Here is the companion fic to Extermination that I promised MONTHS ago.

So sorry for the loooooong wait. At first I was trying to write it all at once, but that didn't work. Then I tried to break it up into three parts, but that STILL didn't work. So now after all this time, I decided to break it up even more and finally it has become a lot easier to handle.

This entire thing is in Naruto's POV. As I said it is the companion to Extermination so it is bascially the events leading up to and during the story. It will cover from Naruto's birth to the end of Extermination(with gaps and such of course).

Again I'm very sorry for the long wait. I am also still working on the sequel, but that will have to come up once this thing right here is finished.

Warning: If you've read Extermination then you should already know this but there will be Mpreg. Just saying.

EDIT: Now here is the beta'd version by LadyofBlu!

So with all of that said...

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A monster killed my parents. I know one did. I saw it. Mommy and daddy were bleeding. And they had a big hole in their tummies and chests.

They said I couldn't remember that. I was too little. I was just born. But I know what I saw. I remember. The monster made me remember.

The only things he remembered seeing when he opened his eyes for the first time were three demons and a monster, but all he could focus on was the giant, red fox demon. Whose red, red eyes were mad and crazed. Whose sharp, white fangs were stretched into a sadistic grin. Whose large claws were stained red.

"I've been waiting a long time for this." Were the first words Naruto heard. Then he heard a man screaming loudly and his mommy's voice softly cooing words of love to him while her stomach and chest gushed red. Then his daddy spoke words of power and promises to him and nuzzled his head softly while his own lighter-colored body also gushed red. Then Naruto closed his eyes and fell asleep and when he opened them again his mommy and daddy were gone.

That was the story. That was the story that no one believed.

Naruto's first memory goes back to the night he was born, but if asked he will tell you that he only remembers the orphanage. After all that's all he should've remembered. Normal brains don't get the ability to store memory until it is three-years-old. Normal brains also don't translate speech until they learn the language. It wasn't possible for Naruto to have understood the things said that night if he didn't even know how to speak until later.

But even though he can remember further back, it is his memories at the orphanage that were the most prominent. It wasn't entirely pleasant, but it wasn't entirely bad either. He was picked on by the other kids, but the adults were sympathetic. They seemed to pity him a lot. It was because he went around telling everyone that a monster killed his parents. And not a 'normal' monster; he said a giant, monster fox killed his mom and dad. All of the kids would make fun of him for telling that tall tale, but the adults always just shook their heads sadly and said;

"Oh no sweetie. A monster DID kill your parents but a HUMAN monster. Not an animal monster."

He ignored them all. He knew what he saw. He had nightmares of it. Nights where he'd toss and turn in his tiny twin bed dreaming of blood red eyes and huge sharp claws. Sometimes he would wake up and look out the window and swear he could see a flash of red. But the kids just laughed harder and the adults shook their heads more. Naruto kept talking and screaming about it. He wanted someone to go do something about it but his 4-year-old mind just couldn't comprehend why nothing could be done.

Finally someone was brought in to talk to Naruto. It was a child therapist who specialized in dealing with traumatized kids and Naruto spoke to him every day for two hours. Naruto remembered the guy being really nice and giving him lots of toys to play with, sweets to eat, and funny movies to watch. But he never helped him solve his problem. He was just like the other adults in that he liked to tell Naruto he was wrong. He always said the same the thing. That it was strange that a mind as young as his could come up with such a vivid, false memory, but it wasn't impossible as some kids will do strange things to deal with their missing parents.

Useless. They were all useless.

Naruto was still 4-going-on-5 when he decided to take matters into his own hands. It would be the second time in his life that he remembered encountering a giant, red fox demon.

The older kids at the orphanage wanted to watch a scary movie one night. The younger kids, including Naruto, were supposed to be asleep in their beds. But Naruto didn't want to sleep. He saw the cover of the movie case had a picture of a monster on it. It wasn't the monster that killed his parents, but he hoped the movie would show that monster and how to kill it.

So he hid on the steps and watched. It was scary. Incredibly scary. He wanted to scream, cover his eyes, and run away really, really fast. But all he could do was freeze and let out tiny, quiet whines of fear. When neither his parents nor an adult came to comfort him, he stopped and shook silently where he sat and forced himself to watch the rest of the movie.

It was scary. Incredibly scary even though the ending was happy. But it gave him the idea he needed. He needed a gun to shoot the monster in the eye. Then he needed a sharp, grey stick to cut its head off. So when everyone was asleep and the whole place was dark, that's what Naruto got up to do.

It was easy for him to make his way through the dark so he didn't turn on any lights and he stayed silent as he made his way to the playroom and then to the kitchen. The orphanage didn't have any real guns so he grabbed the toy gun that shot out the foam bullets. Two out of the four bullets were missing, but that was okay because the monster only had two eyes. He then went to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest, sharpest knife he could find.

With his knife in one of the pockets of his little, orange footie pajamas and his toy gun in hand, he felt ready. So then, with the kind of stealth not ever seen in a four-year-old, Naruto snuck out of the orphanage without making a peep.

He waddled his way to the forest because that's where monsters live. He didn't know how he knew that or why he felt the forest was the best place to check, he just did. It was pitch black, but Naruto navigated his way easily through the night until he was well within the forest.

Holding his little toy gun close, Naruto was a little afraid. He was all alone in this dark forest looking for a giant monster fox. No one would be able to protect him or save him like his parents did. But he needed to do this. He needed to because no one else will. And even though he was much smaller than the man who killed the monster in the movie, Naruto was certain he could do it too because he was the good guy.

He wanders around, staying completely silent. As much as he wants to call out to the monster fox, that's not what happened in the movie so that's not what Naruto will do. It took only a few minutes for his wandering and silence to pay off.

A pair of eyes, not much higher then himself were staring at him from the darkness of the trees. They were a red color, like the monster fox's eyes, but they were too close to the ground. Naruto couldn't see the rest of the body, only the eyes. He tensed a bit and held his loaded gun closer. It was only when he heard a childish voice, so human-like and comforting, that he calmed down.


"H-Hi," he answered a bit shyly. The eyes tilted a bit, as if the head they were attached to tilted in confusion.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto stayed silent for a few seconds prompting the voice to say, "Don't be scared. I won't hurt you."

And Naruto could feel the voice the telling the truth. There was a soothing scent in the air that strangely calmed him down immensely. It also made him a bit sleepy, but he had to stay awake. He could only go nap once the monster fox was dead.

"I-I'm looking foh ah monshur."

"A monster? Why?"

"A monshur keeled my mommy an my daddy an I wanna get vevenge," Naruto answered a bit more angrily. The eyes tilted in the other direction.

"Pretty brave of you."

Naruto smiled, happy that for once someone was not making fun of him for his story.

"But humans live in the city behind you."

Naruto frowned and shook his head. "No, no! I'm not looking foh ah man. I'm looking foh ah monshur. Ah monshur fox."

The eyes suddenly gleamed.

"A monster fox you say?"

Naruto nodded frantically with a glare on his face. "Don make fun ah me!" He aimed his little toy gun. It didn't occur to him that shooting someone for making fun of him would leave him with one less bullet to use against the monster. The eyes closed and Naruto's eyes could somehow pick up the slightest movement of the head they were attached to moving from side to side.

"Oh no, I won't make fun of you. In fact, I want to help you."

"Really!?" Naruto asked excitedly, lowering his gun. No one had ever wanted to help him before. The eyes opened and moved up and down in a nod.

"Yeah. But first you have to help me know what this monster fox looks like."

"He's big an red an has big, white teeth, an big, sharp claws, an big, red eyes kinda like yours only evil an crazy!" Naruto shouted excitedly. There was a chuckle in the air.

"Alright I understand most of that. I think I can get a clear picture in my head of what this monster fox looks like. But help me with the size. Is it this big?" The eyes got real low to the ground. Naruto shook his head.

"No bigger!"

"This big?" The eyes were at the same height as Naruto.


"This big?" The eyes were at the height of the adults.

"Even bigger!"

"This big?" The eyes rise to the height of a tall tree.

"Bigger! It's bigger than anyting I ever saw! It touch the sky I tink!" It didn't occur to his 4-year-old mind that if these eyes were normal, they wouldn't be able to go that high. He didn't pick up anything strange about this encounter. It was only after the voice and the eyes and the body they were attached to stepped out into the light that Naruto realized that something was very wrong.

"Well I can't get any bigger than this or I'll get some unwanted attention. I'll just have to take your word for it," the large baby monster fox, with his nine tails swishing behind him, grinned a monster fox grin.

Naruto let out a scream and frantically got his gun ready. He screamed as he shot the toy and the first foam bullet bounced harmlessly off of the baby fox's cheek. He screamed as he shot again and the second fake bullet missed entirely. He screamed as he pulled out the knife he carried with him and threw it.

The baby fox raised an eyebrow in amazement as the knife went farther than expected, though it still didn't reach him.

"Uh good throw I guess. But you're not going to catch yourself a monster fox with that. You need to be much stronger and much," the baby fox laid down. "Bigger."

Poor, little Naruto was completely freaked out. He expected this to go exactly how he wanted it to go. He wanted to look cool when he avenged his parents. He didn't notice how the fox looked a lot younger than the one that attacked on the night of his birth. He just saw a big, red fox that he failed to kill.

Naruto didn't know what to do. Run away? Stand there and be killed? No. Naruto took a third option. He fell down on his little bottom and cried his little heart out. Loud, high-pitched wails left his mouth and tears ran down his cheeks. His eyes squeezed shut as cried so hard he started to hiccup. He was crying because he failed his parents, because he was afraid for his life, and because his butt hurts. He wanted the big fox to drop dead. He wanted to open his eyes and see the fox magically out of life.

"What's wrong?" He heard the fox softly say. And maybe it was because he couldn't see the monster but he answered honestly.

"I-I-I-I want you dead! WAAAAAH!" He cried.

"Awww, don't cry," the boyish voice said soothingly. Naruto surprised himself when his cries actually quieted down and became hiccups and sniffles instead of all out bawling.

"It'll all be alright," and strangely enough, the voice was now right in front of him. Naruto opened his eyes and was shocked to see a boy his age squatting in front of him. The boy had the same colored eyes and hair as the large fox demon, but he looked as human as Naruto with spiky hair and bangs, a tan skin tone, and even red t-shirt-and-shorts pajamas. But even with the touch of feralness added to his overall persona and the familiar smell, Naruto's four-year-old mind couldn't quite tell that this boy in front of him and the fox demon were one and the same.

"Whe-Wher-Where's da monshur?" He sniffled looking around. The 4-year-old boy in front of him shook his head and when he spoke, he spoke much more eloquently than the blond.

"There's no monster here. The monster you really want is gone now."


"Mm-hm," he nodded. "So you better get back to the orphanage before anyone notices that you're gone and then get worried about you. Here, I'll help you gather your stuff and walk you back," the boy said holding out his hand.

Naruto may be young, but he wasn't that stupid. The monster fox disappears and this strange boy who makes him feel safe shows up in front of him. A trick he didn't dare think it could be, but he also didn't think the monster that killed his parents was dead. The monster was gone alright. Naruto couldn't feel the presence the fox demon had anywhere. But it definitely wasn't dead. This boy must've chased it away.

The night, he was sad to admit, was a failure. But as he put his small hand into the other boy's small hand, all the bitterness from the failure left him. He strangely felt a lot better holding hands with this kid as they walked around and picked up the foam bullets and knife. Naruto felt sort of like this kid was made for him, which was a strange thought, even for the four-year-old. But their hands fitted perfectly and Naruto was oddly happy.

Thinking about it, the people in the movie didn't get the monster on the first try either. They had plenty of chances to kill him. And as Naruto chatted animatedly with his new friend, he figured he'll have plenty of chances too.

And done!

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