Hi, another Bad Girls sort-of parody. I wrote this in a classroom on the 10th of May 2011.

There were some new arrivals in Larkhall. Aleesia Silverstone, who used her bubblegum to con men, and Tisha Hoe, who had 8 days for shoplifting. they went to G Wing and Natalie approached them.

"Have any of you got any gear crutched?"

Aleesia said, "I've got my bubblegum."

"Piss off," said natalie.

Tisha said, "No, and I've only got 8 days for shoplifting, so I won't be here much longer."

Natalie walked away.

Janine Nebeskie was pregnant after she hooked up with Jim. she couldn't tell anyone, so she ate a lot so everyone would think she's getting fat. She had been pregnant for 8 months already.

Helen came in. "Janine, you have to take Nikki's garden job."

"I can't miss, I have a bad back whci hmeans that I can't bend over."

Janine's water broke and Helen saw. "You're pregnant!" Janine started giving birth, so Helen presses the emergency bell and The Julies came to deliver her baby.

Aleesia came in to see what the fuss was about and she handed Janine bubblegum. "Take it! It'll help you ignore the pain."

Janine took it and relaxed.

Tisha went to her cell, she was sharing with Barbara.

"Oi, old bitch. I'm having your bed, my one looks manky."

Barbara said, "No, this has been my bed for 5 years."

Tisha slapped Barabara and Barbara pushed Tisha so hard that Tisha's hand broke.

Janine successfully had a baby girl. "I call her Bubblegum," she announced. Everyone cheered except for Jim, although it was his baby.

Natalie said, "When Bubblegum's older, make sure she gives a visit to her aunty Natalie."

Everyone stared at Natalie.


Aleesia went up to Natalie and punched her in her big fat gob. Di went up to Aleesia and said, "Since you delivered Janine's baby, you're allowed free."

Everyone cheered as Aleesia went free. Tisha was jealous as she mended her hand.

What did you think?