It was Sunday morning. June 27 2012 to be exact. We had been in the car for what seemed like years although it was only an hour and a half. My grandmother and my uncle were arguing again, boy did I hate it when they argued. They argued every day constantly well at least, they were not yelling at me they did that almost as often. My aunt was just sitting in the front listening to them. It was hard to describe my family as I had mixed feelings. It's not that I don't love my family, I do but a lot of stuff about my family confused me. But I will get to that later. As for me I was just sitting in the back trying not to hear them. I thought about my old apartment in Yonkers, New York that I had lived in since I was one now I was 13. I could not believe we were leaving our apartment and moving to Tula, Oklahoma. I really didn't know any other place than New York and even that I didn't know very well, as I barely left my complex much less my city. The rent to most people was easy to pay it was so expensive my grandma could not afford it any more so we had to move. My aunt and uncle lived in a very crowded one bedroom apartment in the next building and the rent was getting to them too. I was getting tired of their arguing so I tried to get them to change whatever they were arguing about.

"How much longer until we get to our new home?" I said so quietly it came out as a whisper. "You need to talk normally if you want to be heard" My uncle corrected so loudly he was almost yelling.

"I am talking normally, I just asked you how much longer it will take to get home." I exclaimed annoyed, but I was so nervous about the arguing going on around me, it again came out as a whisper.

"You couldn't talk normal if your life depended on it"! My grandmother replied screaming. It not like I was quiet on purpose I was always quiet.

We finally found our house. We all got out of the car and went inside. It looked a little rundown and it seemed a little bigger than my old apartment. There were 3 bedrooms, one for me, one for my grandmother and one for my aunt and uncle to share. My uncle and my grandma waited outside for the moving van. After every box was inside our home and all of our furniture was in its place I decided to unpack my stuff so I took a couple of boxes into my room. My room was not very big but for some reason I liked it that way, it was safer. My bed was a normal twin bed with pink and black sheets. In. my room It also has a mirror and a TV that was in the living room in my old apartment but for some reason she refused to keep in the living room this time for some reason. About halfway through unpacking I was sorting my books and magazines I had dumped all them on the floor and was organizing then when my grandmother came in my room.

"Look what you did you stupid bitchy brat you can't leave the house clean for one minute "my grandma exclaimed.

"But I was just unpacking" I replied not wanting to start anything.

"You will mess it up sooner or later you always mess up everything" she yelled. "Ma! Ma"! My uncle called out probably annoyed about something. I was glad to be left alone to unpack. After I finished unpacking my books and magazines I moved on to my dolls. I had loved dolls since before I can remember. My favorite dolls were Rebecca and Samantha. Rebecca because of her beautiful hair and Samantha because she was given to me by me by my mom and she was my first doll. My grandma has had custody of me since I was 1 because my parents could not take care of me they are both sick. My mom has ocd and paranoia and I don't know what my dad has. When I was little I always wanted a doll especially Samantha she had brown hair and brown eyes just like me (except my hair is more red then brown). One day when I was 7 I came home from school and there was a package in front of the door my grandma said it was for me from my mom and I eagerly opened it. Inside the box was Samantha. I was overjoyed I had wished for that doll for so long and now I finally had something to remind me of my mom. That's why dolls are so important to me. Dolls were my little secret, my grandma always told me that dolls were stupid and no one will ever like me if they found out I had dolls so I've always been afraid to tell anyone I owned them.

By the time I finished packing it was time for dinner it was ordered in Chinese food. I took a plate into my room, my family never talked that much at dinner any way. I sat down on my bed to eat my food. It was chicken and broccoli. As the rest of my family sat down in the kitchen eating. I was thinking about my old room I have all my furniture from my old room but my room was smaller and at one time painted pink but then white like my new room. I was glad it wasn't much different. After eating dinner I watched a bit of the news about ten minutes into watching I felt so tired I put my plate away and fell asleep in my bed.

I woke up a couple of hours later at around 9:30pm and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. The kitchen had a wooden table, wooden chairs a small refrigerator in the kitchen my grandmother was reading the mail. "You got some mail from that bum, asshole, of a father" looking up handing the mail to me calling him every name in the book. A tear form in my eye and swept down my face. Although I don't know much about my father it hurt me very much to hear her say all that bad stuff about him and she knows it. As I opened the fridge a jar jumped out at me and shattered on the floor. I suddenly heard screaming, it was my grandma. "You stupid idiot, son of a bitch brat what did you do now! Pulling my hair and pushing me so hard she slammed me into the wall

''It was an accident'' I replied trying not to start anything.

"It was an accident" my grandma repeated mimicking my voice

"No letting you in to our home was the accident you bitch "."You were a mistake. You can't do anything right! You're not my child. You're so stupid just like your father what are you retarded.''

"Please stop" I interrupted. Suddenly I was smacked in face so hard it made my cheek turn purple and my nose stared bleeding uncontrollably "You brat how dare you tell me what I can say." I ran into my room sobbing I cleaned my nose, put on a clean shirt grabbed a bag and Rebecca and went through the window and ran off.

I wasn't sure where I was going, but anything was better than staying at home.