"Don' you?" Draco cleared his froggy throat and tried again, some while later, he didn't know exactly how long. "Ahem. Mmm. Ah, er. Don't you?" He knew only that his muscles were cramping cruelly from lying on a carpet with Harry Potter smashing him flat. Harry was fit, which meant he was no lightweight for all his short and glorious stature. Oh, and that his life was bliss. The very definition of, suddenly, and wasn't that awesome? "Haven't you…patients?"

"Mmmm," Harry lifted his head limply and smiled daftly, closed-mouthed. He blinked. "Mmm, no. Cancelled."

"Brill," Draco replied, instantly, senses on high alert. "Then we have—"

"Time to do that again, yes," Harry nodded his very shaggy head. Which was all damp on the ends and smelt amazing. "Plenty. As long as we like, as often as we like."


It was not to be, Draco's short lived joy at hearing Harry's plan for the day. He sat up, switchblade quick, and shoved a naked Potter off his lap, rolling his eyes as he reached for nonexistent robes. Frowned terribly when they weren't there, too.

"Oh, fuck, I've work! I have to go, Harry—I'm so—I've—I can't!"

"Ack!" Potter yelped, scrambling inelegantly to re-establish himself atop Draco. Managing to curl himself up like a kitten, too, when he did it sucessfully, an unfortunate image that had a distracted Draco almost instantly inwardly melting.

He flopped back on the carpet, done in by a winning combo of no available work robes and an honestly, excruciatingly, adorable, actual Potter. Who said to Draco: "Wait, no! You don't, idiot man. It's all in hand—I just forgot to tell you, sorry."

"Tell me what?" Draco demanded, levering Harry's dropped chin up with one thumb so he could stare at him suspiciously. "What're you hiding from me, Harry? Don't not tell me things. I'm yours, you know. You're mine, now."

"Ngh." Harry shrugged, ever so casually. "Ah," he added, stretching the shrug into a luxuriant full-body reach. "Hmmm," he hummed licking his chapped lips and settling back against Draco's bare chest.

"Come on, Harry," Draco prodded, patiently. "Spit it out, say it. I won't be angry, I promise."

"It's…well. It's like this." Potter went all shifty-eyed; Draco tensed. "No! It's nothing to be angry about, either. It's only. Only, criminy, you are so over the top, sometimes. I'm for it, I can already see that."

Potter huffed, faintly, but he was smiling, still.

"Yes?" Draco narrowed his eyes, ever more suspiciously. "It's like what, Potter? Because I do have a responsibility to our clients and as much as I'd like to do this all day, do you all day, I cannot. I have a job, fuck it but there it is, and it doesn't choose to wait upon me shagging you silly whenever I want. We'll have to meet up later—"

"No, we won't, Draco," Harry interjected. "That's what I'm trying to tell you. Your Mum?"

"What about Mum?"

"When she stopped in to collect Teddy she told me she and Aunty and Bill were taking on your jobs. All of them. Said to tell you to take a damper, Draco, and relax for fucking once, she'd handle it."

"No!" Draco blanched. "My mother never said 'fucking', Harry! You lie, you little wanker!"

Harry shrugged. "Well, no. She didn't, not in so many words, but that's what she meant, I'm sure. In any case, we're free, you and me. Free as the wind. We can shag till we're raw, if we want." He peeped up, through those damned overlong lashes of his. "Um. I want, as it happens. You so want, yes?"

"Yes! Er! Well." Draco swallowed hard, his mind caught fast upon the image of his mother and his Aunty, poor Weasley in tow, banishing banshees and ridding various unsuspecting client's homes of cursed cabinetry, all in a day's work. Rah! Go, Mum...but. "Huh. Really?"

"Really," Potter nodded. "Um….Draco?" He elbowed his Veela gently in the ribs. "That's all right, isn't it? Because I don't think she was planning on consulting you. Or waiting for permission, either. I think she was just going to go ahead and do it."

Draco considered.

"Hmmm." His mum had been complaining of an extended bout of ennui recently, what with Theo having tutors and swim lessons and the like. And Aunty had taken up first knitting, then macramé and then ikebana, only to cast them all aside in a huff. There were only so many tea parties and socials two intelligent elder ladies could attend, after all. Only so many charities they could micro-manage in their spare "Hmmm. It…it might very well do, this." He nodded genially at Potter's tentative half-grin. "We could certainly use a few more temps. Business has been skyrocketing lately."

"Yes!" Harry nodded right along with Draco, even more enthusiastically. "I thought so too, Draco. And it'll will leave you a little more free time, which will be," he blinked at Draco, all feline and mouth-wateringly sticky with Draco's seed, and knowing it, the git, "quite convenient."

Draco drew in a sharp breath. His Potter, he could sense, would provide him a run for his Galleons.

"Now, come kiss me," his Potter smirked, laying back at his ease upon the jewel-toned carpet and fiddling with his delicious bits in a manner gauranteed to attract Draco's attention. "I want more of you."

"Of course, whatever you wish. My command, Harry. Always." Draco replied with alacrity, blinking. There was a fair amount of Potter he'd missed out on, the first time. Must needs rectify that, soonest.

"Fucking well right, it is," Harry mock-growled. He pawed at Draco, who acceded willingly, bending down to lay lips on Potter's parted ones. "C'mere, you!"

"Oi!" Draco gasped when his ears were grabbed and his head was hauled downwards, Harry's mouth crushing his own gasping lips suddenly, flattening them like spent pillows.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, happily, much later on relatively-speaking, drawing away when he was finally allowed, which was only after some incredibly ingenious tongue action. "It's like that, is it? Potter."

"Just like that," Potter purred sweetly, and nestled closer, his lovely naked person rubbing at Draco's equally delightful nudity. There were, Draco noted, scads of moulted feathers absolutely everywhere; no matter. That's what elves were for, wasn't it? "Mmmm, just exactly like that, love. Now come on. Don't make me wait."


(I do hope you enjoyed it. Tiger)