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Kareha Hontouni Watashini Ha?

Summary: (Translate: Who is he really to me?) "Even though that I don't know him, I feel like I have known him before; he looks so familiar in my heart, yet my eyes can only see another stranger."

Rated: T

Genre: Romance/Mystery/Supernatural/Drama/Family

Disclaimer/s: We don't own Nurarihyon No Mago, especially the characters. We only own the plot and stuff.

Warning/s: Incest (somehow), (for some reasons) FEM! Rikuo (human), AR (means Rihan and Yamabuki are alive! HALLELUJAH!) OOCness (Apparently), minor swearings and there's probably more in the future

Author's Note: Special thanks to; Bloody_Black_Death and Mysha Roseanna, who beta readed this. Marisay-chan, who allowed us to use the name 'Rikun' for Rikuo's night form. Etsuko, who directed this. Kanji, who sub-directed some parts that Etsuko can not take. Erianna, who 'literally' threw me ideas in this fic. And last, but not the least, our beloved readers, who is reading this fic right now, thank you. And still, please be gentle.

Let brotherly love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body. Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." ...

Hebrews 13:1-8 (The Holy Bible)

In my earliest memories...

An old film played; a girl in the age of four ran around, with her older brother, at the age of five, ran after his little sister.

I can't remember much...

All I knew is...

The girl laughed and ran away again, making the older boy speed up to run after the younger one.

I have a mother.

The little girl tripped, chin crashed in a hard impact on the grassy ground. Her eyes turned watery, before she cried in pain. The older brother came and comforted her, like the caring brother he is.

I have friends.

The boy sat on the grass and his little sister on his lap; the little girl sobbed a little, before she smiled innocently at her big brother, her mouth moved unaudibly. The older smiled and leaned forward to his little sister. The gap between their lips only inches a part. The boy's mouth also moved unaudibly.

I live a normal life.

The younger gasped a little, before the older brother closed the small space between them with a kiss.

"Rikuo-chan(1)~!" A shout from her beloved mother, from downstairs. "Wake up if you don't want to be late for school!"

"Just a second, okaa-san(2)!" Rikuo said, while she brushed her hair a little, before looking fully to herself at the tall mirror. "Alright, Rikuo, you can do this." She said to herself, before leaving her room and walk down stairs. "Ohayo(3), okaa-san!" Rikuo greeted her mother, who was done making her a breakfast.

"Ohayo, Rikuo-chan!" Wakana, Rikuo's mother, greeted, smilling brightly as she always does.

Rikuo sat on a chair in front of her meal and said; "Itadikimaisu(4)!" before munching down on the meal that her mother made.

Wakana smiled and sat across Rikuo. "So, you're going to start your first day in middle school; how does it feel like?" She asked.

The teenager stopped eating before looking at her mother. "Uhm... It's gonig to be tough I guess, but hey, I can do it, right?" She said, laughing nervously.

"You're just nervous about your friends not going to be in the same class as you, am I right?" Wakana asked.

Rikuo smiled. "You always know what I am thinking, okaa-san, how do you do that?"

Wakana giggled. "Motherly instincts, you'll learn this things once you are a mother, Rikuo-chan." She said.

The girl pouted. "Well... I don't know about being a mother, but I'll think about it." She smiled before continuing on eating her breakfast.

"I'm going now!" Rikuo said, before leaving the house.

"Have a nice day, Rikuo-chan!" Wakana said, before the door closed fully. She smiled happily and walked to the living room to watch the television. "Kami-san(5)... Please protect my child... From the evil." She prayed silently, before the news flash came to the television.

With Rikuo, the adolescent girl ran through the streets then through the park. She inhaled good air before exhaling them, she stopped for a short break until she noticed little creatures running around. She blinked for a couple of seconds before walking closer to get a better view of the little... Thingies.

One little thing with a 'natto' for his head, turned around, as if he sensed another person's presence. "Crap! A human can see us!" He whispered harshly to his friends, before running away with the others tailing behind him.

Rikuo blinked and just jogged her way to school. That was weird... She thought before jogging her way to the front gate of the school, Ukiyoe Middle School.

"OHH, SO YOU'VE SEEN A YOKAI(6), RIKUO-CHAN?.!" Kiyotsugu asked, not believing what the female had said.

Rikuo looked up from her text book to look at the male who was in a such excited face. "Oh, you mean those little thingies." The girl said.

"Yes! Those are called 'yokais', Rikuo-chan!" Kiyotsugu said while making a dramatic pose. "And later night! We, the Kiyojuji Paranormal Investigation Squad, will find those yokais who dwells in the night time shadows!" The boy exclaimed, before laughing insanely weird.

Rikuo sweat dropped and just smiled.

"He never learns..." Saori said, sweat dropping as the insane teenager laughed with Jiro. Natsumi agreed, sweat dropping as the boys still continued to laugh.

"What does this yokais look like, Rikuo-chan?" Kana asked, looking at the female with much interest.

"Umm... Well... One has a natto for a head... Another one was pure white... Well, I can't remember the others very well since they ran away before I could observe their appearance." Rikuo said.

"Huh? A natto for a head? You mean Natto-Kozo, right?" Kana asked.

Rikuo smiled dumbfoundedly. "Well, his head is natto, so I guess he's Natto-Kozo." She said.

"Oh, alright." Kana said. "But are you sure you saw yokais back there, Rikuo-chan?" Kana asked.

The duo-haired female blinked. "Well, I don't really know anymore if you keep asking me these questions..." Rikuo said, looking nervous at some point.

Kana sighed. "You could have seen a boy bringing natto home with his friends... Besides, I think I also have mistaken a boy for Natto-Kozo because he's carrying a natto on his head." She said.

"You did?" Rikuo asked.

"Yeah, but I was observant before I react." Kana giggled. "I was about to call the boy 'Natto-Kozo' when he accidenlty dropped the natto due to expected clumsiness." She said.

Rikuo smiled and just giggled with Kana.

Kiyotsugu, Jiro, Kana and Rikuo walked through the streets, still wearing their own respective Ukiyoe Middle School uniform.

It was night time, but the 'Kiyojuji Paranormal Investigation Squad' decided (or Kiyotsugu decided himself) to go and search for yokais at night; besides, yokais come out best at night. Natsumi and Saori didn't attend because they have 'errands' to do for their own respective parents.

They soon got to their destination, the park, where Rikuo last saw those little yokais. Since Kiyotsugu was taken by Rikuo's report (or just statement) immediately, he decided the first place to go to is the park.

Jiro looked around. "Kiyotsugu-kun, it's too dark to see any—waah!" The blond male cried as the light hit his eyes. His hands intinctively shot out in front of his face, protecting his eyes from the blinding light.

"Don't worry, I brought a flashlight with me!" Kiyotsugu said, looking excited. "Let's take a look around." He said, before going for the trees with Jiro tailing behind him.

Kana turned to Rikuo and tugged on her hand. "Let's go and check out the swings, Rikuo-chan." The said female nodded and followed Kana to the swings.

After a full hour of looking for yokais, Kana and Rikuo gave up and just sat on the swings, waiting for the boys to be finished with their own search.

"Kiyotsugu-kun, let's just go home now; okaa-san will be mad at me if I come home at midnight!" Jiro said, looking worried.

"Just a second! Just one more look... Then we'll go..." Kiyotsugu said, before he went deeper into the small grove of trees.

"Huh, what are does guys up to?" Kana asked as she saw the boys are gone. "We should take a look at them." She said, standing up.

Rikuo nodded and followed Kana to where they last saw their two friends. "Kiyotsugu-kun! Jiro-kun!" Kana called out.

Due to the lack of response, the brunette hopped from the bushes and looked at Rikuo. "Do you want to come?" She asked.

Rikuo frowned. She was getting worried about the boys, that's true, but there was a slight feeling she's getting that there is something going to happen if she and Kana went in the middle of the trees. Nevertheless she's worried about those boys. She just finished the debate on herself and nodded to Kana before jumping over the bushes. "Let's go find them then." She said, before walking with Kana beside her.

After a few minutes of looking around and trying to find the boys, the girls found no trace or leads to the boys. Kana sighed and rested against the trunk of a tree. "This is hopeless, we'll never find them." She muttered.

Rikuo looked around before sighing. "I think we're also lost..." She said as she looked up at the moon, it was full and it offered a little light. It was also beautiful, like her mother always told her about when she was a little girl.

Her heart sudden beated fast when she heard the bushes slightly rustle in front of her. She jerked slightly, causing Kana to look at the duo-haired female with worry. "Is there something wrong, Rikuo-chan?" She asked.

Rikuo stared at the bushes before she eased herself. "I-I guess i-it was—AAHHH!" Rikuo screeched as Kiyotsugu and Jiro came out, running and screaming bloody murder.

"AAAHHHHH!" The boys screeched in horror as Jiro grabbed Kana's hand and dragging her away.

"Rikuo-chan!" Kana cried, as she attempted to be set free from Jiro's hold.

"Kana-chan! Kiyotsugu-san(7), Jiro-san! Wait!" Rikuo called out, but the others were already out of Rikuo's reach. She suddenly tripped at a rock and her face made contact with the grassy ground. Cursing slightly at her clumsiness, she stood up and heard light foot steps coming her way. She turned back and saw a giant praying mantis ready to attack the female.

Rikuo widened her eyes and just closed it after, preparing for what seemed to be the worst. Gomenasaii(8)... Okaa-san...

"…Nura Clan Traditional Family Technique: Flying Yokai Yakuza Kick!" Rikuo heard, and she also heard the praying mantis screeched in pain and then a large sickening crack was heard. She opened her eyes, seeing there was someone standing in front of her; but she can't see her savior's face because he/she's back was facing her.

The duo-haired female blinked unknowingly, looking at the praying mantis, which is already being taken away by a girl and a seemed to be barbaric man.

"Are you alright?" A baritone voice asked, which she pressumed was owned by her savior.

She swallowed hard because the lump on her throat was not helping. Fear clutched her heart tightly, she even felt like she can't breathe anymore. "...U-Uhm... Uh... Yes, I'm fine." Rikuo said, shuddering slightly.

The man turned his head slightly, taking a look at the female with sorrowful eyes.

Rikuo widened her eyes slightly at the sight of the man's eyes. It was bloody red crimson, it scared her a little but she found slight comfort in those eyes. She doesn't know why, but it even felt like she knew those eyes way back before. Why...?

The man then turned fully to her and smiled comfortingly. "I'm glad."

Rikuo still sat on the grassy ground, with the man who saved her life was on top of the tree, staring at the full moon. She looked up slightly and saw the man's figure.

His eyes glinted due to the moon's light, his unusually pale skin also gave little glow from the moon and his gravity defying hair is swaying slightly against the wind, the top part of his hair was silver white and at the bottom was pitch black hair.

He was beautiful. Rikuo agreed to that, but how can you explain a gravity defying hair? And red vicious eyes?

Rikuo slightly closed her eyes and tried to think of any plan to leave. If she just left, the man might come after her, but why would he do that? That's what Rikuo is asking. If she just told him that she's leaving, what would he do? Most importantly, does he want something from Rikuo that's why he saved her?

More questions flooded her mind until her train of thoughts came into a stop when she felt something encircled her waist. The female looked up and saw that her savior had his arms wrapped around her slightly woman figure. She blushed deeply; it's either it's embarrassment or it's because she's being embraced by someone who is beautiful.

"... I long to see you again..." The male muttered.

"What?" Rikuo asked, looking at the man's eyes.

They stared each other for a while before the male removed his arms from Rikuo, who gave a questionable look. "We shall meet again next time... Rikuo-chan." He winked at her before walking off to the other direction.

"Wait!" Rikuo called out, hand outstretched to the male. "J-Just... Who are you?..."

The man stopped at his tracks before turning to the female. What surprised the female was that his eyes were filled with sorrow and pain once again. Why does he looked so... Sad?

"I'm Rikun Nura... The next Lord of Pandemonium." The man named 'Rikun' said, smirking slightly. "If you're going home right now, just go straight where you first go through." He said, before disappearing fully.

Rikuo stood in silence, before she turned back and walked straight until she was out of the grove of trees. She slightly looked up at the night sky and saw the stars accompanying the moon with their own glint of light.

... Okaa-san, I'll be home... Don't worry.

Author's Note: That was fun to write. :) Okay, explanations.

(1) —chan, Japanese suffix for names that indicates respect to mostly girls and younger people.

(2) Okaa-san, informal way to call one's mother in Japanese.

(3) Ohayo, it means 'Good morning' in Japanese.

(4) Itadikimaisu, I think it's 'Thank you for the food' in Japanese... If I'm wrong, please tell me. :)

(5) Kami-san, God in Japanese.

(6) Yokai, in Japanese folklore, they're known as demons.

(7) —san, Japanese suffix for names that indicates respect to the people who are sometimes in the same age as you or someone who is older to you even.

(8) Gomenasaii, it means 'I'm sorry' in Japanese.

Alright, some of you might be asking... 'Why is Rikuo (day form) a girl?'

It's simple actually. In Millenia360 Alz version of stories, mostly, the uke in the yaoi is changed to a girl. (I'll give away a spoiler xD) So it's easier to say how Rikuo and Rikun will have a baby in the future so it's more logical, not illogical like a MPreg fic. (I don't exactly know if Erianna-chan will add a sequel to this fic, but I'll just tell you guys this juuust in case...)

Well, I hope you liked the story! :) This was put much effort and I really hope for you (the readers) to be really gentle to my writing skills! I'm pretty much an amateur writer, so please don't say that this is a bad fic. :( It will make me... Well... Sad/pained/angered/etc. You name it.

The next chapter will be narrated by Erianna-chan.

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