Chapter 4

It was Sunday morning at the Shay apartment and Carly and Sam were in the kitchen.

" Oh I am so excited today." Carly said sitting down at the just stared at her.

"Why?''Sam asked in a sleepy tone.

" Well we're going to a ghost hunting house ain't that a little exciting" Carly asked.

''Ugh haven't you realized that Fenton works doesn't have a single customer." Sam said.

Just then the door bursted open and Freddie came in.

"Morning peeps"Freddie stopped by the couch to see Spener bolting a new side to the ghost portal. The inside was about a yard tall,

"So I got our main camera, The Hat Cam and a mic." Freddie said placing each item on the counter accidently placing the mic on Sam's Cream then licked the mic clean and continued eating.

"Why did you asked for the hat cam?" Freddie asked still unsure why yesterday after Danny left Carly asked for it.

"Well ummmmmm...I think something is wired with Danny." Carly said.

"Why ?"Freddie asked. "Well haven't you noticed that when you stand near him it gets freezing,or that he reacted funny when I told him that spencer was building a ghost portal." Carly said

"So what do you belive he is a ghost.'' Sam laughed.

"Well I kind of noticed that when we were in the studio he covered his mouth and a mist came out."Freddie said.

"Ok fine we will take the nerds cap" Sam moaned.


Later that day around noon. Jack was daydreaming a little too much about iCarly advertising.

" I can imagine it Fenton Works getting phone call after phone call for ghost exterminations" Jck presumed in a happy cheerful voice.

Maddie usely supported Jack but he has babld on about this since Danny told him." Just think a huge line waiting outside our hallway to come in." He babbled on."But then we would have to spend 50 grand for a bigger space." He mumbled to himself.

"Dad haven't you thought enough about this." Danny questioned.

"Not at all son just think about your popularity in your new school." Jack explained.

" No because in Amity Park I was the Dunce of the school." Danny moaned.

Just then the door bell rang.

"I'll get it." Danny said.

He was so releaved to get out of the room. Danny ran up to the peep-hole to see Carly, Sam, and Freddie with camera equipment.

" Hey guys." Danny greeted in a tired voice.

"Hey Danny" Carly answered in a more happier tone.

"Please come in" Danny Said moving aside.

Carly came in looking normal, Sam was wearing a hat, and Freddie pushed a cart of techno stuff into the living room.

" Wow nice place." Freddie commented.

"Yeah better than my place." Sam added.

"I know it looks big but Mom hasn't gotten to putting everything out, We have the nook set up, The T.V is out, But we don't have a couch.

" Why don't you have a couch." Carly asked.

" dad could have tasered it with a ghost laser." Danny said.

Just than Jack came slamming into the stair banister Carrying something covered in green slime.

"Danny... one... exploded." Jack puffed out.
Sam began chuckling and Freddie gave Carly the This is a bad idea look.

Hey finally got another chapter in. Next chapter is the recording.