The Return of Elaine The Pain THE SEQUEL

A Tracy Beaker Returns Story

Chapter 1:

There was a knock at the door.

'I'll get it!' Shouted Carmen, as she hurried down the stairs to answer the door. She thought it would probably be the pizza delivery guy, as they had just ordered a pizza to eat that evening, because it was Saturday night and neither Mike, Gina or Tracy fancied cooking. However she got a big surprise as she opened the door to find, not the pizza delivery guy, but her Mum's boyfriend's Son whom she had spotted at the ice rink a few days before hand, and had assumed that her Mum was back to kidnap her.

'YOU!' She exclaimed, the second she opened the door.

'Alright Carms?' He replied, as he leant on the door frame with one hand and crossed one leg over the other, in an attempt to look cool. He was, of course, unaware that Carmen had told Lily, Tee and Tracy all about who he was and how he used to bully her when they were younger, especially after he had been allowed to go out at night with both of their parents, whereas Carmen had been forced to stay inside on her own. Tracy had then of course had to inform Mike and Gina of the encounter at the ice rink, which meant that they would be ready to deal with it if a situation such as this was to arise.

'Everything alright?' Tracy asks, as she walks to the door.

'It's him, Tracy, It's Callum!' Carmen explains hurriedly.

'What, that guy you saw at the ice rink, your Mum's boyfriend's Son, the one who used to bully you?' Tracy asks her, as she was never actually told the name of the boy before.

'Yep, that's him.' Carmen replied.

'Relax Carms…' Callum began

'Carms?' Tracy interrupted, although Callum carried on like nothing had happened:

'I just came to tell you…'

'I don't care what you came to tell me, just go away and leave me alone!' Carmen cried out, as Tracy placed a hand on her shoulder. Just then Mike walked out of the office and was rather startled to find some weird dude leaning against the doorway as if he owned the place, with Carmen and Tracy huddled around him.

'You three, in the office, now.' Mike hissed, assuming that this was some kind of private meeting going on, and that it had been arranged by the two girls and Callum.