"Tell Me No Lies"

Rated: T and then eventually M

Pairings: Data/Tasha as always

Disclaimer: My first attempt in answering the age-old question that has plagued every D/T fan, yes, Tasha it did happen. Now I do not own TNG although I do wish that I owned Data because he surely would have ended up with Tasha if I had my way about it...

Summary: Sometimes admitting the truth is the hardest part!

Chapter 1~ It Never Happened


As the turbo lift doors opened, the android immediately feigned his interest on the control panel before him as she exited the lift. Despite the distance between them, the tension was tremendously felt throughout the bridge, even to an emotionless android.

Data chanced a look at the petite, short-haired blonde occupying the tactical station. It was meant to be a short glance, one that was only privy to him but he was instantly caught. Their eyes locked for a brief moment and the exchanges spoke volumes of an awkward happenstance that fate had just dealt them no more than an hour ago.

An unspoken attraction that had refused any deterring alarms of protocol by disarming a security chief and invoking some type of semblance of desire into an immoveable android. An enticement that had dominated two senior officers, pulling them dangerously to a point of no return. The fascination that had entangled them both and was now laid out in the forefront to be dealt with swiftly and promptly.

Tasha ended the anxiety by hastily turning back around. She inhaled a deep breath and slowly exhaled, calmly pushing aside every visual image of bliss his body had just produced within her during their sexual interlude.

Gathering her courage once more she made her way over to the android, her steps fast and determined, her eyes piercing into his as the cold, brief denial left her sweet lips.

"Data, I'm only going to say this once - it never happened!"

And with those calculating words, Data stood motionless. If an android was capable of experiencing shock, then she appeared to be successful in introducing that emotion to him. His face mimicked the bewilderment her refusal had just provoked perfectly. So much so that the android whom appeared incapable of keeping quiet was rendered silent, only to be graced with her backside walking swiftly back to her station after delivering such a blow.

Data was completely oblivious to the small smile that crept along Tasha's lips as the satisfaction from her rejection completely contradicted the lure of the man whom stood less than six feet away from her.

She was the chief of security, a trained official in cutting off all emotional ties if the need be. But to her surprise and dismay, the ability to do so came much more easier to her because of her past on Turkana Four.

But this man posed a problem, he was now a risk to her because he had already unknowingly breached her barriers. She was always careful to remain guarded and if it hadn't been for that damn virus, she would still be succeeding in that area, even with him!

So now it was up to her to rely on the only sense of survival she knew when this problem ever reared its ugly head. She would evade, ignore and forget! Her past fiancé, as well as the man whom inspired her to join Starfleet, Darryl Adin called it the big E.I.F. It was the Federation's surefire way of ending all emotional ties that could possibly endanger the fleet or in her case - one's heart!

There was only one loop hole in the plan. This man she had to see everyday, work beside on every away mission because of his status aboard the Enterprise. It was her job to protect not only the Captain but the first and second in command of the ship. And it just so happened that Data fell into that category, unfortunately for her.

Two popular earth phrases came to her mind. She always heard that 'in time you will forget' but on the downside of that, she was also told that 'absence makes the heart grow founder.' And she had no doubt that aboard this ship, she would become acquainted with which one of those quotes would ultimately be the deciding factor of this circumstance.

She had no defense in her artillery, other than to rely on her training. Soon, she was reminded of a lifeline in a book she once read while at the Academy called "Oliver Twist" written by a famous author named Charles Dickens. His words are well suited for the strategy she was about to employ against the android. The eighteenth century writer wrote this deliberate yet haunting truth about an event, 'began to be forgotten, as most affairs are, when wonder, having no fresh food to support it, dies away of itself.'

It was these very words alone that the professors at the Academy wanted the students to comprehend and grasp. In order to forget an event or someone you must starve the memory till it is no longer prevalent in one's life. No longer worthy of thought or remembrance and this would be her art of war in forgetting. But the only question that was left was this - would the android let her?


Author's Notes: So here's the first chapter to my new fic. I have to admit that it is going to be quite a challenge for me because I rarely keep Data in his android state, whereas in this story he will remain the Data we all know and love. And on top of that I hardly ever stay true to the normal timeline of TNG, I am notorious for changing it into an AU...So once again, just bare with me on this one and I hope it will please you all...Now on to Parallels! Hopefully it will be updated today as well.