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Escape: Chapter 8

As the weeks passed, Cassandra started to notice that her mother was getting more and more famous. She spent less and less time at the house and even her father had taken off in his science career. Yeah, Cassandra had to admit that she felt alone at this point. Again she was stuck with the same babysitter, and quite frankly she was getting tired of it. She looked around her room for something to do when suddenly, her nightstand opened and the same paper that she was supposed to throw out flew by her. It was hypnotizing almost. Colors flew together to create a whirlwind and a pen came out of nowhere. Without thinking, she signed her name on the tiny line and she was suddenly swept away, and that was the last thing that she remembered.


Hours later, she woke up to a strange surrounding. It looked like a haunted house almost, it was very quaint with skeleton heads and charms everywhere. She scratched her head, trying to think. How had she gotten here?

"Ah, you're awake I see." She heard someone replied. It was a voice that sounded so familiar, yet unfamiliar.

Cassandra backed away, unsure of who this man was, "Who are you? Why am I here?!"

"I'm sorry that I've frightened you. I surely didn't mean to. Um, you might know me as Masked Man. I sent you a letter." He said in a polite tone.

Then it snapped into her head, the letter! That was how she had gotten here.

"What do you want with me? And how did you get that paper to fly in my face?" She asked him, trying to see his face through the mask. But it seemed as if the mask was glued on extremely well.

"I simply want to help you with your magic. Isn't that something you would be interested in? I saw you in Magic Town one day and I thought wow, maybe I could help this girl. You surely are someone who is capable of much more than a few tricks. Better than any other kid that I've taught. As for the paper flying in your face - he laughed- it's a simple trick, but it's not taught in any spell book." He told her.

Cassandra looked the man up and down, she noticed that his skin was a pale green color and though that scared her, she really wanted to learn all these secret magic tricks the man seemed to have, "So where are these other kids that you teach?"

"They've all grown up. Some live in Magic Town, and others have decided to give up their powers and get regular jobs, much to my dismay." He told her. His voice was so exquisite.

"And how does this whole program thing work? Do I have to stay here? I have a mommy and a daddy, I want to be home with them." Cassandra said, thinking of her parents. Sure they weren't paying much attention to her and she was beginning to feel neglected but she still loved them with all her heart.

"Of course, but please tell me that you'll find a way to come here over on the weekends so I can teach you some magic." He said, and Cassandra smiled, maybe he was a nice guy after all, "I promise."

The man smiled through his mask, "Well thank you for meeting me Cassandra, I cannot wait to see you again." With that, he gave her a firm handshake and she replied by saying, "Nice to meet you too."

With a simple spell he sent her back home, and when she was finally gone the Masked Man morphed back into himself and let out an evil laugh. Talking to himself he said, "Mystery Man, you've done it again. Oh when will these foolish kids learn?"

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