The Final Battle: Chapter 12

Bella took a seat near Vicki as Vicki looked through the colorful globe. She squeezed Mortimer's hand for reassurance as the globe continued to change colors. Vicki wrapped her green fingers around the globe, closing her eyes and letting the magic take over her senses. Bella knew not to interrupt such a sacred moment.

Vicki's eyes became snow white, and it startled Mortimer to the point where he thought his heart would leap out of his body, "I-Is that normal?"

Bella shushed him a little, "She's seeing's ok, it's normal."

But when Vicki's body began to shake, even Bella was concerned. She fell to the floor, gasping for air. Bella's frantic screams for Vicki were not heard. She was in her own little world. Suddenly, her eyes turned a dark yellow and she stared at Bella.

"...The secret of her magic has been exposed. To find her, you must let magic guide you. Let it flow form deep inside...It won't be long before the dead come to life. She's in the dungeon, where your father lies. Hurry now! You must go!" Vicki spoke, but the voice did not sound like herself. Then Vicki let out a sharp breath and stood up. She felt light headed and Bella helped her to get up.

"T-There...something is going on, something more powerful than any gypsy Bella. You must go. Your daughter is in grave danger. A war will break out today...Go! You have no time to lose." And with that, Vicki handed her all the ingredients she needed, and a broom to fly to wherever she needed to go.

Bella was confused, and frightened, as was Mortimer. He wrapped his hand around her waist, unsure of what was going on. This was bigger than him. This was bigger than Bella. Something strange was going on, and she didn't like it. Not one bit. Yet, that sounded so strange. And what did she mean where her father lies?

"Bella! Go now! And tell no one of what you saw." Vicki pushed her, and Bella snapped back into reality. She grabbed Mortimer's hand, "I'm sorry you had to see this. I know this is a lot for you to handle and I don't want you to get a heart attack over this. Just trust me, and we'll be fine."

But even as she said those words she was unsure of herself. She hopped on the broom, pulling Mortimer on with her.

"WHOA!" He screeched as the broom took off, and despite the horrible situation they were in, she laughed at this.


Simis held Cassandra's hand, fearing the worst for her. Yet, he knew that there was another soul inside of her. His wife, Jocasta.

He wished that he could say her name but he couldn't speak. He felt for a pulse, there was a faint pulse. And with a shimmer of hope, he thought, maybe Cassandra would survive.

"You're a strong girl Cassandra, please, please fight this. Your magic is strong, find it from inside of you. You can do it Cassandra, you have to." He thought to himself. If only he could get this through to her.

He searched for a way out of this dungeon but Mystery Man kept them locked, after hearing that the dead would rise and kill him. He was more worried than ever. He knew that Jocasta was a powerful witch. And she had very special powers. Powers that even he, with his many years of knowledge, had a hard time fighting against.

His heart beat quickened, and he felt like it was the end for him. Still, he prepared for war. And he instructed his robots to fight for him.


Hours Later

Hours later, Cassandra was still lying there, her death happening very slowly. She felt something turn inside her body. A twinge of pain shot through her, and then, she let the sensation take over her. Outside of her body, a bright light was beginning to form. All of her wounds were being healed, and slowly but surely, she began to breath again.

She sat up, but only with the help of Simis. She looked at herself, unsure of what was happening. Had she healed herself, had her grandfather healed her. She couldn't remember much, her head began to spin. But she didn't have much time, because the ground began to shake again, and she felt like she was going to cry.

"Not again!" She wept, running toward her grandfather. But the ground that shook this time was different, it was bigger. Like a huge earthquake, debris began to fly around, and ghost popped up, scaring Cassandra completely, and throwing her off guard.

She had seen many ghost. But none like this. These ghost didn't even seem like ghost, but more like demons. They were scary looking, with permanent scowls on their face.

"What's happening!" She turned and looked toward her grandfather, who couldn't answer her. Suddenly the door flew open. The beasts had no problem barging it open. They showed great strength, too much strength almost. She grabbed her grandfathers hand and followed the ghost. The magic swept them all away, and they were outside, above magic town. She looked down, how was she floating in the air right now?

Her grandfather squeezed her hand, as they started to fly over, watching the entire battle. There were evil robots up in the air, and Cassandra couldn't even wrap her head around what was happening. The robots were fierce fighters, but it didn't seem like they would last long against the ghostly figures. Mystery Man had anger in his eyes, yet fear at the same time. He seemed to try every spell he knew, but nothing could hold the beast back.


As Bella and Mortimer flew through town, they were beginning to lose hope in ever finding Cassandra.


"Bella! What's that!" Mortimer freaked out, seeing a bunch of beings in the air.

Bella's eyes widened as flames were being thrown and even the grim reaper was up in the air. This didn't make any sense. But her whole face changed when she saw a little girl with pig tails and glasses. She turned the broom rather quickly, and Mortimer almost flew off.

"What's going on!" He asked.

"I see Cassandra! CASSANDRA!" Bella screamed, tears running down her eyes she flew faster.


Cassandra didn't know what was happening, but everything seemed to be taken care of. Then she heard a blood curling screech and she knew exactly who it was.


And despite the insane war going on in the clouds right now, she couldn't help but think about how much trouble she would be in. Bella found Cassandra rather quickly, and she made her way toward her, avoiding the flames and other things being thrown.

"Cassandra, my baby!" She cried as Cassandra hopped onto the broom with her. She held her body close, missing her mother so much. Then she turned to see her father, and she smiled, hugging him too.

The war lasted for such a long time, that Jocasta found herself getting tired. But Mystery Man finally surrendered. He was barely breathing, and all his robots were damaged. He was silly to think that Jocasta wouldn't be able to fight off his robots in the first place.

"Be gone!" She screeched, and suddenly the ghost disappeared.

She flew over to Mystery Man, looking him right in the eye. Cassandra, Mortimer, Bella, and Simis all scooted closer, watching her.

"Do you have any last words to say before I end your life?" She asked.

And Mystery Man became mad, he chuckled at this, "I'm not a man of many words. If you plan to end my life, just do it."

"WAIT!" Cassandra screamed, and Jocasta looked at her granddaughter with a curious face, "What?" She hissed.

"I want to know something...why did you turn my grandfather into a grim reaper?" Cassandra asked, looking toward the two of them with pleading eyes, she couldn't help it, she had to know.

Bella looked at the grim reaper, realization hitting her, "Daddy?" She cried.

He nodded, wishing he could express his emotion right now.

"I didn't!" He hissed, "I gave him a choice...he could either have his soul banished to the depths of Hell, or become a servant of death for the rest of his life. He chose this."

"And why did you do this to him at all?" Bella spoke now, tears escaping her eyes.

And Mystery Man laughed, despite the aching pain inside him right now. He drew in short breaths with each time he spoke, "Y-You don't...know your mother at all do you? I loved her...she wo-hooed with me...told me, she loved me. I wanted to take over the world with her...but then I found out that she had another lover...Bella, you do know that I am your father...biologically. She was pregnant with you before she ever met Simis...and she was willing to give up her powers for him. That's why she sold me to you. That's why I cared for you in such a way..."

His eyes were becoming heavy now, "I didn't want her to give her powers up...I wanted her to be happy, with me. So I got rid of him...but she became angry, stupid with love, so she killed herself, sent her own soul into the in between but later she became so evil and bitter that her soul went to Hell. Yes, I did lie to her, told her that I knew who the killer was, told her that it was a witch that she had banished before, but he escaped somehow...I did it all for her, because I love her."

But Jocasta didn't want to hear anymore. She stabbed him right in the heart and blood squirted everywhere. His body shook for a while, until finally it collapsed, then faded away.

"I can't believe you did this!" Bella cried, staring at her mother with so much anger. She was so confused now. She didn't know what to believe she didn't know what to do.

Jocasta's eyes became soft now as she looked at Bella, "What was I supposed to do Bel, if you would have known the truth, you wouldn't have wanted to be with me anymore? But I did love your father." She looked toward Simis, "I still do love him. But when I met Mystery Man, I was being foolish. I was a young girl, I was confused."

But Bella knew that from that point on, she would never think of her mother the same way. Cassandra, being too young to understand only looked at her father, "Is there anyway that grandpa can became human again?"

Bella stared at her daughter with tears in her eyes, she should have never been exposed to this, "No...the spell is permanent."

Jocasta's soul faded away, she was being sent back to the underground, the fiery pits of Hell. Simis hugged all of them, words couldn't express the pain he felt right now.

Weeks Later

Weeks later, the story of the battle between the dead and the evil was the talk of Magic Town. Bella was still recovering, as was Mortimer. Cassandra was still so lost, and confused about everything. It was a Sunday afternoon when Bella knocked on her daughters door.

"Come in." Cassandra said.

Bella made her way in, embracing her daughter, "Cassandra...we never talked about the war or anything after it happened."


"We have to talk honey." Bella said, noticing how distant her daughter had become. It wasn't like her.

Cassandra slowly took the wand out of her back pocket, "I don't want it. I'm done with magic...there's so much evil in was supposed to be fun. Now everything I know of has gotten mixed up and it will never be the same again."

Bella didn't even know what to say, she gasped at this, "Cassandra...there's also power to it, pureness."

"I should have never opened that stupid box." Cassandra said in anger, she didn't want to know about this anymore, she didn't care about magic now, now that she saw the evil behind it. She looked at the wand, then snatched it away, and broke it. She felt a pain surge through her body. She doubled over, groaning in pain. Something flew out of her, a mixture of beautiful colors. And that's when Bella noticed that all ties to magic were completely gone from her now.

Cassandra's head began to pound as she fell to the floor. Bella shook her harshly, "Cassandra please get up!"

After a few minutes or so, she got up, but she wasn't the same. She couldn't remember anything magic related. She had become completely human.

"You've broken all ties with magic." Bella told her in a soft tone.

But Cassandra simply gave her a curious face, "Mom, what do you mean? What magic? I thought that was just the stuff that you read in books."

Bella sighed, fearing that this would happen to her daughter. Of course she didn't want her daughter using magic because of the dangers and complications that arose with it. But being completely stripped of her ability to use magic seemed so crazy to her. If she ever wanted to do magic again, she would never have her chance. It would be harder for her. She would only be able to remember simple spells, and even then it would hurt her to do it.

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