Unspoken Fear Chapter 6

I slept a dreamless sleep. I felt rested when I awoke. I must have slept in a rather long time, as Erik wasn't there when I awoke. Our bags were packed and placed at the foot of the bed. I stretched and felt an uncomfortable pang up my leg as I pointed my feet. Meg would be dancing tonight and I knew she would be uncontainable as far as her excitement.

"Erik?" I called out to him.

"I'm coming Christine! Do you want afternoon tea?"

"Yes, that would be lovely. I want to ask you a question when you come in here." I heard him shuffle around and curse as a something clattered to the floor. I giggled to myself. He entered my room and I raised an eyebrow at him.

"I dropped a glass. I am fine though. What did you want to ask me?" He said, handing me the tea. I blew on it and took a sip before asking.

"I know walking is still out of the question but, can you take me up to Meg's dressing room? I am absolutely sure that she is driving everyone crazy with her excitement." I looked at him with the most convincing face that I was feeling well enough to go.

"Actually, I think that can be arranged. Her mother can't be with her to keep her under control, as the Corps needs another rehearsal before tonight. When would you like to go up? I can carry you through the old dormitories to her dressing room without being seen. And then slip you up to the box right before the last warning goes."

"I need to get dressed for the show, and I may need some assistance since I can't fully support myself," I blushed and looked down into my almost empty teacup. "But as soon as I'm dressed I'll be ready. If that's all right with you." I glanced up at him nervously. I had no reason to be nervous because he's seen me more indecent and revealing things before. But this just felt different.

"Of course I'll help you love," he took my face in his hands and I blushed. "What has brought this sudden color onto your cheeks? Are you afraid I'm going to steal you away from the world?" he chuckled and kissed my nose. "I have one more thing to do, I have a dress picked that I want you to wear tonight. If you will agree to it." I nodded and he left me momentarily. I lifted the box's lid and saw a gold satin dress with elaborate embroidery. I gasped at the expensive gift.

"Erik- I, Thank you." I smiled at him. I hadn't felt like this in so long. I felt wanted and loved. I hadn't felt that since before my father died. There was always an empty place in my heart. But it didn't hurt as bad right at this moment. "All right, Angel can you help me?" He nodded and I threw the covers down and my angel turned around as I changed into a clean chemise. Stockings irritated my stitches too much so I decided not to wear them; the skirt was long enough it wouldn't matter. The material was so rich and beautiful I couldn't imagine how expensive it must have been. Erik helped me into my corset, even though he said I didn't need one I argued with him and I won. The gold jacket was embroidered as well and then Erik gave me one more box. I took off the lid to see a matching hat with white and brown-gold feathers.

"Erik, this is beautiful! Thank you so much!" I reached to him for a hug. "I'll do my hair and make-up when I'm with Meg. Are you all packed and ready to go?"

"I am, I have something to do after I take you to the dressing room but I won't be far away." He reached under me and I put my arm around his neck and used the other to grab my hat.

"Lets go." I smiled at him and he placed a kiss on my forehead.

Meg was thrilled to see me and tell me all about her extra rehearsals that were long and exhausting. I could only giggle at her enthusiasm as I put the last finishing touches on my makeup. Meg was going on and on about her Pas de Deux partner and I was thinking about when I was Prima Donna and my extra lessons with Erik. That life seemed so long ago, I pulled a brush through my curls that I decided to leave down.

"Christine?" Meg caught my attention again, "Have you been all right? You seem different. Talk to me, I've told you all about what has gone on with me, but I know nothing of you lately. Mother will not tell me anything and says it's none of my business, but you are my best friend. Please?" I couldn't deny her the truth, she's basically my sister so I took a breath, and let out the truth.

"Meg," I hesitated, "I haven't been getting much better, and not a week ago I woke up from a nightmare and hurt myself, bad. Erik is taking me back to Sweden to visit my mother's grave and he hopes that the environment will help heal me. I have been eating, not a lot, but more than before. Meg, it's so hard."

"Can I see what you did to yourself Chrissy? I want to know, please show me. I know it has something to do with your leg, because you didn't walk in here you were carried. I want to help you. I'm tired of being left out of your secrets."

"I don't think that's a good idea right now Meg, I won't have you going onstage upset. This isn't pretty."

"I will be fine Christine, let me in. Please?" I reached for the hem of my skirt. I lifted my skirt to show her my leg. Meg gasped and gave me a bone-crushing hug.

"How on earth could you do this to yourself Chrissy?" She was near to tears; I knew I shouldn't have done this before her début performance.

"Meg, I don't know," my voice quivered. "I just need some time. Erik has told me that he loves me and promised to take care of me forever, he proposed the other night. I believe things may get better."

"Christine! That is wonderful! Where is your ring?!" Our moods suddenly changed to giddy excitement again.

"He's picking it up, I will probably have it after I watch your performance tonight." We were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Miss Giry you are on in ten minutes." The stage manager announced.

"Thank you! Oh, Christine I'm so nervous."

"Meg, you will do wonderfully, I just know it." I gave her one last hug. "Now go Meg, I'll wait here, Erik is coming to take me to his box to watch the performance- I'll meet you after."

"Actually you won't have to wait, I'm here now." Erik smiled as he sauntered into the room. "I also have a surprise for you Christine," He knelt down in front of me taking my left hand in his. Meg was squealing behind him. "I know you already gave me a yes, but this belongs to you as well as my heart." He slipped the ring from his pocket onto my left hand. It had three diamonds and little swirls surrounding the stones on a gold band.

"Thank you Erik, I love it so much. Its unlike anything I've ever had. It's perfect." I started to cry and he thumbed away my tears. The lights dimmed and Meg gave me one more hug before going to the stage.

"I'm glad you like the ring, I know you asked me to let you come along to pick it up, however you wanted to spend time with little Giry so I took it upon myself to get it alone." He kissed my nose and lifted me from my chair in the dressing room and we headed to our seats in box five to watch Meg's debut performance.

Meg had danced beautifully and I was beginning to feel tired after the excitement that I'd had. Erik had noticed as well and we said our goodbyes to the Giry family and made our way to the carriage Erik had waiting to take us to the train that would get us to Sweden. All of our things were packed and ready and my angel put me into the carriage and I had fallen asleep on Erik's shoulder admiring my engagement ring.

A/N Man, I had such a hard time with this chapter…I still don't like it let me know what you think. The dress is like the one from LND that is Anna O'Byrne's favorite. I also have a picture of the engagement ring too if you want to see a picture (you can also google "3 stone diamond yellow gold engagement ring" and find it as well. So no BF as of yet but he has made a very good friend just to have. Enjoy the Chapter. K.R.