Alright this is a year after the story, "Charizard Begins" and yes Lapras is taking the lead in this one. ) I do not own anything from DC comics!

A year after the war at LA, Nadilla and Lapras are in Virginia for a holiday and their parents are having a function with their father's old friend, Ferris Boyle. This time, Nadilla brought her rabbit, Fluffy for the trip since the hotel allows pets. Now the family are meeting with Boyle at a fancy French restaurant.

"Mom, why is Naqi not with us?" asked Nadilla. Her little brother maybe autistic, but she really loves him.

"Well it's going to be an adult party and you are grown up to go with us. Besides, he's living with your grandparents," says her mom. Nadilla's dad join in the conversation.

"Also, I don't want to make a scene and embarrass myself infront of anyone at work."

"Aww but it'll be no fun without Naqi," pouts Lapras while he rests his body on Nadilla. Nadilla's dad smile and said, "Don't worry, he'll be fine with your grandparents and we're late!"

Later in the evening, Nadilla and her family are at the 'Le Petit Restaurant' and in front of the door stood a man in a tuxedo with grayish-black hair and he looks in his mid 30s.

"Well, well. Looks like you and your family made it Nazhan," said the man.

"Thanks for the comment Boyle,"said Nadilla's dad.

"Now let's have din- WHAT IS THAT THING?!

Nadilla noticed that Mr Boyle was referring to Lapras. "Don't worry Mr. Boyle, this is my friend Lapras. He's a water horse."

"Yeah, and I don't bite," Lapras barks out.

Boyle looks like he is about to faint. "AND HE TALKS?! Never mind that, let's go and have dinner and keep that slimy beast of yours outside!

Nadilla couldn't help but snarl at him, "I don't like him. He's like a grumpy old man with a bad manner."

"You said it Nadilla. He called me a slimy beast!"

"Now, now you two. Behave yourself and don't embarrass us for once," said Nadilla's mom. Soon, the family and Boyle are eating their meal in the restaurant until Boyle spoke up. "Tomorrow I'm having a party for the best humanitarian around and all of you are invited. I'll give you the address after this."

"Ferris that's wonderful! We'll be there," said Nadilla's mom. As soon as Nadilla's mom said that, both Nadilla and Lapras laughed hysterically. "He's name is Ferris Boyle?" chuckled Nadilla.

"More like a 'ferris' wheel sunk into a 'boyling' water," said Lapras who burst out laughing.

Just as Nadilla's dad was about to say a word, a huge blast of ice was seen in front of Boyle.

"Revenge is upon you Boyle," says a deep monotone voice. When Nadilla turns around, she sees a man in a robotic suit wit pale skin and red goggles holding a freeze gun. Lapras suddenly jumps up and said, " Freeze!"

The man smirks, "That's Mr Freeze to you." He fires his gun at Boyle but Nadilla tackled Boyle to the ground. Soon, Lapras launches his attack at Mr Freeze but it does not affect him. "My suit gives me a super human strength for your information. With that he left the restaurant and said,"I'll be back for you, Boyle."

"Hey, come back here!" says Lapras as he speeds up to catch up to Freeze. "Go for for it Lapras!" cries Nadilla.

With that, Lapras hops on a moving truck to catch up with Freeze.

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