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The next time Naruto would remember encountering the fox demon would be when he was seven-years-old.

By then he wasn't in the orphanage anymore. At five-years-old he was adopted by his godfather(who despite the title, wasn't his real father now as Naruto had learned) Jiraiya. It took a bit of asking and whining, but the much older man finally told him why he waited so long to adopt him.

Jiraiya used to work as an agent. A secret agent. An agent like in the action movies but he actually worked with the Uchiha police force. He was the best spy master around and since he was born and grew up in Konoha he wanted to use his skills to help it. He knew how to get tons of connections and he used anything and everything to bust a lot of crime rings. It was an incredibly dangerous job, he did a lot of traveling for it, and he got tons of enemies.

But throughout it all he had a partner. His 'best friend' Orochimaru had skills that competed with his. But instead of turning it into an intense rivalry, they became the best of friends and used their teamwork to crack many cases. Jiraiya said that if it weren't for Orochimaru, some cases would still be unsolved today. But his partner was also a bit wrong. He told Naruto that Orochimaru was orphan like him but he lost his parents when he was a kid not a baby. He never fully recovered from his parents' death and that made him more susceptible to some of the more dangerous trades and persuasions.

He betrayed Jiraiya for an intellectual, crime-conspiracy group. Jiraiya just barely survived the encounter thanks to his doctor friends Tsunade and Shizune. Since then his godfather retired and chose the simple life of an author(he promised to let Naruto read his books one day when he was older). The easy, choose-your-own-hours, lifestyle of an author made it much easier to find time to take care of Naruto and that's what he decided to do. And with the skills he had from his time as an agent, he could easily protect Naruto from any danger. On the off chance he couldn't, he had people he could call that could.

Naruto didn't know what it felt like to be betrayed by a friend. He couldn't understand the pain one goes through when the person you thought you could trust above all others hurts you on purpose and doesn't feel bad. But he hugged Jiraiya anyway and told him that he didn't have to cry because Naruto would always be there. At the time, Naruto didn't understand how he knew his adoptive father was going to cry even though his tears hadn't left his eyes yet, but Jiraiya wasn't surprised so neither was he.

Since then there hasn't been any secrets between the two. Jiraiya admitted that he knew Naruto's parents personally and he told him all kinds of stories about them. In return, Naruto never hides his thoughts from his godfather. There were still a few barriers between them. Jiraiya never lets Naruto call him 'dad' or 'daddy' and he told him he would never have a new mommy. And he forced Naruto to take his mother's last name instead of his own or his father's because as a very drunk Jiraiya admitted one night, Naruto was a bastard child and so he had to have his unwed mother's last name.

But life with his new parent felt almost complete. The man did a great job taking care of him, making sure he was never hungry or thirsty or scared. And during the very few(very few) times Naruto did get sick, he did his best to make sure Naruto got better. When he felt bad Jiraiya cheered him up and he cheered up Jiraiya in return. So Naruto was incredibly happy with his guardian. He felt that this one man managed to successfully stand in for his parents. Even though he'll never replace them(he tells Naruto this constantly).

But for the sake of his true parents, Naruto still wanted revenge.

Unfortunately as he grew up, Naruto could hardly find any chances for that revenge.

He told Jiraiya about his goal and Jiraiya, to Naruto's complete and utter shock, shot him down. He told him that his pursuit was pointless, because the monster that killed his parents was already dead. At seven-years-old, Naruto didn't want to believe this was true. He refused to believe it. He cried because he didn't want to believe it. He remembers the giant fox he saw at the orphanage and he knew it was still alive.

Jiraiya only laughed bitterly and said,

"A fox huh? Trust me Naruto a fox is NOT what you are looking to kill."

After that, Jiraiya said nothing more on the subject and Naruto realized he was completely alone on this. Occasionally his thoughts strayed to that red-haired boy he met on the night. He would think, 'if that boy was here, he would help me'. But he never saw that boy after that night.

School was the same as the orphanage. He couldn't easily make friends because he found it hard to get into what they were into. He wanted to talk about monsters. Fighting and slaying monsters especially foxes. Kids didn't know why. They couldn't get why. So they avoided him because he was weird and that was fine with Naruto. If they couldn't help him then they were of no use to him. At least, that's what he told himself every time he ate lunch alone.

Unfortunately his one track mind also got him in trouble with the school administration. Skipping class to go to the library, not listening to the teacher to draw imagined scenes of him slaying the monster fox or else asking questions that had nothing to do with the lecture, arguing with adult figures who tried to discipline him; Jiraiya told him the teachers wouldn't be so scared if Naruto didn't growl or bite at them. And his godfather wasn't too happy about his poor grades.

He told Naruto constantly that he needed to pull himself together or else he would be branded a 'troubled child' and bad things would happen. The school was only being lenient because they knew his parents were killed and that it happened in front of him. Naruto didn't like disappointing Jiraiya, not after all the man has done for him, so he tried to rein it in. It was hard but he did find himself getting a little attached to one of the teachers, a man named Iruka Umino.

He allowed Naruto to eat lunch with him and he talked about how he also had his parents killed in front of him when he was young and how he recovered from it. He told Naruto a lot of things that made him feel warm, happy, and special.

But it was hard because it was in the back of his mind and he couldn't stop himself from thinking about it.

One day it became too much to ignore.

It was after school and all the kids were rushing to get home.

Naruto wasn't running with them. He was running to the boys' bathroom. He hid in one of the stalls and pretended he was just doing his business for a long, long time.

He was sort of nervous about doing this. He planned on staying after school and sneaking into the library again. There had to be more books he could read and if not he'll teach himself to use one of those comp thingies that the bigger kids can use. But after school hours the library was locked and only place students were allowed to be is in the cafeteria with the ladies who run the afterschool daycare. Obviously he wasn't going to convince them to let him use the library so he had to resort to other tactics.

He did feel bad. Stealing anything was wrong, Jiraiya once told him. But stealing keys from Iruka felt like a special kind of wrong. Especially because he tricked the man into turning his back so that he could grab them and hide them in his pocket. And Jiraiya was definitely going to be worried when he comes back from the publishing house to see Naruto isn't there doing his homework.

But he had to do this. He couldn't wait anymore and he was tired of constantly getting interrupted and yelled at for doing his research. Today he finally going to learn something with no trouble.

Naruto stayed in the bathroom longer than he meant to. He panicked each time he heard a set of footsteps outside and during stretches of silence he was too paranoid to leave. He couldn't get out until the janitor came in and forced him out.

"What are you doing here? Day care is almost over and I'm sure your-uh-uhhh-your uh...Your guardian will be picking you up soon. Get going kid."

He dashed to the library then. The hallways were empty and outside he could see it was getting dark. That made his heart beat faster, thinking about what Jiraiya would do when he sees it's dark and Naruto still isn't home. But he squashed the feeling. If his godfather would just help him out a little being a great researcher himself then maybe Naruto wouldn't have been forced to do this.

He heard a few voices coming from the cafeteria. Seeing as how that was just down the hall from the library, and he was already feeling anxious, it took Naruto several tries to open the locked library and sneak in. He shut the door behind him and sat on the ground panting, trying to calm down from the thrill.

It was completely dark in the library and Naruto stiffened a little. He wasn't afraid of the dark and he wasn't afraid of the school. It was said to be pretty new and so there weren't any ghost stories floating around. Still he felt a little uneasy in the room. Like he wasn't alone or something. Naruto didn't turn on the lights and instead looked around. Ever since he was little he was gifted with good eyesight in the dark. He didn't know why and the orphanage thought it was weird but Jiraiya wasn't surprised so neither was he.

There was nothing else in there with him except the books and comps thingies and tables and stuff so he brushed his gut feeling off. He was probably just being paranoid on account of all the movies he watched plus the fear he felt at getting caught once this was all over. So he made his way over to the light switch and flicked it on. Naruto gave one more look around and still saw nothing.

Time to get to work then. He made his way over to the real books. The 'non-fiction' section they called it. He had never been over here before because despite his one-track mind he was still seven and so the books in the fiction section, especially the monster ones, held his attention. But the withdrawal from the research kicked his determination into overdrive and he was determined not to look at the fake stuff for now.

The first place he looked at in the real section were the animals and he quickly found what he was looking for. Foxes. He reached out and grabbed a flat book on the animal. One the cover was a realistic picture of an adult red fox. It was standing in a bunch of yellow and red leaves with trees in the background and it was staring straight at the camera. Naruto was seven-years-old and he was still petty and lacked discipline. So his emotions override him and instead of immediately reading he threw it on the ground and kicked it.

He hated foxes.

He heard someone clear their voice behind him. It was then he realized he forgot to lock the door behind him. Fearing it was a teacher, he whipped around, ready to apologize and argue with everything he had that he had to be here to research, only to see...a girl his age?

She was exactly as tall as him, with round cheeks, a tiny nose, and naturally pink lips. She had long, straight red hair with bangs and frilly white with pink lace head band, and the poofiest, girliest-looking dress he had ever seen. Seriously it was all white but decorated with pink bows along the hem and collar and up the sides and front and long white sleeves with lace at the end that ended at his wrists. On her feet were some white socks and black, shiny Mary Janes.


The coolest thing about her-the one thing Naruto liked-were her eyes. Her eyes were a strange brown color that looked sort of red as he stared into them longer and reminded him of that boy. And she also had a...ew she had a fox tail attached to her back, swinging around aimlessly. Naruto stuck out his tongue in disgust. He hated foxes.

"Hi there," she smiled, her dimples showing. Naruto leaned away a bit. Girls were still gross to him and this girl, the pure and utter epitome of girl, was exactly what he was afraid of. He didn't say anything in reply so the girl continued speaking.

"It's late," she said pointing out the obvious. Naruto nodded his head.

"I know that!"

"What are you doing here this late?"

"Um...I'm looking at books."

"Does your new parent know you're here?"

This time Naruto's face turned red as he angrily shouted, "None of your business!" His status as a former orphan wasn't exactly a secret but it also wasn't something he liked talking about or even hearing about. And a silly girl had no business learning about his revenge. The girl frowned and tilted her head.

"Can I make it my business?"

"No! Why do you care anyway? What are you doing here?" He asked in rapid succession. The corners of the girl's mouth curled up into a mischievous grin and she put her hand up to her mouth as if to contain her nonexistent giggles.

"Oh I'm here to play a trick on someone. I think it's time he found out what he's dealing with here."

"Well good for you! Go do that and leave me alone!" Naruto shouted. He needed to get back to his research before someone catches him. The girl nodded.

"Okay okay! Turn around then!"

Now Naruto was annoyed. What was she doing ordering him around? Girls are so bossy. He turned around, hoping that this would make the girl leave. But then he felt two, small, incredibly warm hands cover his eyes.

"Hey!" He screamed immediately grabbing at them. He heard a laugh behind him but the voice was much different than the girl's. He pulled hard but whoever was behind him must've had some super strength because the hands would only budge the tiniest bit. He was starting to get scared because he saw this in a movie that Jiraiya watched once with some drunken friends. He wasn't supposed to watch it but he couldn't help himself because he needed more ideas. Now he literally couldn't help himself. He was about to kick backwards when the person spoke again.

"Okay look at me now." And he took his hands away. Naruto turned around and went slack jawed.

The girl was gone. In her place was a boy that looked almost exactly like the boy he met three years ago except obviously he was the same age as Naruto now. Same spiky hair. Same tan skin. Same weird eyes. Same feral-like appearance. He at least ditched the dress in favor of a red shirt with a black collar and some black jeans. There were no shoes on his feet and nothing in his hair and that damn fox tail was gone at least.

Naruto rubbed his eyes. He blinked a few times.

The boy grinned in a way that was eerily similar to the monster fox.

Naruto was so confused he didn't know what to say.

"A-Are you-where's-the...what's your..." Was all he managed before he stopped and tried to piece together what just happened in his mind. A girl was behind him and now she's the boy he used to know. But she placed her hands over his eyes and they never moved so...what just happened?

"I think I got all of that and I'll answer mmm not in order! Yes! I am that boy you met three years agos in the forest. My name is Kurama. And that little girl you just saw-"

Naruto didn't give him a chance to finish that sentence. He had to get at least one hug in. So he jumped and practically swung them both around. They haven't seen each other since their first meeting and Naruto could never forget what this boy was to him. It took someone else pointing it out. When he retold his story to the other kids they laughed and laughed but one mentioned how the red-haired boy saved him. He was a hero.

Naruto thought so. He also thought he was really, really brave because that night as he sat and cried the other boy was chasing away the demon. He also felt slightly jealous. How could that boy be that intimidating? He certainly didn't scare the monster, and he had weapons! He wanted to be scary. He wanted to be intimidating. He wanted to install fear into the monster that killed his parents.

But still, he looked up to the boy and even though he hasn't seen him since, he admired him.

"Ahehe I missed you too," the boy finally responded returning the hug. "Course I was never really that far away."

"Then where were you?" Naruto asked pulling away. "Why didn't you come see me again? Did you know I got adopted? His name is Jiraiya and he's really great to me! I wanna show you and I wanna show you what I've learned and I wanna show you-" Naruto was so excited to see his old friend he completely forgot that he was supposed to be researching. However the thought of the monster fox didn't leave his mind. In fact he got more excited thinking of showing this boy-Kurama-what he learned and then Kurama teaching him how to scare the monster fox.

"Ahaha I'm sure you have a lot to show me," Kurama commented looking all too amused by Naruto. Probably because he was bouncing on his toes. But at 7-years-old the concept of looking cool, even with Kurama looking cool in front of him, wasn't an issue. Especially not with Naruto.

"And tell you! I've watched SO many movies without Jiraiya seeing and I learned so much. I got plenty of ideas and-and I wanna tell you and I wanna learn from you too!"

"Learn from me?" Kurama repeated with a smile. Naruto's head nodded so fast he got a little dizzy.

"You scared the monster fox off! I gotta learn from you Kurama!"

"Oh really now? I don't think I'm good enough to scare a monster fox off though Naruto. It takes something significant to do that."

What?! What Naruto was hearing was pure fake stuff! Naruto was sure he could scare the monster fox off. He was sure he could kick his butt too!

"Oh please!? Please?!" Naruto clasped his hands in front of him. "Please! Please! Please! You hafta help me! I-I'm learning but with your help I'll learn faster! I'll get my revenge quicker!"

Kurama briefly looked surprised before he smirked. A sharp little fang poked out of his mouth over his bottom lip and Naruto could only think 'He looks so cool! I wish that I could look scary.'

"I can teach you a few things."

"Teach me!"

"Lucky you I was actually planning to teach you a lesson right now."

Whoa right now? Right here? Naruto backed away in surprise a little. He didn't expect this at all! But now that this was happening...it was SO GREAT! The blond practically bit his knuckles in excitement. He started hopping from foot to foot in giddiness and he felt his feelings of admiration grow stronger for Kurama. The boy actually sought him out to teach him. He was so the best!

"Okayokay what?!" Naruto exclaimed. The next words he heard threw him completely off guard.

"That girl you saw before was me."

What? Naruto frowned. That girl from before?



"You're a girl?"

"No I'm a boy. Some would say genderless but I like to identify myself with this gender; usually when I'm like this. I just made myself look like a girl."

Was it a magic trick or something? Because his hands didn't do anything. Did he kick it all off with his feet and rip the sleeves off of his arms with his mouth? Naruto looked around but he didn't see a wig or dress or anything that could be used. And what did he mean by genderless? There are boys and girls and nothing else right? Kurama was being so weird now. Only by remembering that this is a lesson did Naruto keep playing along.

"How?" He asked tilting his head.

"Simple. I used an illusion."


"An illusion. I tricked your eyes into seeing something that isn't really there. It's not perfect yet as you saw and one day I will be able to actually make it there but until then it's only...a fake picture if you think about it."

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. An illusion? A fake picture? Tricking his eyes? It's not perfect 'as he saw'? It all sounds so...complicated! Like those special pictures his teacher showed the class once. There were two things in every picture and nothing was as it seemed at first glance. That was hard enough to get but this boy...he changed his entire gender and clothes without his hands!

"How did you do that? Can I learn?" Weird as it is, it can be done apparently. So it would be useful to know for his revenge.

"I'm a demon."

"A what?"

"A demon. You commonly refer to us as monsters but I'm a demon. That's why I can do it."

"A demon? Monster?" Naruto asked tilting his head to the side. The word 'monster' rang through his head more than demon did. And he started to feel a little uncomfortable with that. The monster fox that killed his parents was something called a demon then? That certainly narrowed down his search and helped him because now he had a better idea of what to look for...but what was this sinking feeling in his gut?

"Yes! But I'm not just any demon you know. I'm actually strong and powerful so you should be grateful I'm here!"

"G-Grateful? Well I am-I mean I want help but-"

Kurama backed up and did a mock bow in front of him. "My true name is Kurama. But I'm the great and powerful Kyuubi no Kitsune! Here to offer you my services Naruto."

Naruto froze. He literally felt everything inside him just stop and his hair stand on end. Kitsune? Nine-tailed kitsune?

Sharp, white fangs were stretched into a sadistic grin. "I've been waiting a long time for this." Mad, crazed red eyes.

Nine tails swinging behind.

"Hm?" Kurama looked up and saw Naruto's reaction. "What's wrong?"

"...You..." Naruto whispered. He stumbled back a little as he went weak in the legs. As he stumbled back, he tripped over something and fell to the floor. One glance at the fox on the cover of the book and he felt what little semblance of rationality he had slowly start to leave him. He felt like he couldn't breathe.

"You killed them," he whispered once more. "You killed my parents."

Kurama then smirked. He smirked at what Naruto just said. He smirked.

"So you really are still after that silly and misguided revenge of yours huh? I played along before but now I just find it funny and cute that you want to kill me," he snickered. He snickered. The bastard was laughing at his need for revenge.

"You...You...WHY'D YOU DO IT!?" Naruto screamed running up and grabbing onto the demon's shoulders. The demon's grin never left his face, even as tears poured down Naruto's.

"WHY'D YOU KILL MY MOM AND DAD HUH?! WHY?! AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?! WHY ARE YOU...Why are you..." Naruto trailed off as he lost his train of thought. He was being overwhelmed. Tears blurred his vision and he was shaking so much and sniffling and he was surprised he was still standing.

Now the demon was frowning.

"My purpose that night was to commit murder, but certainly not against your parents as you think. My purpose tonight however, is to save you from this life. The human world is not meant for you."

Naruto's grip tightened. His nails were now digging into the red-eyed boy's shoulders and he hoped it hurt. He glared harsher than ever. He growled out, "I want to kill you."

"I guess you aren't going to listen to me now huh? What if I told you I didn't kill your parents. That I killed your parents' real murderer?"

Naruto's eyes widened. The monster fox was right in that Naruto wasn't listening to his words before, partially because he didn't understand them. But that he understood clearly. And he didn't know what to say. He wasn't expecting that. He was expecting a confession and for his thinking to have been right all along. There's no way he'd falsely accuse someone of killing his parents right? No way. This could be a lie. Naruto grew up with a former agent and this kid was obviously the monster fox and monsters will lie. They will lie. So he knew he'd have to doubt these words.

"I'd-I'd-I'd ask you-I'd-I'd-" If he could just pull himself together long enough to string together a sentence.

"I have no proof if that's what you're looking for." The demon shrugged. "You just have to believe my word for it."

"Then I'd say I don't believe you!"

"Why not?" The demon asked looking annoyed.

"Because all you have is your word and that's not enough!"

"And all you have is your faulty memory which didn't even catch everything! ...Listen to me I'm getting upset. This will not do."

The demon pushed Naruto's hands off of his shoulders. Naruto immediately glanced at them, looking for blood. He was disappointed to see there was none. His attention quickly went back to the monster when it spoke again.

"How old are you? Doesn't matter you clearly are not old enough yet for some critical thinking skills. Maybe once those come to you I'll be back to offer my services once again," the demon actually bowed towards him again. It had to be mockery or something. It had to, which just made Naruto even more angry.

"Now I must leave before you attempt to strangle me, spit on me, or both." The demon grinned. "Ciao."

And right before Naruto's eyes he vanished.

Once, twice, three times Naruto blinked. His expression was a mixture of shock and outrage. He ran over to where Kyuubi was standing and looked around. The red-head was nowhere to be seen. Strange it was Naruto could feel it still in the room. And it wasn't like that gut feeling that told you 'it's B!' when taking a test. No this was different. He could literally feel the fox demon's presence. But he couldn't understand why exactly he felt this and he couldn't see the fox demon anywhere.

Soon enough the feeling 'left' through the door.

There was no point in chasing it, even Naruto knew that. His eyes weren't playing tricks on him. He wasn't sleepy. He knew he was wide awake and aware through everything that had just happened.

So...the monster fox then was a demon.

Kurama never did answer whether or not Naruto could do the illusion thingy too. But that was the absolute last thing on Naruto's mind.

Kurama was the monster fox. The fox that killed his parents. He knew it. He was sure of it. It used an illusion. It must've. Now Naruto didn't even know its true form. Most likely it was the fox.

He would get his revenge. He felt sick and disgusted that once upon a time he actually admired the thing. He should've known something was wrong the moment it decided to be different and pretend to support him. No one supported him in this not even Jiraiya. He should've known. He was so young and stupid and foolish. And he was such a baby to be crying like this. He didn't even know what hurt more. Being tricked into admiring his parents' murderer, or admiring someone who turned out to not be who he said he was. His only support gone...

No! No more being upset! Time to get even more serious! These baby books won't be of use at all. Nothing he had before helped prepare him for this so Naruto will have to expand his horizons and ask for help from Jiraiya again. He will learn everything there is to know about that monster and when the time comes he will slay it.

No doubts about that. Absolutely none.

And finished!

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