„She said it's mine." Tony said quietly.

Ziva just listened. They were in his apartment and he had drunk a lot of beer.

"I want to do the right thing."

Ziva rolled her eyes.

"What?" he asked angrily.

"Marriage is not always the solution."

"Yeah, I know, you'd just go and kill, that would be your solution." Tony hissed.

Ziva didn't answer to this, he was drunk and she knew that. Instead she got up and went to leave the apartment.

"You can't leave." Tony said.

And he was right, instead of stepping out the door into the hallway she came right back into the living room. "Damn, I hate dreams." She cursed and went to sit down next to him.

He grinned, a little sad.

"Tony. The right thing is not always to marry the girl and live sadly ever after." She said. He looked at her waiting to explain more. She did: "When people get married only because of a child they give up on their own lives. I'm not saying, don't care for the child but you'll ruin your life if you marry her now. And even if she thinks it will make her happy she'll be proven wrong. And in the end it will be your child, who has to carry out your struggle. As soon as it is able to think it will ask, why Daddy is always gone, why he works so many late hours, why Mommy is crying herself to sleep. Later when it is a teenager the child will know. Mommy and Daddy got married because of me. They did it so I could grow up happy but I'm the one who made them unhappy…"

"My child would never make me unhappy."

"Of course, not on purpose. A child is not asked if it wants to be born or to what family. If that would be the case, my farther would never have had children… But you left Wendy for a reason."

Both of them looked at each other for a moment. They knew the reason but Ziva shook her head: "If it wasn't for me there would have been another girl sooner or later Tony."

"Are you telling me, that I could never be true to a woman, is that why you won't have me?" he rose and stared at her angrily.

Ziva rubbed her face: "NO! I cannot have you because our Boss has a rule against that. And now sit down I'm trying to tell you something."

Tony looked to the door.

"Don't even think about it, you cannot leave." She said and sat back down.

"I'm not going to tell you, marry her or don't. I just want you to think about, if this really it the right thing to do."

"It worked for so many other people."

"It seemed to. Maybe for some it did. But for many others it didn't. And by the way, those people did not have a dream-connection to their co-workers they simply cannot cut by themselves."

"Good point."

"And there is the problem. Can you marry Wendy, and raise your child while being trapped with me in your nights?"

"You and the child will be the things which will keep me from going insane."

She grinned: "Oh the things that might make you go insane. The dreams stopped, while I was in Israel. I should just go home. So you can do the right thing and marry Wendy."

"I don't want to marry her! I want to marry you!" he said firmly.

Ziva started to laugh: "You don't even know me. And I'm not the one who carries your child."

"You sure about that?" he asked with a little grin.

"Dream-sex does not get anybody pregnant, you have been a teenager, you should know."

"Very funny officer David, just to your information Macy Jefferson got pretty fat after I dreamed about having sex with her. Even though it turned out that she had slept with our headmaster." He stopped for a moment to collect his thoughts: "I want to be there for my child."

"Then do whatever you think is right."

"You'd be okay, if I marry Wendy?" he asked.

She didn't look at him: "No, but it's not me you need to worry about."

"Oh yes you are, because if we are stuck together at work and in our dreams you can make my life hell."

"I won't, I promise."


Tony had a though week after that dream. There was this hard case and as he thought he spent his waking and sleeping hours with Ziva. But in his dreams they tried to stay away as far as they could from each other. Which were only a few yards. By the end of the week, Ziva had found a way to stay out of his dreams completely. But that was not a good solution. She just refused to go to sleep which ended when she fell asleep at her desk and earned a hard head slap from Gibbs.

"Ouch." She said as she hurried after McGee and Tony into the elevator to home after solving the case: "That really hurts."

"Welcome to my world." Tony.

McGee grinned: "You'll get used to it. But are you alright? You look very tired."

"I just wasn't able to sleep last night."

McGee looked at his co-workers and then he understood.

"You said the connection was lost." He said to Tony.

"And we got reconnected when she came back to America." Tony said. The doors opened: "Anyway, I need to hurry. I'll meet Wendy tonight."


As he came into the house Wendy still lived in he found her on the couch. A glass of wine in her hand. He took it from her.

"You should not drink while you are pregnant."

"Will you marry me?" she asked right away.

Tony sat down and looked at her. She was not drunk. Good so she would be able to listen to him: "I want to be in the child's life. Not only on weekends. I want to everything. Every birthday, every event. I'll be the best father in the world. But I won't marry you. I would make us both unhappy and our child too."

It was not only anger he saw in her eyes: "If you don't marry me, you'll never meet this child!"