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It has been a long flight for Nadilla to find a hospital but she promised Lapras that she will help him. She cranes her neck to see the passengers behind. Lapras and Fluffy were talking to Victor. In his arms, Victor was holding on to his wife. A tear slides down at the corner of Nadilla's eye.

As Nadilla turns back to look for a hospital, Lapras barks out. "Hey Nadilla, I found a scent of hospital and it's not far ahead!"

Nadilla sniffs in the air. Lapras was right. She can smell medicines like herbal types. "Ok, I'll drop you and Freeze down there while I send Fluffy home."

Lapras was puzzled. "You mean that you're not coming with us?"

Nadilla lowers her head once they are at the hospital. "Well, Fluffy needs some rest and mom and dad will get mad if they find out that I'm not at the party. But, I'll be back once they're asleep"

"Thanks for the ride Nadilla," said Lapras as he slides down Nadilla's head. He was followed by Victor who was carrying Nora in his arms. "Come Lapras, time is running out," said Victor in his monotone voice.

When Victor and Lapras went into the hospital, Lapras turns around to see Nadilla holding Fluffy in her claws safe and sound. "Go, save your wife Freeze!" roars Nadilla before she takes off with Fluffy.

Soon, Victor and Lapras are in the hospital. "Don't worry, we will find the cure," said the doctor who was known as Dr. Combs. "We will bring her in the examination room to find out about her symptoms."

When the Dr. Combs and the nurses placed Nora on the bed and pushed her into the examination room, Lapras and Victor waits outside for the news. "Please let my wife be okay," murmurs Victor. Lapras placed himself under Victor's hand. "Don't worry Victor," said Lapras. "She'll be alright. Nadilla told me that if you love someone very much, God will hear you and grant you your wish."

Victor smiles at Lapras' words. He suddenly gave Lapras a hug and Lapras close his eyes with a purr. "Lapras, thank you for helping me find Nora and I thought Nora was the only one who understands me but I was wrong. Because you and your owner changed it. You two are like my closest friends."

"Thanks, Victor."

Suddenly, Dr. Combs came out of the room with a calm expression on his face. "Mr. Fries."

"Yes doctor?" asked Victor as he stands up for the news. "Your wife has a rare blood-type so we decided to do an operation," said Dr. Combs. Victor's heart felt like it had crushed until Dr. Combs says, "Luckily, we found organs from our donors that are the right size for her age so she's got a chance to live. I also want to thank you for keeping her alive with your cryogenic technique for freezing her. If it wasn't for you, she could have died."

A tear slides down at the corner of Victor's eye-goggles. "Thank you! Oh thank you, Dr. Combs!"

Dr. Combs chuckles and then his voice sounds firm this time. "Mr. Fries, I am going to give you a choice. Since we are going to perform the operation now, do you wish to stay here until the operation is done or I'll call you at home when it is complete?"

Victor has a determination in his voice. "I prefer to stay here until the operation finish. Food does not matter, sleeping does not matter. The only thing that matters now is my wife."

"Very well," sighs Dr. Combs. "Nora is very lucky to have a devoted husband.

With that, Victor and Lapras sat at a chair that is close to the operating rule. "Hey Victor, do you wanna hear a story?" asked Lapras. Victor pats him on the head. "Alright, but is this a happy story?"

Victor was surprised when Lapras shakes his head. "Actually, it's a sad story. Do you remember that I told you about the saddest moments for Nadilla?"

"No, not really. What is it about?"

Lapras lets out sigh before speaking up. "When Nadilla was eight, our grandfather who found me in an egg died. Nadilla was heart-broken at that time. Not only that he died, but before this Nadilla argued with him because he can't do anything to make her mom listen to her. So Nadilla's final words are ' I wish you were dead!' before going back."

Victor placed his hand on Lapras as he continues, "The next day, Nadilla went to our grandparent's house to apologize to our grandfather. She told me to stay downstairs to wait for our parents and grandmother who were out shopping. I was sitting downstairs until I heard a scream upstairs and when I went up, I saw Nadilla next to our grandfather on the bed trying to wake him up but nothing happens until Nadilla whispered,

'He's gone Lapras.'"

Lapras saw Victor shed a few tears from his story. "Aw, don't worry Victor. You're one of the lucky ones. As I was saying, after Nadilla told me that he is gone, she whispered in his ear to say that she is sorry and how much she missed him. When the funeral starts, we all read prayers and then when he was going to be buried, Nadilla sang a song that is soft for me to hear but I can still remember how did it go."

Step one, you say we need to talk,
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk,
He smiles politely back at you,
You stare politely right on through.

Victor stared at Lapras. The words of the song reminds him of the time where he met Nora after going through a hard time with his parents and school. When he closed his eyes, the second verse of the song becomes powerful.

Some sort of window to your right,
As he goes left and you stay right,
Between the lines of fear and blame,
You begin to wonder why you came.

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness,
And I would have stayed up with you all night,
Had I known how to save a life.

That verse made him remembered the time where he met Nora at the university while he was a professor. She was beautiful, graceful and she understands him. They were a happy couple and when Victor proposed to her, that was the happiest moment of his life. The two were having a wonderful life until that fateful day.

Nora was diagnosed with a fatal disease.

Victor took care of here until he can find the cure. But he needs money for the medicines by working at Gothcorp.

Let him know that you know best,
'Cause after all you do know best,
Try to slip past his defense,
Without granting innocence.

Lay down a list of what is wrong,
The things you've told him all along,
And pray to God he hears you,
And I pray to God he hears you.

That was the time remembered that his life was doing down hill. But he was going to find the cure. Every night, he will pray to God that the cure will be found. But Nora's condition had gone worse. And that is where the big moment sparks.

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend,
Somewhere along in the bitterness,
And I would have stayed up with you all night,
Had I known how to save a life.

Now this line hits Victor like a bullet train. He remembered that at night, he carried her to the lab at Gothcorp where it all started. He promised Nora that when the cure is found, he will open the machine and defrost her. ' When I wake up, I know you'll be here next to me,' those words echoes into Victor's ears like a church bell.

How to save a life.

Suddenly, Victor was snapped back into reality. "That is the most beautiful song I ever heard," smiled Victor. "Thanks, I think," said Lapras. It is five minutes to midnight and still, there is no news for the operation. Victor was worried. "What is taking them so long?"

"Well, operation takes a long time."

Victor and Lapras turned to the right and saw that the voice belonged to Nadilla. "Hey Nadilla! What took you so long?" asked Lapras.

Nadilla sat down next to Victor and Lapras sat on her lap. "Well Lapras, after sending you and Victor to the hospital, I flew back to the hotel to send Fluffy. I was carrying the key to our hotel room since I have to bring it in case."

"And then, what happen?" asked Victor.

"When I saw an open window outside the hotel rooms, that my chance of flying to the party before my parents find out. When I got there, I quickly went to the bathroom to get my dress and meet mom and dad."

Lapras cocks his head. "So did mom and dad asked where did you go?"

Nadilla laughs. "Oh yeah. I told them that I was exploring the whole building like an adventure. And they buy that!"

"And what happen to Boyle?"

"Now Boyle, was arrested when I was about to go home with mom and dad. We saw the police car outside of the building. Anyways back at the hotel room, I watch a program on TV and I wait until my parents are asleep and that's when I took the key to our room and flew out of the open window and here I am," said Nadilla who was out of breath.

"Well, I'm glad Boyle's gone," chirped Lapras.

Suddenly, the doors from the operating room opens with Dr. Combs coming out. Victor, Nadilla and Lapras looked at him with hope in their eyes. Lapras saw a small smile on Dr. Comb's face.

"Mr Fries, operation was a success!"

Alright, Nora lives! Will Victor see her in the next chapter?

Stay tune:)

P.S. The song is by Fray: How To Save A Life. ( a beautiful piece)