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Big credit to Achocolatada for the idea of this story! Without his/her (sorry!) suggestion this story probably wouldn't even exist so thank you so much Achocolatada!

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No one's POV

It was late at night, around one in the morning, and Mason was checking to make sure everything was safe in the castle before he retired to his own room for some rest. It was a year after King Brady had left the island to "mature" and everyone was still trying to become use to him being gone. Boomer was trying to get along with Boz and Mikayla, well she was doing ok but she always seemed to be sad. Every time she smiled everyone could tell it was forced. Mason was upset that his daughter was unhappy but there wasn't anything he could do about it because no one knew what had happened to Brady or even if he was still alive. They had all hoped for the best and that Brady would return but every day the raven-haired boy was gone or didn't call their hopes started to go down to the point that now there was just a numb feeling when someone mentioned or saw something that reminded them about the runaway king.

Now as Mason was walking around the castle going from room to room he passed the dining room, the kitchen, the throne room, the courtyard, and finally the king's room. As he quickly checked the room for any invaders or anything he failed to notice an almost shadow like figure hiding in the rafters. After searching for a minute or two Mason walked out and the figure let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. The figure then hopped down from the rafters quietly and with smooth agility so he didn't make a noise. He glanced around the room taking in the sights of both the kings sleeping peacefully. This caused a small smile to appear on his face as his eyes swept over the African-American king. Footsteps started to come from the hallway and the figure froze before running to the balcony and climbing out quietly. Lanny then entered the room with his giant frog-like fish Yamakoshi and stood there watching the kings. He then shifted nervously because it felt like someone was watching him but when he looked around there was no one there. He then sighed before glaring at the kings again before leaving the room.

Back with Mason again, he was walking around still doing a patrol of the castle he checked the area where the hot air balloons were kept. One thing he failed to notice though was there was one more there than usual. Since his patrol was done he then walked back to his room happy that everyone was safe and ready to get a good rest for tomorrow. As he walked past the last corner in the castle before his room he didn't notice a shadowy figure standing there, watching him as he walked to his room. As soon as Mason entered his room the figure then quickly walked down the hallway to where the Royal Advisers daughter's room was. He quickly snuck inside, happy to see the girl that was there sleeping peacefully. The figure smiled at the sight in front of him, the girl asleep with a small smile on her face as she dreamt of happiness. He then quickly walked over to the beside before giving the girl a small kiss on the forehead before mumbling a small, "Kayla". The girl than shifted in her sleep which caused the boy to slightly panic before quickly leaving the room. Right after the figure left the girl woke up, confused, and looked around. "That's strange." She mumbled to herself, "I could have sworn I felt someone was in here." She then got up out of bed and walked over to the mirror. After looking at herself for a few moments she decided she would go back to sleep and figure this out in the morning.

The figure, who by now had reached outside the castle, was running stealthily through the forest away from the castle. As he came upon a cave he quickly stopped and looked around to make sure no one was watching before walking in to the cave. After then digging for some food he had collected earlier and eating a small snack before laying down and waiting for sleep to overcome him.

Back at the castle King Boomer was having a vision dream but this time he couldn't seem to figure it out. The dream showed him running in to someone in the forest but he couldn't tell who it was. The figure was dressed in all black and his voice sounded familiar but his face was blurry so Boomer stil couldn't tell who it was that he kept seeing in his dream. "Who are you?" Boomer finally yelled, waking up from his slumber while also making King Boz stir. Boomer sat up quickly and looked around. He was in the king's room and was sweating but his dream left him confused. He couldn't figure out who the figure was in the dream and he knew that until he found out the dream was going to drive him insane. Not even a minute after Boomer had woken up Boz woke up as well before Mikayla and Mason came rushing in to the room to which Mason spoke in a thundering voice, "What's wrong my kings? Are there any intruders?"

Boz was still looking around confused at what was happening and Boomer, well he was sitting there still trying to figure everything out that was happening. The past few nights he had been having the same dream but he still couldn't figure it out. "My king?" Boomer quickly snapped out of his thoughts and looked up and Mason who was looking at him with a worried expression. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm ok. It's just…. Never mind." Boomer decided against telling them about his dream, afraid they would think he had gone insane with grief that his brother had left. "Alright then if everything's ok I'm going back to sleep." Mikayla spoke with a yawn while walking out of the room and heading back to her own. Everyone watched the guard girl leave before turning their attention back to Boomer. "If you are sure you are ok then I guess I'll go back to sleep as well." Mason spoke while looking back and forth between the two kings with an unsure expression on his face. "We'll be ok Mason we just need to get some more sleep." Boz spoke trying to reassure the eighth Sasquatch that everything was ok. "Alright, sleep well my kings." Mason then left the room and back to his own.

Boz turned to face Boomer. He was the only person that knew about Boomer's dreams other then Boomer himself of course. "Same dream again? Dude you have got to get this out of your head!" Boz exclaimed. I know bro but I have this feeling that it means something or that someone I know is coming back but I still can't figure it out." Boomer sighed. "Let's just go back to sleep and we can try to figure this out in the morning and figure out what is up with these dreams you've been having. Ok?" Boz tried to reassure his brother. "Alright then. Good-night Boz." Boomer spoke while laying down and closing his eyes. "Good-night Boom." Boz spoke copying his brother's previous actions.

Silence fills the room for a few moments before soft snores cold be heard coming from both of the kings as they drifted off into a peaceful dream land. Everything on the island begins to settle peacefully . Everyone was asleep and everything was quiet. The Makoola's were asleep, the kings were passed out on their beds, and the figure was curled up in a cave near the dark side. Everyone was waiting for what the next day would bring. What they didn't know was there would be happiness, tears, anger, and confusion in store for them the next day.

Done! This is a little darker than what I usually write. I hope you guys like it! Who do you think the figure was? What do you think is going to happen? Let me know what you think!

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