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Stupid Things:

Connor Temple had done a lot of stupid things in his life.

So had Abby Maitland.

He'd fallen arse over tits in love with the small blonde at first sight whilst she had been intrigued by the tall, dark and handsome Stephen Hart.

He had blackmailed his way into her flat and she'd had to put up with months of waking up to find dirty boxer shorts on the bathroom floor.

He'd lost one of his closest friends because of his job and his big mouth and she'd found herself softening towards her geeky flatmate.

He'd shot her, that was a mistake and a half, and she'd found herself struggling to stay mad at him for more than a few hours.

He'd got a girlfriend, a proper, real-life girlfriend, and she'd started to feel things that she knew she shouldn't.

He'd selflessly gone through an anomaly to the future to save her, and she'd told him to let go of her hand and save himself.

He said he loved her. She panicked.

He denied it. She cried herself to sleep.

He'd unknowingly lead them to Leek's warehouse full of creatures and she'd had a fight with his ex-girlfriend.

He'd been silent for the first time in a long time at Stephen's funeral and she hadn't held his hand.

He'd been arrested for trespassing and she'd fallen down the stairs and knocked herself out.

He'd carried the body of Professor Cutter out of the burning building and they'd cried together all night.

He'd nearly been eaten by a G-Rex and she'd kicked him out of the flat for her idiot brother.

He'd put himself in danger again with a sword held to his throat and she'd defended a Dragon's life by nearly losing her own.

He'd saved her and her brother's life in the destroyed future after she'd said horrible things to him the whole time.

She kissed him and acted like it had never happened.

They got stuck in the Cretaceous for a year, alone, but together.

He'd been sucked in by Philip Burton and she'd let him slip through her fingers.

He'd worked late nights and long days and she'd shouted and argued with him, driving the wedge between them deeper.

He'd said 'we should get married here' and she'd frozen in terror.

He'd almost died again and she'd been forced to lie to him.

He'd made the first man made anomaly for Philip and she'd watched on in horror as he was pulled away from her through the biggest anomaly she had ever seen.

But as they both sat on the dirty floor in the abandoned shelter of the future, hiding from the toxic sand storm that raged on above their heads, every stupid thing they'd done in their lives paled to insignificance.

The stupidest thing Connor Temple had ever done was look up to Abby in the darkened room with tears in his dark, chocolate eyes, and ask her why he had to go back, why he had to carry on.

The stupidest thing Abby Maitland had ever done was never letting her walls fall down until that moment.

Maybe that's why she did it. Maybe that was why she had leaned over and whispered the one thing she knew would get him to keep going and come back home with her. Maybe that's why she had told him that she was having his baby and when they got back to their time, to their lives, she would be his wife.

She'd proposed to him and he'd said yes.

And that was the smartest thing either of them had ever done.


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