A/N: This story picks up from Jedi-Bant's fiction about an alien pregnancy. Clark/Kal-El has lost Lois. She decides to stay with Richard White. Clark, while attempting to re-establish the Fortress, triggers a program that forces him to become pregnant using advanced Kryptonian science. A Kryptonian pregnancy lasts one solar year. Lois takes it upon herself to educate Kal-El in how to care for himself & his pregnancy. Meanwhile, Lois finds herself pregnant by Richard. Clark/Kal-El finds it difficult to stop engaging in battles along side his Justice League colleagues & is injured in a fight with a metahuman, jeopardizing his life & the lives of his twins. The story resumes in the Watchtower, where Lois & Martha Kent have just left Kal-El. He is confined to bed after sustaining a placental abruption (separation) from his artificial uterine matrix.

He's aware from the Fortress' AI that his chance of surviving the birth of his children is low. He is also supposed to return to the Fortress for the birth of his children. Clark is adamant against having anything to do with the AI despite being told he will die if he delivers anywhere else besides the Fortress. He is determined to have his children & live a normal life as Clark. He is finally trying to plan for his children.

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What Sacrifices for Survival of the Species

Chapter 1

Superman lay back on his bed in the Watchtower. Lois & his mother had just left & he was alone with his thoughts. It had been rash for him to engage the metahuman but it was the only way to save the people of his beloved city. He has a broken arm which was now casted, bruises all over his body & now, the bruises left a mottled pattern over his abdomen. His aura was supposed to protect his babies but even that was now failing. Hence, damage to his little girl's placenta. He didn't know what his obstetrician, Maria Prenden would say about his behavior. He was sure it would not be too positive where he was concerned. Maria had made him promise months ago, to take care of himself & not take any risks. Surely she would understand why he intervened in the fight but she would not like the effect on him or his children.

Maybe, a little bed rest was best at this time but if she thought he'd stay in bed for the next two months, she had another thing coming to her. Knowing that he was now ten months along in a 12 month pregnancy, he at least resolved to rest through the next few days. He turned onto his left side & realized that he just couldn't breathe comfortably. So, he rolled over to his right side & felt a little foot kicking one of his sore ribs. He decided that he would just need to sleep sitting up. Clark propped himself up on the other three pillows on his bed & tried to relax. The babies were restless this night, tossing & kicking, so he just rubbed his hand over his abdomen & hummed a lullaby that his mother used to sing to him. He knew that he didn't have a very good singing voice but the babies responded well whenever he hummed or talked to them.

There was so much to do & so little time to do it. Clark was aware that he would need to get away from work for a while. It would be too obvious for Clark to decide to make another "quest to find himself" after just returning to the Daily Planet less than 9 months ago. He needed a leave of absence but what would be his excuse this time. Clark also knew that he couldn't just suddenly show up in his apartment building pushing a stroller with two infants. He thought to himself, "I guess it's time to invest in a house. Maybe, I could get a house in the suburbs or one a little further out in the country with a little land. It was great growing up in Smallville & my children deserve to have the same experience." He also thought about setting up a new household. "I have the furniture in my apartment. I could buy nursery furniture off the internet" he thought. "I've also got to buy baby clothes. Oh, one thing at a time. All of this worrying is giving me a first class headache & making me nauseous again" he thought as he rubbed his eyes & his temples. "I'll deal with it tomorrow" he thought as he tried to get comfortable for sleep. "I can really empathize with any woman preparing to have a baby" as he drifted into a restless sleep.

Meanwhile, Lois and Martha has just exited Clark's Watchtower quarters giggling about how Kal-El was going to deal with extended bed rest. As they strolled down the corridor, both were approached by Dr. Prenden and J'onn. Grim expressions were evident on their faces. The effort to stop Baby Girl Kal-El's partial placental abruption was successful but they remained extremely concerned. They knew that the placenta was ten percent separated from Kal-El's uterine matrix wall. They were unsure of the consequences on the baby but they knew she would be deprived of ten percent of food & oxygen provided by the placenta. Did Kryptonian fetuses & placentas compensate for this kind of problem? Baby Boy Kal-El seemed to be okay but Kal-El's uterine matrix was badly bruised with micro-lacerations. They needed to talk to Kal-El & soon. He needed to make some decisions soon about the direction of this pregnancy.

From their expressions, it was clear that Dr. Prenden & J'onn were surprised that Lois & Martha were still aboard the Watchtower station. "Hello, Lois" said Dr. Prenden. "You're still here? I thought that you would be Earth-side by now." She reached out to Lois, shook her hand & gently laid her hand on Lois' baby bump as Lois grimaced. "Lois, when did you start having contractions? You know that this is your second child & things can go much faster than it did with Jason. Right now, you need to worry about yourself, your baby girl, Richard & Jason."

"Contractions? I'm not having contractions just a little backache every so often" whispered Lois."

"Well, we can resolve this question quickly" Dr. Prenden exclaimed taking Lois by the arm. "J'onn, can we use a bed in the Med Bay? I'm willing to bet that Lois is at least 4cm along. I'm sure that we could deliver you right here in the Watchtower's Med Bay if need be Lois!"

J'onn just rolled his eyes. The League had had more than enough baby drama for the day. "Miss Lane" he said, "it's wonderful to see you, but time for you to go home" as he took her other arm.

"I'm fine" exclaimed Lois but she didn't really fight with Dr. Prenden or J'onn as they led her down the hallway. J'onn pressed the communication in his left ear. "Flash, get down to the living quarters corridor with a wheelchair as fast as you can." Five seconds later, Flash appeared around the corner, pushing the requested wheelchair.

"You guys just want to get me out of here" yelled Lois. "I need to stay with Kal-El. He really has no idea what to do where babies are concerned."

"Don't worry Lois" said Dr. Prenden. "We'll take care of him but we need to take care of you first" as she guided Lois to the proffered wheelchair.

"Flash, please escort our guest to the transporter at a modest speed. She has an appointment at the Metropolis Birthing Center" said J'onn.

"Okay, J'onn. I take it that you're telling me, not too fast," smirked Flash.

"That's exactly what I'm saying" explained J'onn. "I don't want any more baby incidents on this station."

"Coming Dr. Prenden?" said J'onn.

"In a minute J'onn" Dr. Prenden responded. "I need to talk to Miss Martha for a moment. "Lois, I'll meet you at the birthing center in a few minutes. My nurse-midwife, Cecilia, will check you & I hope you'll have a bouncing baby girl in a few hours."

Martha just looked at Lois, J'onn, Flash & Dr. Prenden not knowing what to say. Dr. Prenden returned to where she had left Martha, introducing herself as Kal-El obstetrician. Martha still wore the scarf & sunglasses that she had used as a disguise. She removed her disguise & said, "Since my son is willing to trust you, I can trust you. I am Kal-El's adoptive mother."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Martha" said Dr. Prenden, shaking her hand. "Please call me Maria. We have a serious uphill battle. I've given him a mild sedative & pain killer so that he can get some rest. I need you to stay with him. Talk to him when he awakens. He has so many barriers up to protect his ability to have a normal life. But, as normal as he is, this entire situation is so unique. I need him to agree to allow me to call in specialists so that he gets the best possible care.

"What kind of specialists?" Martha asked suspiciously. She & Clark had protected his secret so long that she couldn't imagine sharing information with other doctors.

"Martha, he's declining and very quickly. This pregnancy is sapping his energy. As the babies grow, they're increasing demands on him that he may not be able to meet. I believe that he will not go to term with the pregnancy at this rate. We run the risk of losing him & the babies. He needs a cardiologist, an endocrinologist & an urologist/nephrologist. His heart is becoming irregular, his hormones need to be monitored closely & his kidneys are failing."

Martha had tears in her eyes as Maria explained what was happening to her son. "I'll do anything you ask. Please, just take care of my boy & my grandbabies."

"Thanks, Martha," Maria replied. "I must leave now & take care of Lois but I'll return soon. I'll send Cecilia to stay here at the station. She'll be able to reach me on a moment's notice. One of us will be at his side for the rest of his pregnancy. Just be his mother right now."

"Thanks Maria, he made a good choice when he decided that you would manage his pregnancy." They hugged each other & parted.

"I'll see you soon Martha. Just keep on praying for him & his babies."

"Always, Maria. Always. See you soon."

Martha turned & returned to her son's quarters. She knocked softly but didn't get a response. She entered the security code & opened the door. There she saw Clark, propped up on his pillows & snoring lightly. The cast on his arm was visible as was his obvious baby bump. He was drooling slightly. She pulled his covers higher up on him as she did when he was young. It was apparent that his skin was cooler than her skin. That couldn't be good; he was always warm, almost feverish. Martha pulled up a lounge chair next his bed. She pulled her jacket over her shoulders & resolved to stay with her son. Her last thought before she fell asleep was "Dear Lord, please protect them."

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To be continued