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Gregor's last name is Andrews in this fanficion, because I said so.

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Chapter 1

Yoni (Me)

So here I am, sitting, reading book after book, then reading fanfiction. What am I talking about? You should know already or you wouldn't be reading this. I'm talking about the Underland Chronicles. I enjoyed them, yes, but didn't believe in them. Well, I lived in Virginia, not even connecting to this kid in New York (I have no idea where Central Park is). Then, my mother decided we have to move. Why does she have to take me from my friends, I do not know. When I heard we are moving to New York, I thought " well, gregor lived in NY... I might find out where central park is after all..." And so, I drive from Virginia to NY, being bored for several hours (8 hours to be exact. 410 miles in a car. Not fun), nothing to do most of the time.

When we arrived in New York, I think "this is the opposite way Gregor's mom wants to go... hmm..."

My parents got a job in NY, so we have enough money to buy a normal apartment, unlike poor Gregor.

I am in 8th grade, a few months after the Underland Chronicles end, if Gregor was about my age, and in the same grade. At my new school, I meet a girl named Angelina, that sits next to someone named Larry.

"this is weird... these two names together... oh! yes! Gregor!..."

"So, do you know a Gregor?" I ask.

"Where did that question come from?" they both ask.

"Um, just because. So do you?"

"Yeah." Says Larry cautiously.

"Andrews? Gregor Andrews?"

"Yup. Why are you asking this?"

"Holy Cow! is that really him?... no, there must be millions of people named Gregor Andrews... but Angelina and Larry too?... hmm..."

"Nothing, it doesn't matter. So, how did your history test go, Larry?" I say, changing subject.

"Um, not very well, but I'll live."

"Yoni, why did you ask about Gregor?" Asked Angelina.

"I said, drop it! it doesn't matter!"

"Well, you don't need to yell, you know."

"Oops. Sorry."

"Um Yoni, about Gregor-"

"I said drop it!"

"- he's standing at the door to the cafeteria"

I turn around, and at the door to the cafeteria, stands a thin teenager, with long sleeves and his hoodie on.

"that must be him! it has to be him!"


"who is that boy talking to Angelina and Larry?... hmm... he doesn't look like a threat... then again, neither do I... good, the claw is in place... "

"Hey Larry, who are you talking to?" I ask while jogging to their table.

"Well, why don't you ask me, Gregor?" Says the stranger.

"So what is your name?" I ask.

"My name is Yoni." He answers.

"So what brings you here?" I ask.

"Oh, I just moved here from Virginia,-"

"Virginia, hmm?... that is where my mom wants to go..."

"-where, unfortunately for me and you, there are no underground cities"

"WHAT? how? how does he know about Regalia? does he know about anything else?"

I try to keep a puzzled face, similar to Angelina's and Larry's, but he sees right through it.

"Aha! I knew it!" He says.

"What?" I try to say in an innocent voice, but when Larry and Angelina look away, I give him a warning face, and show a flash of Ares's claw. He keeps calm, but at least he shuts up.

"What are talking about, Yoni?" Says Angelina.

"Oh nothing, just something from a book I read, and I thought Gregor read it too."

"a book?... what book has Regalia in it?..."

"Hey Gregor, after school, can you come with me to Central Park tomorrow, I want to talk to you." Says Yoni.

"Fine." I answer. "Angelina and Larry, you can't come. I need to talk to Yoni, alone."

"Ok Gregor."



"How do you know about Regalia?" He asks.

"If you want, I can show you hundreds, no, thousands of people on the internet who heard about Regalia, but don't believe it exists."


"Yup. And they also know about Luxa."


"And Ripred, and Vikus, and what happened to Ares and who that claw belongs to."

"And how do they know that?"

"That is for me to know, and for you to find out. Whoops, that was way too close, Gregor, you should take care of that rager thing." I say as I dodge a hit from his claw.

"You sure are lucky I didn't spin" He said, not apologizing.

"Well, I am pretty swift myself. And I know how to see like you do. I managed to teach myself somehow."

"and if he thinks he can beat me because I'm new, he's got a surprise..."

"Hmm... Now let me test you. Who is Ares, Ripred, Vikus, and Luxa?"

"Ripred: a giant rat, a rager, with an X scar on his face, lost his pups, mate and friends because of Hamnet, who served under Solovet, now dead, Hamnet's mother, and Vikus's wife, and Luxa's grandmother. Vikus, as I said, Solovet's husband, Miravet's, Howard's, Henry's and Luxa's grandfather. Luxa: your girlfriend, and don't deny it, bonded to Aurora, has, apparently as you think, beautiful purple eyes, and silvery blond hair. you got her locked in a dungeon once. Ares: a black flier, your bond, banished from the bat's community after letting his last bond, Henry, die because Henry helped the rats, died at the last battle against and by the Bain, aka Pearlpelt, aka Pealygirly. How 'bout that?"

"Nice, it looks like you did some research on the underland."

"Yup. I know about every underlander you know, and your feelings toward them."

"Really? Well that is interesting. and about my feelings toward Luxa, I do not deny them. At all! But I miss her so much..."

"I know. Now, can you show me which rock is the entrance to the underland?"

"Sure, but I doubt there would be any flier to take us to the underland."

Actually, I knew which rock was the entrance to the underland. After all, you can't be mistaken when an extremely pale girl with purple eyes sits there every night, and conforms her name is Luxa, and agrees to come with her two bonds there at the time I would be there with Gregor, and then she moves the rock and goes into a passage. No chance of being wrong.

When we got to the rock, I wasn't surprised when I heard someone yell "Gregor!" and saw a figure flash by, and I wasn't surprised that Gregor hugged that figure and whispered "Luxa." All of this was kinda' planned by me. What a happy reunion.

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