"Hello, kiddos, Tony here."

"And Loki. And on the behalf of our rather idiotic writer, we would like to sincerely apologize for this extended break."

"Hey, y'know, probably not a great idea to call her an idiot, considering the fact that our fate is in her hands. Ahem, ahem."

"Well, what else would you call it, Stark?"

"A loving, very sweet girl who just got a little busy with other things. Please don't kill us."

"As I was saying, she told us to tell you loyal readers that she is going to start reading through the chapters again and will hopefully resume as soon as possible."


"Now, whether soon is a few weeks or a few months, we will *siiiiiiigh* never know, will we? My daughter will probably be an adult with children of her own by the time this fool gets her act together..."

"ANYWAY, we hope to see you guys again sometime soon :)"

So, yeah, hey guys. I am so, so sorry I up and vanished on you like that. I was writing the next chapter, found a plot hole and, well, stopped writing and kept putting it off. Now, it's been nearly two years (I think?). And yeah, whatever direction this was going in has been long forgotten. So I'm going to try my hardest to regain my inspiration for this story and hopefully finish it. It will probably be shorter than planned, but better than nothing.

Again, I'm reeeeeaaally sorry for that.