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Jessica Myers had always loved Steve Rodgers she didn't care about how skinny he was she loved him for him,Of course he never realised she did he alwaycare abs thought she loved him as a and Steve were alike in lots of ways both desperatley wanted to be in the army-Even though Jessica couldn't get into the army she'd happy with just being as an Agent or least she had another 'survey'type thing tommorow- and couldn't get in and both were of pretty pathetic,Steve was a skinny a weak dude and Jessica looked average but could hardly carry a bag of carrots and both would fight for what they believed in.
At the moment though Jessica was waiting for Steve to go and see Casablanca.
"Hey Jess!"Jessica turned round to see Steve walking up to her looking annoyed
"Hey"She said and gave him a light hug".How did it go?"Steve shook his head"Oh well it will happen one just have to have faith."
"I suppose"He then stook out his arm"Come on let's go in"Jessica laughed and took his arm.

Half way through one of the propaganda adverts, a guy in front starts to complain about the movie not being shown so Jessica and Steve being the patriots they were told him to shut up and show some respect which in turn led them to being dragged up to an alley to be beat up.
"Hey!You want to pick on someone your own size"Bucky-Steve and Jessica's bestfriend said pulling the bully off of the two. After Bucky had dealt with the bullies"Very genlemen like picking on a young lady"He shouted as the bully ran away, he turned round and pulled the two up.
"Sometimes I think you two like getting punched"
"We had him on the ropes"Steve said dusting himself slightly zoned out as Bucky 'Told Steve off' for lying on his enlistment rubbed her nose frowning when she saw blood'great'she thought sarcastically.'Now I look even more attractive'
"You get your orders?"This brought Jessica's attention
" James out for England first thing tommorow"She looked at him
"I should be going"Jessica and Steve said at the same looked at each other and smiled slightly at what they did buck Steve frowned when he saw Jessica's nose"Don't worry"She suddenly grinned
"Come on you two"He said and wrapped his arms around the two"It's my last need to get you two cleaned up"
"Why?Where are we going"Jessica asked.
"The future"Bucky replied and he passed her the she read the article she passed it over to Steve who took it and read it too.

"I just want to join up"Steve said still annoyed and Jessica nodded agreeing with him as they walked down the steps
"I don't see what the problem is you two have to be the least eligebal man and woman in New know there's three and half million men and woman here"
"I'd settle for just one "
" And I'm waiting for the right one,I don't want some random guy "She said looking at couldn't he see that she liked him?but like really liked him...
"Good thing I took care of that then"He said talking to Steve,He then waving at two beautiful for Bucky and one for both rushed ahead
"Hey!What about me?!"She turned round
"I thought you didn't want some random guy"He said".
"Yeah but..."She said mumbling to herself as she trailed along.
"Hi"She greeted to the two girls
"Who's this?"The brown haired girl said
"Oh this mine and Steve's friend Jessica"They frowned obviously abot jealos abot her being friends with rolled her eyes
"Come on lets go"She walked over to the Stark presentation and waited a few minutes before she was blonde girl who was meant to be with Steve was ignoring him.
"Sweet?"Steve asked Jessica handing her a bag of 'Rhubarb and Custard'
"Thanks"She said smiling softly at him and reaching in and grabbing a sweet and once she popped it in her mouth the presentation got bored quickly and whispered into Steve's ear who looked put-out after the blonde idiot gave him a look at him offering a sweet.
"Come on"

They waited in line for 'face in the hole picture',
She couldn't help but laugh when Steve wasn't tall enough for it he glared at her but she just managed to get her mouth in the picture.
"Come on"Bucky said suddenly appearing and pushing Steve's shoulder"Your kind of missing the point of a double date"He then looked at Jessica"Well a double date and one extra"
"Hey"She cried
"She's not an extra"Steve argued
"I know I'm joking Jess"He said ruffling Jess' hair."Anyway we're taking the girls dancing"
"You go ahead"Steve said and Jess nodded
"I'll catch up with you guys"
"You really doing this again?"Bucky raised an eyebrow
"Did you really just ask that?"Bucky shrugged
"Well it's a fair.I'm gonna try my luck"
"As who?Steve from Ohio?"
"Look"Steve said getting annoyed"I know you don't think I can do this but-"
"It's not a game!It's war!"Bucky said to Steve and Jess.
"We know it's a war!"Jess replied angrilly"We're not children!"
"I didn't say you were,You can get another job"
"What do you want us to do?Collect scrap metal in our little red wagons?"
"Yes!"Jess scoffed
"Bucky.."Steve said trying to Bucky from rambling"Bucky!"
"Come on there are men a laying down their lives ,We've got no right to do anything less then them-Well I suppose Jess does she's a woman but she could still her 's what you don't understand"
"Exactly"Jess said"All we want is our chance to help"
"This isn't about us"Steve said
"Right"Bucky said looking between the two"'Cause you've got nothing to prove"Jess course she wanted to fight for country and do her part but she also wanted to prove to herself and to thers that she could do it.
"Hey sarge!"One of the girls called"Are we going dancing or what?"Bucky turned round
"Yes we are"He then turned back round"Don't do anything stupid until I get back"
"How can we?You're taking all the stupid with you"Bucky shook his head and walked over
"You're a punk"He said giving Steve a manly hug
"Jerk"Said Steve patting him on the back"Be careful"He said as Bucky pulled back and gave Jess a hug
"Look after yourself Buck"She said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"You too"
"Don't win the war till I get there"Steve told/ordered him.
"I'll walk you over"Jess said grabbing Steve's hand as they walked over to where Steve would have to fill out his forms.
"I'll see you tommorow night"He told her giving her a hug
"Yup,Good luck Steve"
"Good luck Jess"She walked away and smiled back at what seemed like a nice old man.

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