Got inspired to write a short one shot Jemma story.

There is a change in the original storyline. Jenny's parents didn't die.

I've used the song Four letter word by Gossip.


Hope you like it, looking forward to hear what you think.

Perhaps I can get inspired to write more ;)

Four letter word

Frustrated Jenny dropped her bag onto the floor, and slumped down on the couch. Flipping her head back she looked at the ceiling and sighed as she began to think about why everything had begun to go wrong.

She let out a frustrated groan when she realized why it was going so wrong; it was all her parents fault. Why couldn't they understand that they were crushing her dreams? She had tried talking to them and negotiating with them, but there was nothing she could do. The worst thing was that she didn't know how to tell Emma and the stress was getting to her. Lately she and Emma kept arguing and today everything went completely horrible after she got off the phone with her father. When Emma had shown her an ad in the newspaper for apartments in Berlin all of the anger she felt towards her father was unleashed onto Emma and it resulted in one of the worst fights the two had ever had.

They had all finished school earlier that summer and all her friends knew exactly what they were going to do after the summer break. Even Caro ended up getting an apprenticeship at the record label. Emma had gotten a full scholarship to the prestigious Berlin University of the Arts, where she would be majoring in musical theater, but also minoring in vocational music where she would be able to sing and play a variety of musical instruments. She was so happy for her girlfriend because Emma had worked so hard and she really deserved it. Emma loved being on a stage performing. She had truly matured and grown to be so confident on the stage. Jenny couldn't have been more proud of Emma for the way she had taken her dreams into her own hands.

The day the two of them had gotten their acceptance letters to the University had been the best day of their lives. They had both been so thrilled to get into the same University and be given the chance to start their future together. She couldn't even describe the pure joy she felt knowing that her and Emma would be starting to pursue their dreams together. It had been a magical feeling for her, knowing that her dreams were coming true so perfectly. But it had all change the minute she had told her parents.

Sighing once again she took her shoes off and threw them across the room in frustration. "For fuck sake" she muttered when her shoe landed next to Ben's piano keyboard.

Why oh why did her parents have to be like this? She thought to herself as she stood up to retrieve the shoes. Her father had told her they didn't want her to go the university. That going back in to the music business wasn't an option for her after what had happened to her the last time. They didn't want her near that industry with all its temptations again. They didn't believe she had matured enough to avoid temptations if it were thrown at her again. She had tried to tell them that she was mature now, that she had learned from her mistakes and that she was a better girl partly because of Emma. She would never do anything to jeopardize her relationship with Emma. Emma was the girl of her dreams. She was her life and future. The one person she wanted to grow old with.

Bending down to pick up her shoes she sighed as she thought of how she would break the news to Emma that not only would she be unable to follow her to Berlin but that she was being forced to return to London to follow the path her parents had chosen for her.. She knew the news would break Emma's heart and break them apart, perhaps forever. It already tore her heart apart to think that in less than a month she would be back in London and away from Emma; starting on the apprenticeship with the newspaper London News that her father had arranged. She didn't want to become a journalist; she wanted to become an actress and play in theater or musicals. But her parents had refused to support her dream in any way and she couldn't afford it herself.

Once again she sighed looking down at Ben's piano keyboard, stroking the keys with her free hand. She dropped her shoes on the floor, turned on the piano keyboard, sat down and started playing the song in her head.

"Oooh Oooh, oooh, ooh, ooh, oooh"

"Put my best foot forward

Trying to ignore the events of the day

Pacing back and forth

Slowly going nowhere

Running in place

Read more at "

"And it looks like it's gonna rain again

Ohhh another four letter word

Never gonna be the same again

Ohhh another four letter word"


Oooh, oooh, ooh, ooh, oooh

Oooh, oooh, ooh, ooh, oooh"

"Staring out my window

Look down at the street below

Children at play

Round and round and round it goes

Where it stops no one knows

Their faces seem to say"

"That it looks like it's gonna rain again

Ohhh another four letter word

Never gonna fall in love again

Ohhh another four letter word"

The words she was singing started to hit her and tears started to run down her cheeks as she continued the song.

"Love is a four letter word

That should never be heard

Love is a four letter word

A four letter word


"L is for leaving

O is for on time

V is for the voices warning me I'll lose my mind

E is for the ending

The unhappy ending of the four letter word"

Realizing what she had to do, while singing, tore her heart apart, as the tears now ran freely down both of her cheeks.

"And it looks like it's gonna rain again

Ohhh another four letter word

I never want to see your face again

Ohhh another four letter word"


Oooh, oooh, ooh, ooh, oooh

Oooh, oooh, ooh, ooh, oooh


"Never gonna fall in love again

Never wanna to see your face again

Never gonna fall in love again

I never wanna see your face again"

Ending the song she buried her face in both of her hands and started to cry harder. Feeling a strong arm hold her, she looked up and saw Ben looking at her with compassion and brotherly love. Shuddering she fell crying into his arm as he sat down next to her.

After a while she stopped crying but stayed in Ben's arms seeking comfort from the ache in her heart. "Is it Emma? I saw you arguing in the park. What is up with you two? Lately you've been arguing a lot" Ben quietly asked while stroking her back.

"I know, everything is just so messed up," she whimpered into Ben's neck.

"What is messed up Jenny? I don't understand a month ago you were both so happy. You are going to Berlin together both living your dreams. What happened?" He asked in confusion as he gently pushed Jenny up so he could look her in the eyes.

Jenny looked at Ben, the guy she had come to think of as her brother. She took a deep breath and started to tell him everything as she tried to fight back the impending tears threatening to rush from her eyes again.

Ben sat listening to Jenny tell him what was wrong. He couldn't believe that Jenny's parents didn't trust her more after she had proven to them that she was able to stay clean and had turned her life around, much thanks to her relationship with Emma. He had witnessed the love between the two girls grow over this past year and saw how it made both of the girls stronger. Of all his friends he always believed that those two would stay together. It was impossible to think of Jenny without also thinking of Emma and visa versa. Their love for each other was so strong and they just completed each other perfectly.

"Jenny there must be something you can do. Can't you talk to your parents again and try to make them understand that you belong here in Germany with Emma and that acting and singing is your dream?" Ben asked taking Jenny's hands in his to comfort her.

"No Ben it wouldn't help! Trust me I've tried so many times to tell them and show them that I've changed and that together with Emma I can handle anything. But they don't believe me; they don't think I'm capable of saying no to the temptation. They can't see how strong Emma's love has made me" Jenny said sadly while tears started running down her cheeks once again.

Sobbing Jenny buried her head into Ben's neck again "Ben I can't be away from Emma. I love her too much. The thought of her and I not being together is to hard. I don't know how to deal with it".

Pushing Jenny back up again and wiping away her tears with his right thumb Ben quietly replied "Jenny you have to talk to Emma about this. She is just as upset and confused about what is happening between the two of you. Maybe you can figure something out. Come up with a solution so you can still be together and still see each other, even if you don't live in the same city. Perhaps when your parents see how well you are doing, they will let you move to Berlin. Long distance relationships can be done Jenny, just look at Bea and I. We have to be apart while I study to become a teacher"

A bit annoyed with Ben's comparison Jenny stood up and said frustratingly "Ben it is not the same as you and Bea! You are just going to be an hour drive away from each other. Emma and I are going to be in different countries for god's sake. Ben, I can't be so far away from Emma. I cannot cope without seeing, listening to her and feeling her everyday. The distance is slowly going to tear us apart and I can't bear that"

Surprised by Jenny's sudden angry outburst Ben quietly asked "But Jenny there has to be something you can do?"

Sighing Jenny bent down and picked up her shoes and walked back over to the couch to pick up her bag she had dropped earlier. "Yeah Ben there is something I can do, and I guess I better do it now, instead of prolonging the pain" she said dejectedly as she felt her heart breaking at the thought of what she had to do.

Walking towards her room she took out her mobile phone from her bag and pressed the number she knew by heart. It rang a few time before it was answered and all she could say was "Hi Emma it is me, we need to talk can you come over right away?"