This is my first Waterloo Road story so I don't know if it will be any good or not but hopefully you will enjoy it. The character Taliah O'Donnell is made up and I am basing my story in the new school in Scotland not in Rochdale. Hope you enjoy it!

"Right, today we are going to be reading the rest of Of Mice and Men so that we can begin studying it in detail tomorrow." Tom Clarkson explained to the class of year 10's that sat before him.

"Get your books out and turn to the last chapter." Mr Clarkson said and he began to read the final chapter to the class who sat quietly, listening and following along in their own books.

A ringtone suddenly broke the silence and everyone turned in their seats to look round the room to see who's phone was going off.

"Taliah, switch it off and put it away or I'll keep it for the rest of the day." Mr Clarkson said sternly before carrying on with the story but Taliah was no longer listening. The number calling her phone was "unknown" and she was curious to know who it was. She knew she couldn't answer it now as Mr Clarkson would take her phone for sure but she thought if she waited a bit then asked to go to the toilet that she might be able to find out.

After 10 minutes of waiting, Mr Clarkson finally got to the end of the chapter and she thought this was the best opportunity that she was going to get.

"Sir!" Taliah shouted whilst raising her hand into the air. "Please can I go to the toilet quickly?" She asked.

"Yes, but hurry up please!" Tom replied as Taliah got up out of her seat and left the room.

She was the only person in the toilets when she arrived and when she took her phone out of her pocket she noticed that she now had 5 missed calls from an unknown number. Taliah had no idea who it was as everyone she knows had her number and had no reason to call her on an unknown number. However, as she wondered who it was, the number began calling again so Taliah took this chance to find out who they are and what they want.

"Hello?" Taliah asked and she was greeted by a woman's voice that she didn't recognise.

"Hello, are you Taliah O'Donnell?" The voice asked.

"Yes I am, who wants to know?" said Taliah as she wondered even more who the woman on the other end of the phone was, how she knew her name and what she was after.

"Hi Taliah, I'm Louise and I'm calling from Greenock Hospital. Your mum and dad have been involved in a car crash..." Louise explained but was cut short as Taliah interrupted her.

"Are they ok?" Taliah asked down the phone shakily. She did not expect to be having this conversation down the phone at all and was dreading what the answer was going to be.

"They are both stable for now but they are both still in a critical state. I was wondering if you would be able to come down to the hospital to support them and also help us to identify the other people in the car with them?" Louise asked gently but there was no reply. "Taliah, are you okay? Are you still there?"

"Yes, sorry, I'm here. I am unable to come down to the hospital now but I will come later on. The other people in the car is my little sister Millie, my older brother Finian and my Gran called Elizabeth." Taliah explained whilst fighting to hold back the tears. As much as she wanted to run to the hospital now, she couldn't because she was already in trouble about her phone and probably will be again for not returning from the toilets so she didn't fancy adding walking out of school to the list, especially since she still had to return to Mr Clarkson's classroom to collect her bag.

"Thanks Taliah, that is really helpful." Said Louise, "When you arrive at the hospital just ask for me at reception and I will come and speak to you." Louise explained.

"Okay. Bye." Finished Taliah as she couldn't carry on the conversation any longer. She put her phone down and just slid down the wall to the floor, tears falling from her eyes like a waterfall. She couldn't believe that her full family were in hospital. She didn't have anyone else. Thoughts ran through Taliah's head, what if they didn't make it? Millie was only 7, she still had the rest of her life to live! Taliah heard the bell ring causing her to be whisked away from her thoughts which Taliah thought was a good idea as it was the beginning of break and before long the toilets would be crowded full of girls sorting out their hair and re-applying makeup.

Taliah stepped out into the corridor and didn't know where to go or what to do. She was about to head outside for some fresh air until she remembered about her bag being in Mr Clarkson's rooms so she thought she had better go and retrieve it. She wiped her eyes to make sure all her tears were gone and made her way upstairs acting like everything was normal.

When she arrived, Mr Clarkson was just coming out of his room when he noticed Taliah walking towards him, her face rather flushed and her eyes rather red and bloodshot like she had been crying. He opened the door to his room again and stepped inside after Taliah who went to collect her bag and was about to stop out of the door when she got stopped by Tom.

"Taliah, are you alright?" Tom asked gently as he was convinced that she had been crying.

"Yeah, I'm ok, just felt a bit sick earlier but I feel a lot better now thanks." Taliah said calmly so that is sounded convincing but it didn't seem to work to well on Mr Clarkson.

"Are you sure? It looks to me like you've been crying." Tom explained and he saw Taliah's eyes dart around the room, looking for an excuse that she could use.

"Oh, yeah. I stumped my toe on the toilet door really hard and I am one of those people who doesn't cope well with pain." Taliah explained even forcing out a smile and a weak chuckle to seem convincing and it seemed to have worked the second time round.

"Okay, but be more careful next time as I don't want you missing anymore lesson time because of stumped toes." Tom said kindly and with that Taliah left the classroom and hurried outside and across the playground to where no one else was and just and cried her heart out.