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My eyes were screwed tight as I pulled on Edward's hair while his tongue tangled with mine in the most incredible way possible, letting me taste the tang of the beer he had drank mixed with the sweet vodka drank I had ingested. It was enough make me moan into his mouth as I pulled him tighter to me causing him to groan in response. It was a throaty sound that I felt all the way to my soul. His hands held my hips still to stop the uncontrollable rocking against him in the cramp space that we both occupied as I straddled his lap in the drivers' seat.

Edward's one hand squeezed my hip tight for a second before slipping along the edge of my jeans to slide up and under my shirt. His fingers on my skin made my heart stutter in my chest as he continued upward, running his fingers along my spine and over the strap of my bra as I gasped into his mouth. The feel of his fingers, strong and far from confident, trace over my ribs to cup my breast made me shudder under his touch.

"Oh god," I whispered to into the silence of the car around us as I broke our kiss to breathe, but there was no space to since Edward was everywhere. He was the air I breathed. I couldn't even think as his lust filled, dark eyes met mine just as he thrust up ward against me, letting me feel him hard against me.

I had kissed boys before him. I had known let a guy touch me, hold me, rock against me until I lost my mind with pleasure, but never before had it felt like if I didn't have this boy that I would die. I had never needed someone so badly that I was left breathless and scared to death over that want.

"Put your fucking clothes on!" I heard someone scream just as there was a loud banging on the hood of the car. The sheer violence of the sound caused us both to jump in fright while Edward pulled me against him as if he was protecting me somehow from whatever threat had found us outside of the house party we had slipped out of.

I twisted in his arms just enough to see Seth standing at the front of the car. He was banging on the hood loudly with a wild smile that hinted at how drunk he was as the wind whipped at the crayon red Mohawk that he knew was sporting.

"Stop fucking around and take me home so I can make curfew otherwise mom will flip her shit," he said as Edward groaned against my neck before whispering fucking Seth against my neck in a growl of frustration that made me laugh as he held me close.

"Seriously, let's go," Seth demanded as he knocked on the car window while Edward sighed loudly. We moved against each other, pulling back just far enough to look at each other in the dark as Seth continued to bitch at us.

Edward was red faced, and his lips were swollen from kissing. His hair was standing on end from my hands in it, pulling on it to hear him moan. He looked frustrated and adorable as he met my gaze with a silly grin that made me giggle like an idiot as we looked at each other.

"Oh Jesus," I heard Seth groan loudly as Edward laugh with me before pressing one last kiss against my lips before helping me back over to my side of the car just before unlocking the doors to let Seth in.

"You both make me fucking sick," he said as he crawled in the back seat of Edward's car as he started it up. We waited for me to buckle up and for Seth to shut up, Edward's hand wrapped around my upper thigh. It was an intimate touch, yet so innocent that it made me blush.

"Shut up," Edward mumbled with a half grin as he started to drive without ever letting me go.

The drive to Seth's house was filled with Seth's nonsense as he told us everything we had missed while out in the car together, not that we cared. I looked over at Edward to find him going back and forth between watching the road to watching me.

"Home sweet home," Seth announced as we pulled before the small house with Charlie's cruiser parked in front. After a few good byes Seth got out, leaving Edward and I alone once more.

"You're dad is here," Edward said, stating the obvious as I looked over at the car once more. I had never told him how it was rare for Dad to come home or that I spent most nights alone.

"He's here a lot, huh?" he asked me, trying to make me talk in his typical Edward fashion. He was one to push and pull until I gave him the answers he was seeking.

"Yeah," I said as if it was no big deal, even though it was.

Edward drove off back to my house, letting the silence creep between us with in the few miles that separated Seth's home from mine. I knew he was waiting for me to talk, to tell him what was going on since it had been a silent question between us before.

"Dad doesn't come home all that often," I confessed as he pulled into the gravel make shift driveway to my house.

"I'm ok with it," I said with a smile, hoping that he believed my lie since it was the same lie I had told myself for years.

"Do you ever get lonely?" he asked me in a curious tone that made me laugh.

"No, I don't mind being alone," I laughed and then waited for his judgment, but it never came. He just nodded as if he understood, maybe he did. Edward spent a lot of time alone before from what I knew of him.

"Do you ever get scared?" he asked me as he held my hand in his. It was a good question, and one I had tried to avoid since I hated looking weak, even though I was.

"Only during thunder storms," I admitted as he smiled at me as if he was going to laugh.

"You shut up," I said as I pulled my hand away from his to swat at him as he laughed at me and my irrational fear before he pulled me in close for one more kiss.

"You sure you're ok with being alone?" he asked me against my lips as I breathed him into me. He was seeking an invitation that I wasn't sure if I was ready to give.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," I said as I felt him slump a little in what could have been defeat before kissing me one last time as I fumbled with opening the door to leave him for the night.

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