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Brady POV

I sighed happily as I walked into the throne room where I found Indigo standing there, looking extremely mad. "Hi Indigo." I greeted as I walked up to the sorceress. "Hello King Brady. Why are you so happy?" Indigo looked questioningly at me. "I kissed Mikayla." I spoke without thinking before realizing what I had just said, causing me to cringe slightly. "You did what? You know you aren't supposed to become close to anyone! Not until this battle is over!" Indigo cried before slapping me. I rubbed my now sore cheek. "I know I know, I can't become close to anyone because when the final battle comes, this could all be used against me." I sighed as my parents warning from the dreams came back into my mind.

Indigo nodded her head. "You do realize that you aren't going to be able to see that girl Brady. I know you like her, but the island needs to come first. If it helps, think about it this way; Sacrifice two people's happiness in order to save thousands of lives. On the bright side of this though, after the war is over, you two can be together as long as you like. Ok?" I sighed before nodding. I could see where Indigo was coming from. "I'll see you later then King Brady." Indigo gave me a small hug before walking off. I sighed once more, my thoughts coming together. I knew what I had to do. I have to disobey Indigo.

Mikayla POV

Tap! Tap! My eyes slowly opened as I heard someone tapping on my window. Thinking it was just a bird or something, I closed my eyes once more and tried to go back to sleep but the tapping persisted. Tap! Tap! Annoyed by whatever was tapping on the window, I climbed out of bed to get rid of it. However, my annoyance quickly disappeared when I noticed what, or should I say who it was. I quickly opened the window and pulled the boy inside. "Brady! What are you doing here? Are you trying to get yourself caught?" I hissed slightly as I threw my arms around the boy in a hug.

"I couldn't stay away." Brady mumbled as he squeezed me tighter. I smiled, secretly happy Brady had risked getting caught to come see me. I pulled away from the hug slightly to reach up and give him a kiss. I felt Brady smile against my lips, causing me to smile as well. We then broke apart to look at one another, our foreheads touching.

"I missed you." Brady confessed quietly. "We were only apart for thirty minutes Brady." I teased. Brady blushed slightly before he pulled me into a hug. "Maybe, but I have a whole year to make up for." He whispered in my ear, causing small shivers to fly down my spine.

Brady was the one to pull away from our hug this time. He looked down at me, his big brown eyes sparkling, something I hadn't seen since he's come back. Brady actually looked generally happy, much different than the serious attitude he's had since he's come back home. I couldn't help but grin widely, happy that some of the old Brady was showing. A small memory of old times flashed into my mind.

"Kiss me." I walked towards the masked bandit. "Kiss you? I mean k-kiss you?" The boy looked at me confused, his accent dropping for a split-second. "Yes kiss me." I spoke with a small fake accent of my own. We both then leaned in before we were interrupted by Boomer rushing in. "Brady you're safe!" I backed up from the two. "Brady?" Sirocco looked away from me. "Brady? Uh, who is this Brady you speak of? I am Sirocco, back to the smoochy-smoochy" I walked forward slightly and pushed off Sirocco's mask, revealing King Brady.

I giggled slightly at the memory, causing Brady to look at me confused. "What's so funny?" I smiled at Brady. "Oh, I don't know, Sirocco." Brady looked at me blankly for a moment before understanding flashed across his face. "Who is this King Brady? Back to the smoochy-smoochy!" I teased, causing Brady to blush, his face as red as a tomato. "Hush." He mumbled as he looked down. I smiled at his embarrassment before trying to lift his head. Using my hand, I gently pushed up on Brady's chin. He must have gotten the message because he looked up, his face almost back to normal.

Brady opened his mouth to talk but I quickly placed my lips upon his own, causing him to be silenced. Our lips moved together in a dance of their own, while my thoughts were blank. I dug my hands into his hair, intent on messing it up. Brady must have sensed what I was trying to do because he smiled softly against my lips. We continued our little 'dance' until we had to break apart because needed to breathe. I took one look at Brady's hair and burst out laughing. I had messed everything up and it was all sticking out in different directions, much like a mad scientist's hair from the movies. Brady spun around on his heels and walked over to my dresser so he could see what I was laughing about. Once he noticed he shook his head in amusement before trying to fix what he could with his hands.

"That's not going to work Brady." I was able to choke out during my laughing fit while watching Brady mess with his hair the best he could. "Fine, but if I get in a lot of trouble from Lanny or Indigo, it's on you." Brady sighed as he walked over to me and hugged me before burying his face in my hair. "I love you so much." I froze at these words. Brady must not have realized what he said because he continued to hug me. I allowed these words to sink in for a moment before I could finally respond. "I-"

"Mikayla? Where are you?" My dad's voice thundered through the castle, causing Brady and I to leap apart. "My dad!" I hissed, looking at Brady with fear. I didn't want him to get caught just because he was visiting me. I quickly glanced around the room, trying to find where Brady could hide. Brady tapped my shoulder, causing my gaze to shift back to him. He pointed towards the window. I nodded, understanding his plan. I'll see you soon Kayla." Brady leaned over and gave me a small kiss on the cheek before he was climbing out the window. I watched as he ran towards the jungle. Brady stopped for a moment when he reached the edge of the jungle before turning back towards me. He gave me one final smile before taking off into the jungle.

"Mikayla? What are you doing by the window?" My dad questioned from behind me. I hadn't heard the door open. I whirled around to face him, trying to find an excuse. "Oh, I was just getting some fresh air." I lied through my teeth. My dad nodded. "Do you mind doing a patrol? I know you just got back from your special mission from the kings, but we're one guard short and there's no one to take this patrol." I nodded. "I'll take this patrol." My dad smiled. "Thanks baby girl." With this he turned and walked out of the room. I sighed before grabbing my machete and walking out of my room, ready for another tiresome patrol.

Brady POV

I quickly raced through the jungle, trying to put as much distance between the castle and I as I could. "Help! Mason, Mikayla, help!" I immediately stopped running. I recognized those voices. Boomer. Boz. On instinct, I spun around on my toes and raced towards the screams, wanting to help my brothers. As soon as I reached the edge of the clearing, I quickly scaled a tree and watched the scene that was happening before me. The Tarantula People had my brothers surrounded. Knowing what I had to do, I pulled up my hood and jumped down from my tree into the clearing silently.

I landed with my sword unsheathed and my head down. The Tarantula People had their backs to me, but my brothers could see me. Boomer opened his mouth to scream when I held up a hand, signaling him to be quiet. He must have understood because he immediately closed his mouth. I slowly crept up behind one of the Tarantula People. I raised my sword, ready to swing when one of the Tarantulas turned and noticed me. He quickly spoke in Tarantula, causing everyone to turn around and face me, growling.

I backed away from the group slightly as they advanced on me. All of the Tarantula People now had their weapons unsheathed as well. The one I had been about to attack shrieked something in Tarantula before he charged at me, swinging his sword around like an untrained madman. I easily blocked his attack before I was surrounded on all sides. I smirked under my hood before motioning to the head Tarantula to attack me, mocking him. He snarled before launching himself forward once more, this time swinging his sword with a bit more precision.

Our swords clashed together and it suddenly became a battle of strength to see who would win. I knew that the Tarantula was stronger than me, so I used a move that Mr. Mason had taught me if I was ever the underdog in a fight. I quickly launched myself backwards, causing the head Tarantula to fly forward since there wasn't anything pushing against him that allowed him to still stand. He landed face first in the ground, allowing me to attack another Tarantula that had snuck up beside me.

This one must have been better trained then the last one because he easily over-powered me, causing me to fall to the ground. He swung his sword downwards, aiming for my head. I quickly rolled out of the way before leaping to my feet once more, ready to fight. The Tarantula charged at me. I waited until just the right moment to slide to the side, causing the Tarantula to run into a tree, knocking him unconscious.

I quickly turned back to the rest of my opponents. There were two Tarantulas left, plus their leader. He must have gotten up when I was dealing with the other one. They all smiled ugly smiles before charging at me, all at the same time. I ducked down while sliding my leg under them, causing two of the Tarantulas to trip and fall. The two that fell accidently hit each other with their swords, causing both to become injured. The last one left was the leader. He now had a bloody nose from when he hit the ground, and the blood was dripping off his face. He smirked as he walked towards me, a crazed look in his eyes. I knew that look though. He wanted revenge, and just injuring me wouldn't do.

Before I knew what was happening, the head Tarantula charged at me and swung, his sword slicing across my chest. A burning pain shot through my body, my chest feeling as if it was on fire. I winced slightly at this before placing once of my hands where he had cut me. When I pulled my hand away, it was a deep red. I'm bleeding. I could feel my strength start to slowly drain out of me. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see me brothers standing there, both looking terrified. I have to do this. For Boomer and Boz.

I tried to gather as much strength as I could before charging on the head Tarantula. My attack must have caught him by surprise because I was easily able to hit him in several places. I hit him with a flurry of attacks, causing him to have new wounds everywhere. His arms and chest were both now bleeding badly. The head Tarantula howled in pain before he tried to attack me. However, since he was injured, his movements only caused him more pain. He moved towards me before he fell over onto the ground, the life slowly bleeding out of him.

I look around the clearing at the Tarantula People before walking over to my brothers. "Are you ok my kings?" I asked as another shooting pain flew through my body. Boomer and Boz both nodded. I smiled slightly before I fell down, everything turning black.

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