Introduction- Doc and Marty are about to return to their own time after helping Razor and T-bone defeat Dark Kat. But the omega wants his revenge on the two humans for foiling his plans, and he will stop at nothing to get it! Sorry about the long wait folks, I've been busy with other things, but at last the sequal is here!

Chapter 1- The Parade

"Ladies and Gentlekats!" exclaimed Mayor Manx from the podium in front of city hall, "it is my honor today to give the SWAT Kats what they most richly deserve, and that's badges to make them official protectors of Megakat Citaaaaay!"

"Hooooray!" screamed the throng of delighted kats that had gathered on the streets. Both T-bone and Razor blushed as they stood up from their chairs and walked to the podium. On the stage sat a proud Calico Briggs, Professor Hackle, Dr. Greenbox, and two travelers named Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown. The visiting humans had already been introduced to the surprised katizens, who were happy to find out that not all aliens were hostile creatures bent on taking over their planet. In fact, if it hadn't been for Doc, Dark Kat wouldn't be in prison right now. There were several other dignitaries on the podium, including Lieutenant Felina Feral, but her uncle, Commander Ulyssis S. Feral was not present, which was not all that surprising. He hated the SWAT Kats, and thought it was absolutely foolish for the Mayor to make the vigilantie pair official. But the crowd of kats that had gathered for this celebration really didn't care what the stubborn Enforcer leader thought. This was the SWAT Kats day, and as the mayor pinned two special badges to Razor and T-bone's chests, the place erupted in loud cheers. Mayor Manx then held out a paw for the crowd to be silent, as Razor and T-bone each made a statement.

"Well, I uh.. really don't know what to say, er... I'm quite honored to accept this Mr. Mayor.." T-bone managed to blurt out, "What say you buddy?"

"This is way cool.." grinned Razor, as he gave a thumbs up, which caused everybody to scream in delight. "Thanks Mayor, we'll try our best to continue protecting Megkat City, and to kick any omega's tail that threatens it!"

"Kick tail, SWAT Kats!" shouted some kats in the crowd, causing another eruption of cheers.

"Show us who you are under those masks, I want to see your handsome eyes!" shrieked a rather attractive looking she-kat in the front. As the SWAT Kats blushed, Manx said, "Sorry my dear, but the SWAT Kats' identities must remain secret to all of katkind, including myself and Ms. Briggs. We don't want the city's criminals, and especially those accursed omegas to find out who Razor and T-bone are, now do we? The only differance now is that the SWAT Kats are official, and can be called by the Deputy Mayor via her communicator, which, ehem, she has already done in the past without my knowledge..."

Callie just shrugged her shoulders, making everyone laugh, with the exception of commander Feral, who was in his office doing paperwork. He could hear the shouts and screams outside his window, so he stood up in anger and closed it shut as Lieutenant Steele came into the room.

"What is it?" Feral snarled, which made Steele drop the papers he was holding.

"I was j-just going to give you the day's reports, sir.." gulped the lieutenant.

"Fine.." sighed the Commander, "Although I don't suspect there would be much criminal activity today, considering.."

"That there's a parade for the SWAT Kats, yessir, I know how mad you are, I feel the same way.."Steele growled. "But what are we going to do about it?"

"We CAN'T do anything about it.." muttered Feral, "that's the problem! Those SWAT Kats are a pain in my tail! Manx should be impeached for making those hot shots official, but this event will most likely give the mayor another four-year term!Face it Steele, our paws are tied.."

"And what about the two furless aliens, sir?"

"After what they did to help us capture Dark Kat, I hold no hard feelings for them.." Feral muttered. "We'll let them go to whatever planet they're from Steele, and I hope they don't come back..
but I promise you, those SWAT Kats will make a mistake some day, and I will put them behind bars!"

Back at city hall, the parade was just starting. Manx, the SWAT Kats, Callie, Marty and Doc sat in an open limosine, which made it's way through the throng of kat admirers who were shouting and screaming at the top of their lungs, "WE LOVE YOU SWAT KATS!", especially the she-kats of course. The end of the parade route would be at the Mayor's favorite place, Megakat Springs golf course, where he would be treating the SWAT Kats and the human visiters to dinner at the clubhouse. Doc had already parked the Delorian in the lot outside the grounds, and as soon as dinner was over, he and Marty would be traveling back to their own time, although Razor and T-bone were the only kats who knew that the humans were actually from two million years in the past. But unknown to everybody, a certain evil kat had just escaped prison, with the help of a few of his ninjas, which the Enforcers had failed to capture during the raid of Dark kat's hideout. The evil Omega had another hidaway in the desert outside Megakat City, which was only a mile from Megakat Springs. After watching the parade proceedings, and nearly throwing up, Dark Kat growled to his ninjas, "I want those humans captured, NOW!They will pay for ruining my plans!"

"But sir, the SWAT Kats are with them, we won't have a chance to even get near the aliens!" gulped the lead ninja kat.

"That is why I will create a diversion.." smiled Dark Kat evily. "Manx really loves that golf course of his, too bad it's about to be given a serious makeover, courtesy of one of my ground to air missiles.. Hahahahahahaha!"

"Wow Doc, this is way cool!" exclaimed Marty, as he and the others waved back at the kat spectators, "Jennifer isn't going to believe me, when I tell her where we've been!"

"Then I suggest very strongly that you don't.." replied Emmitt, "She's already been through enough, with all that's happened to her. Actually, nobody should know of this place, except for the two of us, got it?"

"Gotcha doc.." nodded the human teen. Eventually, the throng of kats dissapeared as the limo reach the edge of the city limits. It was just another few miles or so until they reached Megakat Springs. But then, to everybody's absolute horror, a huge explosion could be seen and heard in the direction of the golf course!

"HOLY KATS!" exclaimed T-bone, "What the crud caused that?!"

"I don't know, but step on it, driver!" shouted Mayor Manx.

"Yessir!" he said. When they arrived at Megakat Springs just a few minutes later, they were terrified to see that where there was once a golf course, there was now a huge gaping crater in the ground. The only thing that remained of Megakat Springs was the club house and the parking lot.

"NOOOOO! MY GOLF COURSE!" cried Manx, as tears came out of eyes.

"Mayor, who cares about your stupid golf course!" snapped Callie, "What about the poor kats who were killed in the explosion?"

At that moment, the owner of the clubhouse came running out and said, "Thank goodness you are all safe! Mr. Mayor sir, the golf course was destroyed by a missile, it came out of the desert! Thank goodness nobody was on the course at the time, every kat in town was at the parade!"

"Oh, what a relief.." sighed Ms. Briggs.

"A MISSILE?" gasped Razor, "What kat would use a missile to destroy a golf course?"

"A psycho kat, that's who... like Dark Kat.." growled T-bone.

"But isn't he in prison?" asked a frightened Marty.

"He has the uncanny ability to escape Alkatraz quite easily.." muttered the Deputy Mayor.

"But so soon?" Doc exclaimed, "We just captured him a few days ago!"

"That creep must have had help.." said Razor, "Sorry doc, but you and Marty better go back to your, um, planet right now, I have a bad feeling that he'll want to come after you for stopping his plans to destroy the city."

"That's a very good idea," said Doc, as he shook both Razor and T-bone's paws. "Thanks for everything guys, good luck in recapturing that villain, Marty and I will be on our way.."

"Yeah, you SWAT Kats are the greatest!" exclaimed the human teen, as he high-fived his new kat friends.

After a final goodbye, Marty and Doc raced over to where Doc had parked the Delorian. But as soon as they reached it's location, they immediately stopped dead in their tracks... that's because two armed ninja kats were standing in front of the time vehicle, pointing their laser guns right at Doc and Marty's heads!