and Aunt Martha again, and Godmother Sarah Jane," Evy corrected.

"And we thought we'd stop in and say hello to the original Torchwood team."

"And we wanted to ask if you might want to be Godfather, Jack?"

As soon as her words processed Jack's mouth just dropped open, "You want me to be the Godfather?" Jack breathed, truly touched. It always seemed like the Doctor was a bit hesitant around him ever since the whole Satellite 5 thing.

"You and Ianto were the closest things I had to brothers save for the Master," Evy said, turning to give Jack a hug, "I couldn't not honor the both of you in some way," Jack hugged her back, "And I know you, if anything ever happened to the Doctor or I, you would probably kidnap the poor kid to keep him or her safe eh?"

"Oh definitely."

"And I suppose," the Doctor began slowly, "A guardian who can never die would mean they'd never be alone or unprotected."

"Never," Jack swore.

The Doctor nodded a moment before holding out a hand to Jack, "Thanks Jack."

Jack smiled and shook the Doctor's hand, "No problem," and then for good measure he pulled the Doctor into a small hug. The Doctor awkwardly patted the man's back and stepped away.


Evy was sitting at one of the computers, showing Gwen exactly how she had managed to hack into the system when she had been there last time, how she'd set up the virus that activated during the planets in the sky event. The Doctor was standing behind her, watching as she worked her magic, even more impressed. Though the small bit of living virus she'd created to nest in the Torchwood computers did explain how she'd already had that slightly alive virus to send out and reset the clocks for Prisoner Zero. It just cemented his already mounting suspicion, his Link was just a wonder.

"So you were the one who rescued Evy?" Amy asked as she and Rory stood off by a small coffee machine, talking with Jack who had refinished telling them some of the adventures of Torchwood.

"Not exactly," Jack began, a tense smile on his face, "It was another member of our team, Ianto Jones, who really saved her from the Mason Institute," his smile turned sad as he thought back to his late lover, "He'd had these visions of Evy…"

"Visions?" Amy frowned.

"I'm sure she's told you that she can project her thoughts at people?" Jack ventured, they nodded, "Well, she was desperate while she was there, calling out to anyone who would listen…ended up projecting more than just her thoughts. Ianto was able to see her calling out. She gave him a few clues, as much as she could in her state, to lead him to the Institute. I went with him to get her, we brought her back here and helped clear out the drugs from her system, got her back on track."

"She was that bad?" Rory frowned, concerned for his friend.

"Oh yeah," Jack nodded, "Totally out of it. But she got better. Ianto was with her the whole time. Once she recovered she just fit in around here. I mean we had tons of alien tech that she helped us ID and fix up. She really became a part of the Torchwood family," he laughed in thought, "We always joked that Ianto adopted her as his little sister. And he treated her like it, just like she treated me and him like older brothers. One of our team members even made the Perception Filter she wore to fool the Doctor."

"So where's he?" Amy looked around as though she'd be able to find Ianto standing there.

Jack's small smile faded completely, "He died."

"I'm so sorry," Amy gasped, completely horrified that she'd brought up such a bad memory.

"It's alright," Jack tried to smile, "He died saving the Earth, had a hero's burial."

"And he'll still be honored even in death," Evy said. They looked over to see the small group by the computer looking over at them. Evy got up and walked over to Jack, taking his hand and putting it on her stomach, "You have no idea how many stories I'm going to tell it about its Uncle Ianto," Jack smiled, knowing that a small child was growing just under his hand, who was going to be raised on stories of Ianto's heroics, "The best dressed man in the world."

Jack laughed at that, "That he was."


Evy couldn't help but smile as she laid in their bed that night, the Doctor's arms wrapped around her. Her head was lying on his chest as they stared up at the ceiling of the TARDIS which had morphed to show the space they were floating in.

"What's got you all smiles?" the Doctor asked, grinning down at her as he ran his hands through her hair.

"Just thinking," she sighed happily.

"'Bout what?"

"Our child is going to have so much love and happiness in its life."

"How do you figure?" he asked, very interested and very hopeful that she was right, which she often was.

"Well just look at it now," she rubbed her stomach, "It's got such a big family already…"

"What do you mean?" he tilted his head as he looked at her.

"Everyone we visited," she laughed, "All those people, will never let our child be alone. They'll watch out for and protect it to the very end."

The Doctor couldn't help but smile, thinking about his past companions, "Well, when you think about it like that…" he gave her a quick peck, "Yeah, everything will be fine."

Evy just nodded and laid back down, her hand stroking her still-flat stomach, yes, everything would be just fine.

To be Beginning of a Family!

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