I lean back in my chair and gaze at the picture unfolding in front of me. I stare at the children, playing in the late evening sun, basking in their blissful ignorance of all that happened so long ago. Someday they will learn, but not now. I shall allow them a tiny bit of freedom to imagine the generations that came before them with an untrained eye that does not search for imperfections and horror, but sees only beauty and love.

I glance over at her, watching her sleep soundly in the seat next to me, gray hair falling over her eyes. Soon she will awaken and resume her quiet lifestyle, attempting to mask the dark thoughts that still linger in the back of her mind, but now, she is immersed in her own dream world, away from the nightmares that so often invade her mind. She thinks she has everyone fooled into believing that she's absolutely fine, but not me. No, never me.

My eyes are locked on the immortal beauty of my love's face. Even in age, she hasn't lost the mischievous glint in her eye when she feels like breaking the rules or the way she looks at me when she's knows I'm keeping something from her, like a surprise or a secret. No, she can't fool me and I can't fool her.

I tear my gaze away from her and look at the children, this time with a face full of pity. They have no idea what their past contains. When the time comes they will know the full story—now, though, their happy cries echo in the warm summer air, running about, doing things I wish I could still do but cannot, due to the stiff hand of age that grasps me now. They debate the possibility of aliens from another planet, saying how amazing it would be if such things existed; however, upon hearing the story that has been told so many times, they will be glad that they don't have to deal with extraterrestrials.

I chuckle as I remember the events that have been branded into my mind, so vivid that they could have taken place just yesterday. Soon the details will be relayed to the young ones that are so lucky to have not been there.

With a heavy heart, I sigh and close my eyes, ready to relive the entire ordeal.