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* * * * * * *

New Powers, but not for Digimon

It was the final battle with Apocolymon and the Digidestined just got remade from being deleted. They were all fighting.

"Let's go all out!" Tai yelled from on top of Wargreymon. "Yeah!" The rest cheered from on their own digimon.

"Terra Force!"

"Ice Wolf Claw!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Horn Buster!"

"Vulcan's Hammer!"

"Wing Blade!"

"Celestial Arrow!"

"Gate of Destiny!"

These 8 attacks rang out and deflected each of Apocolymon's attacks.

"Giga Cannon!" Apocolymon shot a blast of energy at Angewomon, just to be deflected by Magnaangemon.

"Thanks TK!"

"No prob Kari!" TK yelled over his small shoulder.

"River of Power!" The attack was shot and Garudamon knocked Megakabuerimon out of the way.

"You alright there Izzy?"

"I'm fine."

Soon enough, all the claws but one were destroyed.

"Let's destroy the last one Tai!" Wargreymon said.

"CHARGE!!!" Tai yelled as all 8 digimon went forward.

"I'm not defeated yet." Apocolymon cried as he focused his power into his last claw. "Death Force Shotgun!" The final claw turned into a gun and started shooting black beams at a rapid rate.






"Aww... Crud...."

"Hold on!"

"We can't get beaten, not now!"

All eight digimon were in the dust with their partners lying next to them in their Rookie forms.

"Pitiful Digimon with their useless humans.... It is time for you to die and be deleted again. Death Force Shotgun!"

The Digidestined woke up as the attack was about to be released. One look at their digimon and it said all.

"Good bye everyone..." Parted the lips of the digidestined as they put themselves in front of Apocolymon's attack. The words echoed through the dark place where they were in and into the minds of the families of the digidestined. Each of them broke down crying.

"TK.... Matt..."


"Tai, Kari..."




"They're going to die!" Each one of them yelled at the same time, their hearts crying out in pain. The cries reached the ears of the digidestined and cried.

"I'm sorry." They said quietly as the attack neared. On impact, a large explosion insured.

"Hahahahahahahaha!!! I have destroyed the Digidestined... The worlds will be mine!"

"Think again!" a voice cried from the dust. Apocolymon looked back to see eight different colored lights pierce the dust cloud.

"Ahhh, what is that light?"

"US!" A triumphant voice said.

Apocolymon looked back to see the smoke had cleared. He did a double take and was surprised. The Digidestined were glowing their crest colors and had protected them from the blast.

"What will it take to defeat you?" He yelled.

"A lot!! Crest Armor of Courage!" Tai's orange glow surrounded him and formed a battle armor that had to be like Wargreymon's. He wielded two kantanas emblazoned with the crest of courage and the rest followed suit.

"Crest Armor of Friendship!"

"Crest Armor of Love!"

"Crest Armor of Sincerity!"

"Crest Armor of Reliability!"

"Crest Armor of Knowledge!"

"Crest Armor of Hope!"

"Crest Armor of Light!"

Matt's blue glow surrounded him and left him with armor like Metalgarurumon's. He took a deep blue sword that had the crest of friendship on it. Izzy glowed a purple light and Joe a black light. Izzy was left with armor like Megakabuterimon and Joe's like Zudomon's. Izzy had a mace that had his crest on it while Joe had a hammer with his crest. Mimi glowed a green light while Sora glowed a red color. Mimi was left with Lilymon like wings and flower armor while Sora had Garudamon-like wings and armor that looked like Garudamon itself. Mimi snapped a vine-like whip with rose thorns and the crest of Sincerity on the handle while Sora had gloves and shoes each with the crest of Love on it. TK glowed a bright golden glow while Kari glowed with a pink light. TK's light changed into a replica of Magnaangemon, except with no sword. Kari's light left her looking like Angewomon, except a less than celestial bow. TK wielded a rod very much like Angemon's with the crest of Hope burned on it. Kari had a bow that would make arrows every time you believe you have one there. The bow had the crest of Light on it. By then, everyone had finished transforming and was amazed.

"Wow... This is so COOL! I look like Magnaangemon!!!" TK yelled.

"I know! I look like Angewomon!"

"Wow, Lilymon looks beautiful... This armor is so cool. We can fly now!"

"Oh my god... Now I know what Garudamon feels like!!!"

"Prodigious! Megakabuterimon must feel great in this!"

"I think I'm going to have a heart attack in this Zudomon look-alike armor!"

"This is so cool! Focus!" Tai yelled.

"We have Apocolymon to deal with!" Matt called.

"Right, you shall pay for harming our digimon!" Each person said.

* * * * * * *

The people there saw the transformations in a shocked silence.

"You mean that those are our kids?" TK's mom said.

"Yes.... They have hidden powers I guess that are only expected of them.... Being Digidestined." Joe's brother replied.

"Alright..." She said as Joe's brother took a stand. "EVERYONE, GIVE THEM THE POWERS THAT WILL HELP THEM!!! GIVE THEM THE POWERS THAT WILL SAVE BOTH WORLDS!!!" He yelled at everyone there.

Each of them glowed the 8 colors and they shot their powers at the Digidestined, giving the power to win.

* * * * * * *

The Digidestineds looked surprised as their families game them strength. Kari and TK nodded to each other and held one hand together. Their other hands pointed at the digimon and they laid their weapons down.

"Angels of Hope and Light, Heal!!!" A golden pink beam erupted from each of their hands and the glow spread to each digimon, healing all wounds in turn. When it was done, they turned around and picked their weapons up again.

"Good going little sis."

"You too lil' bro."

"Let's go from them, I won't forgive him for making me almost lose Patamon again!!!" TK yelled in fury.

Matt saw the passion and pain in his little brother's otherwise soft blue eyes. All but Kari, who wasn't there at the time, recalled the fight with Devimon painfully. TK had lost Angemon there and wasn't about to lose him again. Each of them got their weapons powered up.

"Dark Rejuvenation!" Apocolymon restored all his claws and sent them out at the Digidestined.

The digimon woke up to the backs of the Digidestined, but mistaken them for Digimon.

"What are they doing here?" Agumon yelled. Tai turned back and lifted his facemask. The others did too for a second before facing off again.

"That's our partners..." Salamon managed to say.

"Yeah... Go Digidestineds! Make some Digidestiny!"

"Go!" Each of them yelled.

They smiled and took their weapons out.

"Bird of Flames!" Sora cried.

"Wolf of Ice!" Matt yelled.

"Lizard of Fire!" Tai cried.

"Insect of Lightning!" Izzy yelled.

"Fish of Water!" Joe said.

"Butterfly of Flowers!" Mimi said forcefully.

"Angel of Hope!" "Angel of Light!" TK cried with a deep rage along with Kari who yelled it with vigor.

A fiery bird that glowed red erupted from Sora as a green butterfly, gentle but strong, flew from Mimi. A deep aqua fish swam from Joe as a bright purple insect shot from Izzy. A bright orange lizard shot from Tai as a deep blue wolf shot from Matt. But, two angels overpowered them all that came from TK and Kari, one gold and one pink.

Most of the claws were obliterated at the attack of the 8 blasts.

"Arrgh! Swarm of Vilemon!!!" Apocolymon used the remaining of his claws to send out a thick swarm of Vilemon. Tai's kantanas and Sora's gloves/shoes were enfluged in fire as Matt's sword was surrounded by ice. Mimi's whip glowed and was surrounded by flowers. Izzy's mace was surrounded with lightning as Joe's hammer was with water. TK's rod glowed with the same light that came from Kari's bow as she notched an arrow into it. 7 digidestined charged forward slicing or smashing the Vilemon into oblivion as Kari¡¯s arrows were picking the others off. In the end, all the Vilemon were defeated with barely a scratch on the Digidestined.

"Woo Hoo!!!" Gomamon yelled.

"You guys were great!!!" Agumon called.

"Let's go!" Tai yelled and charged forward. The rest followed.

"No, I won't be defeated.... I have yet to use my ultimate attack!" Apocolymon yelled.

"And what would that be?" Matt sneered.

"I'll take both worlds with me if I can't have them! TOTAL ANNILATION!!!" Apocolymon withdrew into his shell and forms an explosion.

"Oh no!" Sora said.

"Has all this been in vain?" Tai asked to no one in particular.

"It can't be..." Matt said.

"Why?" Izzy asked.

"No...." Joe said, slumping down in defeat.

"It can't end like this!!!" Mimi said falling to her knees.

"Get up guys, don't lose the light, we can still win." Kari yelled. The others stared at the little girl.

"Kari's right, don't lose hope!!" TK yelled, digivice glowing. Kari's was too and they shot energy beams at the explosion. It started to weaken it, but it wasn't enough.

"C'mon... Power of Light!" Kari yelled as she shot a pink energy beam at the blast.

"We can't do this alone, have courage! Power of Hope!" TK yelled, throwing a gold energy beam at the blast, strengthen the cage around it, but it wasn't enough. It pretty much showed on the 2 eight-year-old faces that they were losing energy quickly.

"We can't let them die, Kari!"

"I know, TK. I know!" They linked hands and sent they power intertwining. But it wasn't enough.

Tai and Matt stood up. "We can't let them die. I won't give up courage." Tai said as his digivice shot at the cage.

"Nor will I give up my friendships." Matt said as his digivice did the same.

"Power of Courage!"

"Power of Friendship!"

The orange blast and blue ones merged with the golden and pink ones.

"Thanks, brother..." Both Kari and TK said as their blasts started weakening.

"No, don't give out on us!" Tai yelled.

Izzy and Sora looked at each other before getting up.

"I can't lose the knowledge of true friends now...." Izzy said as his digivice shot a beam at the now working cage.

But the blast was on the verge of destroying it.

"I can't lose love in these worlds...." Sora said as her digivice did the same.

"Power of Knowledge!"

"Power of Love!" Red and purple mixed with the beam as Sora and Izzy joined in.

Strains further formed on TK and Kari's faces as Matt and Tai started forming them.

Mimi and Joe looked at each other as they got up.

"The sincerity of people should not be wasted!" "Nor the reliability and faith they put in us!" They yelled as their Digivices added more power to the cage.

"Power of Sincerity!"

"Power of Reliability!" A green and black beam merged with the others as TK and Kari were kneeling on the ground, beams flickering. Tai and Matt were in danger of the same as Izzy and Sora were beginning to get strain marks. And still the blast proceeded.

"No, we can't let them die, not after all we've been through." Patamon said, flying over to them and started giving energy to TK. The other digimon did the same, as the beams grew stronger. In a miracle, the blast was contained and disappeared. TK and Kari fell down from the effort and almost went into unconsciousness. Tai and Matt smiled at them. The others did also.

"Thanks you guys... You literally saved the worlds." Matt whispered.

"I know...." TK and Kari said together before more of their energy left them and their Crest armor was blinking.

"Ack... All my energy is drained.... I feel like I'm being pulled somewhere..." TK said.

"Me too..." Kari said faintly.

"Don't go!" Tai said, placing his hands on Kari's chest. He started pushing energy into Kari while crying.

"You can't leave us, you just saved the world with your decision." Matt said pushing life into TK, crying also. They opened their slowly closing eyes and sat up.

"Thank you...." They said. Just then, a Centarumon, Mekanorimon, and Ogremon came up. Then what ever happened in that absence happened. At the picture time, they were all in their Crest Armors.

* * * * * * *

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