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In your dreams

"Tell me your name." Tony said looking her into the eyes and caressing the soft skin of her neck.

She smiled: "No. A dream does not need to know my name."

"I'm not the dream. You are."

"Oh really?" she asked back with a sudden spark in her eyes. "Let me show you what dreaming is about." With that she went down his body and moments later Tony didn't care about her name anymore.


„You still don't know her name? " Dr. Wood the psychologist asked.

It was Tony's third session. His fiancée had insisted on it. She was tiered of waking up next to a moaning Tony. Knowing that in his dreams he slept with someone else. At first he had told her that it was her in his dreams, but in his sleep he kept asking for the woman's name. He finally admitted that she was someone he didn't know. Wendy believed him and she made him go to see Dr. Wood.

Tony shook his head, looking down at the carpet: „She says it's not for me to know."

"But… you sleep with her every night?" Dr. Wood sounded strange, almost as if he couldn't believe it.

"No, I sleep with my girlfriend Wendy every night before I fall asleep and then she is there, and we… make love… and… You know, it's funny when a dream tells you it isn't a dream. Even worse, she tells me, I'm the dream."

Dr. Wood noted something in her book: "You say, you sleep with your girlfriend, but you make love to this other woman. Do you love your girlfriend?"

"Of course! I want to marry her."

"When did these dreams start?"

"After Kate was killed, she was my co-worker, we have been friends."

"Is Kate the woman of your dreams?"

Tony shook his head: "No, she is very different."

"Can you describe the woman?" Dr. Woods asked.

Tony thought for a minute: "She… she's small, no I mean she is not tall. Not fully 5'7" I think. She is strong, dark curls and brown eyes. Sometimes she appears dangerous to me… it's in her eyes. Some looks she gives me and the next moment, her eyes are soft and warm and loving. She's not American. But she won't tell me where she is from…" Tony broke of suddenly lost in thoughts.

"You're an NCIS-Agent, there are surly some methods to find someone you can describe."

"McGee helped me on that matter and Abby did her best. But without a name or a fingerprint or even DNA… it's impossible. By the way, I don't want to find her; I want her to stop following me in my dreams. I want to marry Wendy and be happy." Tony explained.

"And still you are longing for this woman." Dr. Woods noted: "Tell me about your co-worker. How did she die?"

Tony didn't know why the doc asked about Kate, but if it was going to help him, he would tell her: "She was shot three month ago. We don't know who the shooter was. He got away with it." Tony swallowed hard.

"Do you think, you failed?"

"No. There was no way I could protect her, but ever since then, something is wrong. It's like… like something should have happen but it didn't" Tony tried to explain.

"You have a new member on your team now?"

He nodded: "Yes, Special Agent Tamara Mulder."

"You like her? Is she maybe…?"

"NO! I mean, yeah, I like her. But she is not the woman who is haunting me in my dreams. She is tall and blond with light blue eyes, spooky sometimes…. Doctor, help me I want to get married next year in May. I need to get this woman out of my dreams."