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After the whole accident, Brick and Jo started a relationship together. However, when Chris said the cast has to leave the resort next week they were both heartbroken. Thinking they won't see each other again. But they both exchange their numbers so they can contact each other.

A year later Brick heard from his mother that new neighbors were moving next door, what he didn't know that Jo will be his new neighbor. When Brick and his mother came to the house, he was surprised and very happy to see Jo again.

Brick then asked Jo why did she move, which caused her to cry, saying that Gabe got out of jail and went to school with her. He wanted to get together with her, but she refused, so to make her suffer during class, he pushed Jo into the girl's bathroom, and tried to rape her. After Gabe got arrested again for rape, all of the girls at school started calling her 'slut' and 'whore.' Jo was about to kill herself, but she remembered Brick, and knew that if she killed herself Brick will be upset again like how he was when she was in a coma.

After her dad heard this from the school, Jo asked him if she could move somewhere near Brick's area. So Jo's father contacted Brick's mother and told her about her son dating her daughter, and a neighborhood that will be perfect for them, so Jo could be happy again. Brick's mother then told him that there was a house for sale just next door to them. After her father told Jo she was very happy.

Three years later Brick and Jo graduated from college and Brick proposed to Jo making her happy. They both invited the whole cast and their family. On the day of the wedding Brick wore the same outfit her wore for his birthday, the one on the day Jo started a relationship with him, and Jo wore the same dress from the same time, but Zoey and Dawn, including Anne Maria decorated it with flowers. After saying, "I do" to each other the couple were together forever for the first time.

Five years later, Brick and Jo started a family and a future. Jo became a P.E teacher for the girls, while Brick became the boys P.E teacher, and the teacher for the army club. They also had twin girls together. Riley and Skyler.

Riley looked just like her mother only with long dirty blonde hair, and Brick's skin color. She also had Jo's eyes and her cutthroat attitude, and also her 'I always win, never loose strategy.' Jo loves her so much, but Brick is worried about her when she gets older, thinking she will act like Jo, and bossing people around.

Skyler was like her father; she looked like Riley only she had Brick's hair color, Brick's eyes, but Jo's skin tone. She also is called Sky by her father, and also acts like her dad, by never leaving anyone behind, being a gentleman, loving the army, and also being scared of the dark.

Brick and Jo always remembered about their past and they need to know that what brought them together was an accident, a birthday party, and a notebook. If it wasn't for that notebook their story won't have a happy ending. But they did and are together forever.

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