Taliah stomped into the cooler and once again flung her bag down onto the floor.

"What's she done now?" Sian asked Tom as she rose up out of her seat.

"She's just slapped Rhiannon across the face in the middle of my class," Tom said as he looked over at her. "She arrived 10 minutes early for my lesson and apologised for yesterday and explained that it was going to be a fresh start today but obviously not."

"She provoked me!" Taliah screamed as she paced up and down the cooler floor. She couldn't believe that Mr Clarkson was making it all out to be her fault when it wasn't,

"Yes, I will be having a word with Rhiannon when I get back but there was still no need for you to slap her." Tom said before turning and was about to head out of the door and back to class before Sian stopped him, pushing him out of the cooler and pulling the door over so that she could have a private word with him.

"I don't think something's right here," Sian said worriedly. "It's not like Taliah to act like this at all."

"Yeah, I know what you mean but she won't open up to either of us." Tom explained. Sian glanced through the window into the classroom and saw that Taliah had now sat down and was grasping onto her locket, the other hand was holding her head.

"What should I do with her?" she asked as she brought her attention back to the current conversation.

"Well, just try again and see if she will open up to you, if not go and get Michael. He's the only person left and I think he has a right to know as this has gone far enough now." Tom explained and he once again walked the familiar path back down the corridor to his classroom.

Sian re-entered the cooler and instantly saw that Taliah was hunched up against her desk, sobbing her eyes out. Sian grabbed the box of tissues from her desk and made her way over to where Taliah was and pulled a chair up beside her. She held the tissue box in front of her and watched as her shaking hand reached out and grabbed one and began to wipe her red, teary eyes.

After finally managing to compose herself, Sian turned to her.

"What's the matter Taliah?" Sian asked gently. "Something is obviously bothering you."

She watched as Taliah shifted in her seat and waited for an answer until she finally got one.

"It's nothing." Taliah replied simply but she knew Sian wouldn't believe her and she was right.

"People don't cry like that for no reason Taliah, how am I supposed to help you if you won't tell me what is wrong?" Sian asked as she really wanted to help Taliah but she wasn't getting anywhere. All she wished for is that Taliah would tell her but no matter how hard she tried, she wouldn't.

"I don't want your help! All I want is to be left alone and for people to stop asking me questions! It's my life, not yours so keep out of it!" Taliah exclaimed and was about to grab her bag once more and run just as the door to the cooler opened. Taliah looked up to see who it was and watched as the figure closed the door to the cooler behind them. It was Mr Byrne.

"What's all the shouting about?" He asked gently as he didn't want to be too serious as he didn't have a clue what was going on here. He watched as Taliah turned and looked at Sian but Sian had already started speaking. Taliah was in for it.

"Well, Mr Clarkson brought Taliah here after she slapped Rhiannon Salt in his English class, I asked her what was wrong and she shouted that she doesn't want my help." Sian explained and she could see Taliah out of the corner of her eye, shifting about on the spot as she wondered what was going to happen next.

"Why Taliah?" Mr Byrne asked as she turned to look at her and he could see something wasn't right as she was all anxious. Mr Byrne stood and waited but there was no answer.

"Right, if you won't speak to me down here then we'll go up to my office. Please go and wait for me up there." He explained as he looked at Taliah and when he heard the door close he turned his gaze on Sian.

"Do you have any idea what is going on with her? This isn't like her at all. I've never had any problems with her before." Michael asked but Sian shook her head with a bleak expression.

"All I know is that she was acting up yesterday as she went to the toilet during Tom's lesson and never returned until the lesson had finished, she didn't do any work in Chalky's class so he kept her back to ask why and she ended up shouting at him and running out of the room. Then she turned up 15 minutes late to my lesson, shouted at me when I told her that I was going to keep her back at the end of the lesson, caught her on her phone so I sent her here to stay with Tom but she shouted at him and ended up running off." Sian explained as the concerned look on Michael's face grew rapidly.

"Why wasn't I informed of this?" he asked simply so Sian carried on explaining about her apparent fresh start this morning but how it all went pear-shaped when Rhiannon went on about how families aren't important and slapped her, hence why she ended up here.

Michael thanked Sian and began to head back to his office, he didn't have any instinct as to what could be wrong with Taliah but as he walked into his office and closed the door, he was determined to find out what is wrong with her.