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It was a regular day at Playa Des Losers. Jo and Brick were having one of their daily races. They decided to go to a part of the island that was near the forest up a mountainside. "You ready Brickhouse." Jo said. "Yes on the count of three." Brick replied.

"One." Brick started.

"Two." Jo said.

Just before Brick was going to say three Jo started to run. "Hey! I wasn't finished yet." Brick said as he started to catch up to her. "Sorry Brickhouse, but I always don't go on three." Jo said. They both started running next to each other. Jo bumped Brick, and Brick bumped her back. "Sorry." Brick apologized. Jo just rolled her eyes.

The duo found two separate paths. Brick took the one on the left, while Jo took the one on the right. However, the two were so focused on wining they didn't see the sign on the path Jo took.


Jo was still running she looked behind her to see Brick not behind her. "Ha! I'm finally going to win th-" She stopped because she got her sweater caught on some thorns. She struggled with all her might to get her sweater out, but every time she did the thorns scratched her skin. It took her a few minutes until she finally got out, but she tripped over a ledge and fell on a rock pile, and passed out. Her sweater ripped, her covered in scratches, and just as it got worse she was bleeding on the left side of her head, her stomach, and her left leg.

Brick was smiling as he took the right path of the race and saw the finish line. He looked behind him to see Jo gone. He thought Jo was playing a joke, and actually won. When he got to the finish line he stopped. Jo was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Jo?" Brick questioned himself.

Uh oh looks like Jo is in life or death situation. Wiil she live? Will she die? Or will Brick find her in time? Hey that rhymed. But no time for jokes. I might relese two more chapters today and tommrow because of LABOR DAY!.

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