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Nearly everyone in William McKinley High School knew who Brittany Pierce was, but they all saw her as this mindless and deficient moron who could never do anything right. They all treated her horribly. The bullying and name calling started in the second grade and it got so bad that her teacher wanted to have a conference with Brittany's parents. But the thing is, Brittany's parents were not a part of her life. She was told her mother died almost directly after childbirth and her father died of cancer two years afterwards, and with no relatives living anywhere near, Brittany was to be left at a foster home.

In the foster home, there were several other children there, always running around and being loud and rambunctious. They would always drive the single woman in charge of them up the wall. The woman, who was in her early fifties, had noticeable wrinkles etched into her features, graying hair, and more than anything, she had a short temper. In fact, Brittany couldn't remember a day where she didn't yell at someone for being reckless. The woman seemed to be so averse to taking care of young children that Brittany constantly questioned why she did. She was never met with an answer. Instead, the woman paid little attention to Brittany except for whenever she disciplined her for doing something wrong.

The foster home was, in short, not a place that Brittany wanted to be at. Since Lima, Ohio was a small town and there were far more children running around than adults, not many people were looking to adopt. As the years passed, only a handful of kids from the foster home were chosen to be adopted by families, Brittany not being on of them. The children who were left at the home with her would tease Brittany like children so often do. Only, they made sure to be meaner to her than they were to each other because they all felt that she was inferior to them with her less than average grades in school and her lackluster comprehension skills.

More than often, the teasing would leave Brittany feeling terrible and in tears, which only tempted the other kids to mock her more, calling her names such as crybaby. The constant feeling of being neglected by the people around her prompted Brittany to leave the foster home as soon as she could and she did not have the patience to wait and see if someone would eventually come around and want to adopt her. So, she set out to try and find a solution for herself.

As time went on, Brittany grew older and managed to get multiple jobs from being a bagger at grocery stores to a waiter at fast food restaurants. From her paychecks, to her tips and all of the spare change she found outside on sidewalks or stuck in between couch cushions, Brittany saved everything she had, right down to her last dime.

When Brittany was sixteen, she did something that not many sixteen year olds would do. She went on a search for her own apartment. She told no one about what she was doing because she didn't want anyone to try and stop her. She researched and learned all she had to and implemented the necessary steps to be able to own an apartment. And finally, after months and months of searching, she found the cheapest one she could; a small, worn out studio apartment in an equally as tattered apartment complex.

When she decided to finally leave the foster home, she told the woman who had been in charge of her all those years that she wanted to move in with a friend from work who was almost nineteen and a responsible person, but needed help with the rent. She knew that she couldn't just up and leave to live on her own since she was a minor. But, still, she wasn't a child.

After a small talk between the two of them, including Brittany reassuring that there shouldn't be any problems with her leaving and living in the apartment, the woman came to a decision and let her go, saying she and her friend were old enough to take care of themselves and with the two of them both having jobs, they hopefully wouldn't have too many financial issues. Brittany could tell that after having to deal with her for so long, the woman's happiness of finally being able to get rid of her halted her from making any further investigations. That only made her want to leave more.

Brittany moved out days later. After some time, she found that living on her own wasn't so bad. Paying the rent wasn't too difficult, seeing as the apartment wasn't far from being classified as a dump and wasn't worth much. She usually had enough money left over to buy her enough food to last her a week or so and when things were tight, she didn't mind eating ramen noodles until things got better.

Ever since Brittany was young, she craved for people to acknowledge her as someone other than a daffy idiot. Everyone always looked down on her and some even crudely asked her how she even managed to make it to high school, but she never answered them because, frankly, she didn't have the answer. She tried doing well in class, but her memory wasn't the best and she almost always forgot the important things. She barely managed to scrape by just enough to pass.

Brittany was overshadowed in class by many people, but when she reached her junior year of high school, she found herself being overshadowed by one girl in particular. Santana Lopez.

Santana Lopez was the perfect definition of a genius. Her parents, who were also intelligent, were doctors who always wanted her to study as much as possible. It seemed to them that anything below an A was merely satisfactory, but not good enough. Needless to say, Santana didn't have to struggle to live up to their expectations.

You'd think that with Santana's brains, people would tease her too, calling her a nerd or a geek and such, but that's not the case with Santana. Fueled by her intelligence, there's always an incredibly witty, sarcastic comment up her sleeve reserved for the people who would even think of teasing her. Eventually, people gave up trying to insult her because she was too smart for them and they'd always end up being the ones standing in the middle of a hallway, looking like a loser.

After time, people begun to use Santana's intelligence to their advantage, always asking her for help and tutoring. Of course, she never told them no and willingly helped them. Apparently, spending most of her time teaching others wasn't a problem for her. Many people seemed to praise Santana for her knowledge and help. Brittany was not one of those people.

Brittany would never admit it, but she envied Santana. She envied how smart Santana was. She envied how well-liked Santana was. But most of all, she envied Santana's family. Nearly all of the parents in Lima, Ohio were divorced, but not Mr. and Mrs. Lopez. They were still happily in love and had a daughter who they cared deeply for. Santana had everything Brittany didn't and because of that, Brittany envied her and after time, Brittany turned her envy into competitive anger and became determined to be better than Santana in any way she could.

Santana caught on to Brittany's actions, but she didn't see Brittany as a real threat, so she never made any attempt to acknowledge her, thus making Brittany even more angry. Any chance she could get, Brittany would try to complete her assignments before Santana did and try to get better grades, but she never could.

All of her classmates laughed and teased her every time she answered a question wrong and laughed even harder at her terrible attempts to beat Santana academically. Another thing Brittany would never admit is that all the teasing does still get to her. There were nights where she would stay up in bed, trying to stop the tears from falling out of her eyes and there were other nights where she would walk to an old park that she discovered was behind the apartment building after moving in and sit on a lone swing that descended from a giant tree branch thinking about how different she wanted her life to be.

One night, Brittany was sitting on the swing, slowly rocking back and forth, when she looked up at the dark sky and saw a shooting star. She knew that making wishes were childish, but who knew, maybe this one could actually come true. She searched her brain for a mere second before closing her eyes and making her wish. After the shooting star disappeared, Brittany got up from the swing and started walking back home with a slight spring in her step.

She was sick of all the rude people, all of the mean comments, and all of the teasing. At that moment, she vowed to do everything within her power to make all of it go away.

Brittany Pierce was not an idiot and she would try her hardest to prove that to Santana Lopez, to the students at her school, to everyone.

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