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I know Harry Callahan states that his wife died in a drunk driving accident in the first movie, for the purposes of this story, please ignore this. Also, I know that Callahan is supposed to be a tough guy, and he is, but in the situation below he'll seem a little Out of Character, that's just my representation of him in this scenario.


"Damn it Marie," Detective Harry Callahan pleaded angrily. "At least let me say goodbye."

Marie Callahan gritted her teeth and glared at her soon to be ex-husband. She had gotten fed up with Harry putting his job before her and their two daughters. By this time next week, she and her daughters would be back in the country she's was born, England, and she would take back her maiden name.

Knowing Harry wouldn't be able to to come and visit them, at least not so long as he pulled down a cop's salary, she hadn't told him she was planning to give their daughters her maiden name as well. It was this fact that the girls would likely never see their father again that allowed her to agree.

"Fine, but you better hurry," Marie told him. "Our plane leaves in two hours and we have to get to the airport."

Harry smiled sadly. "Thank you," he said, before walking to the living room where the two waited for their mother.

Ten year old Petunia looked away from him as he entered the room. That was no surprise, as Petunia hated to be seen as weak, but his eldest daughter hadn't moved fast enough to hide her tear stained face from her father.

Eight year old Lily, his youngest, was openly sobbing. Lily was a daddy's girl and idolized her father. She had often told him how she was going to be an inspector like him.

Harry felt his throat tighten as he looked at his daughters.

"Come here," he instructed, holding his arms open.

Both girls seemed to fly into their father's arms as they hugged him tightly.

Harry felt his eyes begin to water as he gently kissed each girl on the forehead. "Mind your mother," he told them. "And make sure you write me often."

"We will," Petunia promised, trying to be strong for her little sister.

"I don't wanna go to England Daddy," Lily cried. "Why can't we stay here with you?"

Harry didn't know how to answer as he hugged his daughters closer.


And so Marie Callahan took her daughters to England, changing her and her daughter's last names back to her maiden name of Evans.

Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan returned to his job, receiving occasional letters from Petunia until she turned fifteen and cut off all contact with him. A few weeks after Marie left, he became involved in a case. A man calling himself Scorpio, killed a young woman in a rooftop swimming pool.

Lily Evans discovered she was a witch and went to a school called Hogwarts. While there, she met, and eventually fell in love with, James Potter, marrying him the summer after they graduated. Unlike her sister, she stayed in contact with her father.

And when James surprised her by paying for her father to be at their wedding, Lily couldn't be happier. Though her father's wedding gift of her own Smith & Wesson 44. magnum revolver came close.

And when and James had a son, they named him after his grandfather and father.

A little more than a year later, when Lord Voldemort came to kill little Harry James Potter, Lily proved she was a daddy's girl.

She blew his head clean off with her father's wedding gift, the most powerful handgun in the world.


Hope you enjoyed.

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