WARNING: This story contains themes of violence, sexual abuse, mental illness, self-harm, death, eating disorders, alcohol and drugs but nothing that hasn't been covered on Casualty before. It may be triggering. Please keep yourselves safe.

Hello readers. This story is a continuation of the story "A Doctor's Life." It is set at the start of series 25, this is one of my favourite episodes. It is fairly essential, but not compulsory, to read the first instalment of A Doctor's Life but I will post a quick summary below. Most of this is prewritten, see the last chapter of A Doctor's Life for more of an explanation, so updates should be pretty speedy.


Dr Bella Jordan is Mr Jordan's daughter. However he was unaware of her existence until he started working at Holby City. The pair now enjoy a reasonably amicable relationship.

Bella had a complicated childhood. Her mother died when she was 4 and she was bought up by her sexually abusive uncle, Jerry. She entered into prostitution, aged 12 and became an IV drug user, developed an eating disorder and started self-harming etc. She moved away and started going to college aged 16, ending her drugs habit and getting her life back on track. She took Medicine at university and joined the army as a royal medical corp. She became involved in a undercover army movement know as the Eagles, under the guidance of Captain Mardsen. When Mardsen died she blamed herself and suffered a mental breakdown. She was removed from the army and spent time in a psychiatric unit, where she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. After recovery she started work at Holby City Emergence Department and lives a relatively normal life.

Bella is quite a complex character, but I hope that that is enough for you to understand the plot-line.

Bella pulled up her car outside Holby College, next to an ambulance and jumped out. Dixie was stood next to the ambulance. "Dix?"

"Hey Bella?"

"Dix, what are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same question. Jeff's got a 'date' with a college kid. You?"

"I used to go here, I'm supposed to be giving an 'inspirational' speech about overcoming difficulties to become a happy and fulfilled person bla bla bla. I'm only here for the free cake."

Dixie laughed. "Good luck with that."

Bella opened her mouth to reply but she froze when she heard a gunshot. "Bloody Hell." And then again. And then a third.

Dixie looked at her. "Is that what?" Dixie hadn't lived in a warzone, but Bella had. The sound of gunfire was unmistakable and for a moment Bella was back in Afghanistan. She almost expected to hear the order to retreat.

Bella wasn't given long to reminisce. She snapped into action as students began to pour out of the college, screaming, crying. She shoved Dixie towards them. "Go, I'll get kit. You radio for help."

She grabbed a medi bag out of the ambulance and her own medical kit from the boot of the car. She ran over to help Dixie who was treating assesing a young man. She wanted to help but she couldn't ignore the fact that more shots were being fired. She was trained Army personal, or at least she was. She knew what she had to do.

Dixie could see Bella was thinking, and shouted above the cries of hysterical students. "Don't you dare. Bella. Are you listening to me?"

Bella bit her lip and stood up. "I have to."

"No you don't."

"There are kids being shot at, I have to do this, Dix I was trained to do this." Bella ignored Dixie's shouts and turned and ran into Holby College.

She ran past classroom after classroom after classroom, shouting instructions to frightened kids as she went past. "Get out of here." "Leave him, he's dead." "Hold that in the air." "Help her get out of here." "Don't move, wait for help." "Everything is gonna be alright, don't worry." "Put pressure on that." "Don't panic." And every person she saw she asked, "Where did the gunman go?"

Most of them shrugged, shook their heads, but a few pointed or even spoke. "He was heading for the drama studio."

Bella nodded and, pausing to tell each student to get the hell out of the building, frantically followed the signs saying, "DRAMA DEPARTMENT." All she could think about was the gun, and preventing it from causing anymore damage.

She reached the drama studio, to find a young man, who couldn't have been more than 18 pointing a gun at a girl and boy in the corner. The kid holding the gun turned and pointed the gun at her.

Bella wasn't thinking anymore, she couldn't take her eyes off of the weapon.

"Drop your stuff. Hands where I can see them."

The kids hands were trembling but Bella had seen he was capable of shooting. She slowly shrugged the medikit off of her shoulder and raised her hands in the air. "I'm unarmed. I'm not going to hurt you."

"Shut up."

"What's your name? My name's Bella."


"Why are you doing this Devlan?"

"Shut up. Just shut up."

Bella hesitantly took a small step forward. "Put the gun down."

"No. Stay where you are."

"Okay I'm not moving." Bella tried to subtlety indicate to the pair behind that they should run, but they were literally frozen to the spot. "Devlan mate, you really didn't want to any of this did you-"

"You don't know nothing about me-"

"Maybe I don't, but I've known kids like you."

Maybe Bella was imagining it but he seemed to be lowering the gun slightly when they were interrupted. The door hinges whined as it opened. It was enough to take Devlan's attention of her for a milisecond. Bella didn't hesitate. She jumped towards Devlan and grabbed the end of the gun but it had been a while since she had done armed combat training and she miscalculated. Instead of the smooth twist and the gun ending up in her hand the kid managed to keep hold of it. There was a bang, he must have pulled the trigger. She felt her hand burn and then a sharp stabbing pain in her arm and across her side. Shit. Someone shouted her name. She blacked out slightly but regained consciousness before she hit the floor. She blinked and that was all it took to miss Devlan turning towards the boy and girl and shooting again, twice. Someone was running towards her. Jeff? Jeff, when did Jeff get in here? He grabbed her arm but Bella shook him off. Devlan was gone. Bella wasn't quite sure if that was before or after the girl started screaming. She and Jeff reached the black boy at the same time. Bella pulled the table over. "Improvised stretcher." Jeff nodded. She grabbed her med kit and began to work. Her arm hurt like hell but the kid needed her. The girl had stopped screaming.