Hi I'm Rosie Mee


My mom died when I was 6

My big brother Dylan is 22, and he's engaged to a girl called Lily who's 20.

My step mom is called Kelly, her and dad got married last year.

We own a zoo.

Our zoo is one of the most successful animal parks in America.

My favorite animals are the birds because they're what convinced my dad to buy the place!

Dad is writing a book about our lives, he's already got a publishing deal and everything! He thinks it would really add some 'texture' and 'depth' to the book if me and dyl wrote a chapter each, so here goes.

Every weekend morning I wake up at 6.30, I put on my Rosemoor uniform and organize the animal feed.

Dad and Kelly feed the big cats(lions Tigers, cheetahs, etc.)

Dylan and Lily feed the snakes and giraffes.

And because dad doesn't trust us to do anything else me and Becky feed the birds!

Oh about Becky, she's Lily's little sister and she moved here as soon as she turned 12 to help run the zoo!