Tony smiled as he watched his five years old daughter unwrap her Christmas presents under the tree. Her two years old brother Leroy was already playing with his new wooden cars he got. Kate opened another present and found a doll inside, she smiled happily. There was only one small present left for her and Tony saw how careful she took the colored paper off. When she opened the box she cried out in joy.

"Daddy! Look what Santa brought to me." She said running over to him.

It was a gold chain with a pendant, the Star of David.

"Wow, cool. You want me to help you with it?" he asked and Katy nodded and turned around.

When he had fastened it she turned around and said: "Now I look exactly like Mommy!"

Tony smiled. Kate had wished for this jewelry because she wanted to look like her mother. Truth was that she looked more like her father. Green eyes, soft hair but she didn't mind. She ran to the mirror in the corridor to look at herself. Tony and Ziva had tried to raise their children in a mix of Jewish and Christian culture. The kids would be the ones to decide which religion would work for them. And until now, it had been a good way. Katy enjoyed Christmas but also insisted on being there when her mother lit the candles on the Chanukah candelabra and Katy was the one who wanted to say the blessings. Her Hebrew was improving. She had wished for the exact same Star of David as her mother had and Ziva had called Eli to get him to buy one in Israel.

Now Leroy came over to his father, holding out one of his new cars, while Kate had turned her attention back to her dolls. Tony knew that when the day was over she would have a new house for her dolls and Leroy would get a car park, both made by Gibbs. He looked at his son. He was a miniature copy of Ziva. Dark brown eyes and very curly hair.

Ziva entered the living-room and Katy got up to show her what she got from Santa. Ziva took her time to admire all the presents and listened to her daughter's explanation of the items. But soon Katy was back playing with her gifts and Ziva went over to Tony who let his son back to his cars. Tony opened his arms for Ziva to sit on his lap and she did. His hand caressed her belly. She was nine months pregnant and he could not wait until his next child was born. He kissed his wife.

"You need help with the preparations?"

Ziva had been up early to prepare the food for dinner. Gibbs and Ducky would be over at 4 pm and Abby and McGee agreed to come a earlier to help. They would bring their daughter Amy alone. Tony knew she had problems when she had to stand a long time but they had agreed she'd make dinner and he'd watch the kids and keep them out of the kitchen.

"No." she said "It's fine."

He bowed down to her belly and whispered: "Hey in there. Today is a good day to be born, you know. You'd be my Christmas present." He said and kissed her belly. The answer was a hard kick from his unborn child.

Ziva giggled. "I guess that means no."

Tony looked back to his daughter she was playing peacefully with her brother and the cars.

"I cannot believe that so much time passed. It feels like yesterday that we were in this baby course with Mrs. Fredrick. Do you remember?"

Ziva nodded, watching her children with pride: "Time is a funny thing..." She said quietly.

Tony agreed but something about this statement concerned him. But he forgot about that when his children stormed over to their parents. They wanted to be out in the snow. So Ziva and Tony packed both of them in warm clothing and Tony took the kids out in the yard building snowmen and snowwomen.


When Abby and McGee arrived they left their daughter Amy outside with Tony and Kate. Kate and Amy were best friends and so they started a snowball fight against Tony. Tim took the little boy inside.

They met Ziva in the kitchen and Abby hugged her. "Wow you are going to burst if the child is not born soon."

Tim just grinned: "I'm going to help Leroy to dress for dinner." He said and took the boy upstairs.

"Thanks Tim!" Ziva called and turned to Abby: "What about you? No intentions on having another McGee?"

Abby smiled: "We agreed on having another baby a week ago and keep practicing since then."


Gibbs joined them shortly before dinner. Kate and Amy ran up to him and he lifted them into the air one on each arm while Leroy hugged his leg.

The kids ate their dinner quickly because they could not wait for the presents that would come.

Tony had just put away his spoon as he finished his desert when Katy spoke: "Can we have our presents now?"

McGee looked at her and his daughter who had just opened her mouth to speak.

"You'll wait until everyone is done."

"MeGee, rule 12." Gibbs said firmly.

Abby smiled: "Never deny a children's wish when Grandpa Gibbs is around." She quoted and Gibbs got up to get the presents.

Half an hour late the gown ups watched the children play. Katy and Amy played with the dolls and the house and the brand new Car, Gibbs had made for Amy's dolls. Leroy giggled happily when his grandpa pushed a car so it would drive down the car park.

Later that night Ducky joined them. He had been with his mother and now he came just in time to kiss the kids good night. Kate and Amy went to sleep in Kate's room. So Tim had to carry her to the car.


Tony sat on his bed waiting for Ziva to join him. She looked more beautiful then ever.

"You okay? Think the baby is going to come tonight?"

She kissed him. "I'll wake you up if it does."


"Tony! Tony! Wake up."

He opened his eyes and saw McGee. Tony had fallen asleep on his desk and now it was early in the morning.

"We have a lead on Haswari." Tim said and filled him in.

Tony was confused. He had had a strange dream. He had a family but as much as he tried he could not picture the faces of his wife and kids and the memory of the dream faded with every minute. So he focused on work. After all Kate had been shot yesterday and they had to catch her killer.

An hour later, he was alone he saw Kate in a school uniform standing at her desk. He knew it was just his fantasy and he started to tease her in his mind.

When he said: "I often pictured you naked." He was suddenly aware that he was not alone anymore. There was a woman standing next to his desk. For an instant she looked familiar but that feeling was soon gone. After they talked he heard a voice in his head that surely was hers: "Time is a funny thing..."

The End

Yes, time is a funny thing and a dream can eventually become reality. If the authors give the fans what they want.

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