Editing it a little. Still a birthday present for my sis. "This is….Bee's… radio...talk"

Cybertronian Lullaby

"You are useless young scout. You're a liability, a weakness and who wants that?"

Bumblebee 'screamed' again as the humans hurt him.

Where was his team?





Does being the youngest really mean he's the weakest?

"Of course it does Bumblebee." That horrible voice said again.

'Get the pit OUT OF MY HEAD!'

He knew why they couldn't come back for him. They had a mission. The All-spark was top priority.

But weren't they his family? Isn't family always supposed to be there for each other?

Another shock, another scream.


Bumblebee jolted out of recharge. He wasn't at Sector 7 anymore. He was at the Autobot base's medical bay. He was safe.

He was surprised to see Ratchet glaring at him.

"What's up…doc-bot?"

"Nightmares?" the medic asked.


"Nothing… I can't…handle." Bee said and -to his horror- optic fluid began to build up in his optics.

Sometimes these nightmares did get the best of him. But it would always pass. He had better things to do than spend all his time feeling sorry for himself.

Ratchet sighed and sat beside the oddly-angsty scout.

"What's wrong?" Ratchet asked sounding concerned.

"I understand...why you…guys…left…but I…felt abandoned!" the yellow mech said, full out crying now. How mortifying. He didn't even know why he was getting so emotional. Maybe he should take a lession for Soundwave.

Ratchet pulled the scout on his lap and started rocking him a little.

"We wanted to come back but we had to complete our mission. Optimus wanted to! So badly. It hurt him that we couldn't go back for you. But imagine our surprise when we saw you driving down that road with the all-spark!" Ratchet said trying to comfort the warrior/scout.

Bumblebee laughed a little, but stopped.


"For what?"

"For…being weak."

"You're not weak."

And with that statement he softly began humming a lullaby. Bumblebee instantly recognized it. It was Cybertron's oldest and most ancient song and has soothed sparklings and younglings to sleep throughout their history.

Before the war.

"Rat...chet I'm not a...spark...ling...anymore!" the yellow mech said but it was useless.

Bumblebee would never admit but it felt nice. His optics began to droop as he fell into recharge. It felt nice to Ratchet too. He almost forgot the words. He was able to rock a youngling into recharge again.

Moments later the scout was deep in recharge.

Someday we'll all be gone but lullabies go on and on.

The last line is from Lullaby (Good Night My Angel) by Billy Joel. I couldn't resist.